Damn Locusts

During the second quinquennium of Caesar in Gaul, Roman politics had become an unparalleled chaos of corruption and violence. Pompey and Crassus, as consuls, pursued their policies by the bribery of votes, the intimidation of juries, and occasional murder. When their year of office ended, Crassus recruited and conscripted a large army and sailed for Syria. He crossed the Euphrates and met the Parthians at Carrhea. Their superior cavalry defeated him, and his son fell in the battle. Crassus was withdrawing his forces in good order when the Parthian general invited him to a conference. He went and was treacherously slain. His head was sent to play the part of Pentheus in a performance of Euripides’ Bacchae at the Parthian court; and his leaderless army, long wearied of the campaign, disappeared in a disorderly rout (53).

—Will Durant, The Story of Civilization, Volume III (1944), pp. 178–9.

Nero was not subtle enough to achieve this artistic epicureanism. He disguised himself and visited brothels; he roamed the streets and frequented taverns at night with the comrades of his mood, robbing shops, insulting women, “practicing lewdness on boys, stripping those whom they encountered, striking, wounding, murdering.” A senator who defended himself vigorously against the disguised Emperor was soon afterward forced to kill himself.…Her [Poppaea Sabina’s] husband, Salvius Otho, boasted of her beauty to Nero; the Emperor at once commissioned him to govern Lusitania (Portugal), and liad seig to Poppaea. She refused to be his mistress, but agreed to be his wife if he would divorce Octavia.

…It is to the honor of Agrippina that she lost her life in defending Octavia against Poppaea. She used every plea against the proposed divorce, even, says Tacitus, to offering her own charms to her son. Poppaea fought back with hers and won; youth was served. She taunted Nero with being afraid of his mother, and led him to believe that Agrippina was plotting his fall. Finally, in the madness of his infatuation, he consented to kill the woman who had borne him and given him half the world. He thought of poisoning her, but she had guarded against this by the habitual use of antidotes. He tried to have her drowned, but she swam to safety from the shipwreck he had arranged. His men pursued her to her villa; when they seized her she bared her body and said, “Plunge your sword into my womb.” It took many blows to kill her. The Emperor, viewing the uncovered corpse, remarked, “I did not know I had so beautiful a mother.” Seneca, it is said, had no share in the plot; but the saddest lines in the history of philosophy tell how he penned the letter in which Nero explained to the Senate how Agrippina had plotted against the Prince and, being detected, had killed herself. The Senate gracefully accepted the explanation, came in a body to greet Nero returning to Rome, and offered thanks to the gods for having kept him safe.

—Will Durant, The Story of Civilization, Volume III (1944), pp. 276–7.

Philosophy is the methodical study of interpretation, especially useful for the individual’s interpretation of social concerns. History is the record that is socially interpreted. If history could not be interpreted as the expression of principals that rhyme if not repeat, the study of history would be fruitless. If the interpretation of the facts of history into motives were impossible, philosophy would be useless except for hard science entirely separate from social concerns, but then we would only have an indistinguishable philosophy of science. No salient or recognizable field of philosophy itself would exist.

On page 274 we learn: “The chief authors of his [Nero’s] education were Chaeremon the Stoic, who taught him Greek, and Seneca, who taught him literature and morals but not philosophy. Agrippina forbade the last on the ground that it would unfit Nero for government; the result was credible to philosophy.”

We can interpret many things from the above excerpts from Durant. I offer mine:

  1. Mass perversion and treachery is symptomatic of decline and civil rights with inept inferiors.
  2. Women are as treacherous, amoral , and politically inferior as any demographic gets (though mama Agrippina showed class in her meddlings not meant to solve any fundamental social problems except her own as she compulsively ideated it as a beast of packism).
  3. The decline of Western civilization is far from hitting bottom, far from enabling the culturally inferior to crazier behaviors.

The taxpayer footing the bill to distribute child illegals in the United States is a start, as was funding the Taliban via foreign aid to the Pakistan Government. I don’t suppose we know the half of what has happened so far. These things are social engineering. What we have yet to see is the season of loony failing to fill the void of elite privilege vapid and purposeless. If the banksters can transfer power from the political admin elites to themselves, perhaps it won’t happen for a long time, generations of degeneration later.

Certainly, the absurdities of these times will become more absurd, and there is not a damn thing you or I can do about it. Nor should we. Attachment to country and people decrepit is in the way of better country and people mustered anew. The phoenix rises out of the flame not the lame. Let the inferiors burn, and plant in the ashes if they are your inheritance. Meanwhile, realize the de facto social standard we have and that are coming. If you are trusting of alien nature as kindred, if you take responsibility for pathologically manipulative others, you have sealed your fate as fodder. That’s one way to make yourself useful to groping evolution. The social game is what those with sovereignty make it. That ain’t you. Fuck the world. They’re fucking crazy (naturally inferior to this much technology and power). It will be seen in the decades to come for those who live and look bravely. That is why civil rights are about property rights and individual accountability not equality for net-loss garbage that should have perished long ago. Damn locusts. Let us hope überJudaic money priests are not immune, and the sooner the better.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. Evolution is the frame.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 08 September 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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  1. It’s so much easier for moderns to study the simplified proofs of applied science, rather than the esoteric laws of philosophy which underpin it.

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