The Patient Banyan Sapling

Slaves outside of domestic service were few in Egypt, since “free” workers were paid only a notch above nudity and starvation. Sometimes the workers went on strike (anachoresis, secession)—they left their tasks and took sanctuary on temple grounds, whence they were coaxed by hunger or fair words. Occasionally wages were raised, prices went up, and all was as before.

Will Durant, The Story of Civilization, Volume III (1944), p. 499.

An inch is an inch (especially since the 1930s). A pound is a pound. A volt is a volt.

However, a dollar is NOT a dollar. A dollar is a abstract unit of value defined by its exchange rates with wealth. There is no standard basket of goods and services to accurately measure the dollar relative to its economy because the types, amounts, and ratios of goods and services for which dollars can be traded is alway in flux. Real dollars (of constant purchasing power over time) are a good guess if not propaganda.

The value of a dollar, or a pound sterling, or a Euro, but your money depends fundamentally on two factors that control its exchange value:

  1. The fraction of the money pie your money is, and
  2. The size of the wealth pie.

Price fixing does not fix an economy and is not fundamental for being not natural law. The component types of wealth are important, but not of primary importance in consideration of living standards because (1) humans are largely consistent with their preferences, (2) resources are rationed to supply channels based on demand patterns, and (3) individual consumption is diversified.

Issue may be taken with the second fundamental: size of the wealth pie. There is no exact way to measure the wealth pie because the only way to convert all wealth to a single unit is by market forces that must be free to rebalance. We could theoretically assign and sum prices determined for all things at a moment in time. It would take guesswork, but in theory an economy is finite because wealth by definition is scarce and there would be a quantified value. That is enough.

In practice the size of the wealth pie is measured in a quantitatively obfuscated way by prevailing social expectations of prices and supplies that calibrate with individual but overlapping experiences. If the single unit is a fiat currency unit, though totally abstract and certain to depreciate over time, it has in a given moment a fixed supply and fixed exchange rates.

Resting my defense of the two fundamentals, let’s ponder their potential to elucidate the nature of a state controlled economy, including today’s fiat money system. Think over overlaying the money pie onto the wealth pie.

Fiat money can easily be created, but wealth is far more difficult to make, and it can’t be made without property rights. All attempts to reform the system via the system without sanction of money creation will fail for lack of purchasing power. The system lives on widespread faith in its money credit. Votes are bought until compliance is achieved by open violence.

What the ancient Egyptian fellaheen under Roman rule did not understand was that the system was rigged against them in a self-correcting way. They did not own their money; their masters’ money owned them, moving in a relentless flow of gear-teeth contact points inside a giant, invisible machine. Only changing the system fundamentally with respect to property rights, to include one’s labor as one’s property to do with as one pleases, could create a positive change of living standards for the worker drones.

Economics without politics is obedience.

Likely, the fellaheen were too dull to deserve better. What does that say about us then?

Preppers are wise to prep, but at some point supplies would be exhausted. Winning life against human rivals if not the perils of nature takes an economy, a stable social order of productive processes, and an economy for you with your property rights takes a patriarchy that you co-rule, man.

Gold has intrinsic value, but you can’t eat it. A stockpile of gold will be useless as money without an economy of wealth to buy. You can’t buy without a political order of property rights; otherwise, stealing is a superior strategy causing decline towards animal existence. At some point, you can run, but you can’t hide. There will be the moment of now or never. We bide time knowing the maturation of the global economy into old age is the festering of corruption that will make the political order subject to systemic change, if at long last only by collapse.

At some point then the global status quo will require replacement. The righteous who know a pay raise is not a pay raise without property rights, who know prosperity is best served by the individual right and responsibility to choose what money is, let them be audacious enough to do the replacing. Taxation would thus become limited, though not impossible: good.

Slavery is not based on legal technicalities of ownership; it is based on rights divorced from responsibilities. In sheeple relations, eschew responsibilities and take rights. Sheeple do it to you, they do what they do, without fucking clue, but sometimes they have vaginas worth exploring, unlike their political ideas.

Again, the mouth pieces are talking about radical Islam. It’s liberated Islam that kills at will, not unlike the ugly needs-makeup sex. You will notice women and other anything-but-the-civilized-white-man demographics are fattened with the idea of destroying the only rival demographic to the Nu Wurld Oder. To feed, my friends, you need to be part of the establishment system. Mooch away. Keep your enemies closer.

When patriarchal white man culture can support itself alone better than it can embed and cling, will you know what to do? From here to there is all enjoying what can be enjoyed, taking what can be taken, and managing what can be managed. Let the uncivilized exhaust each other as you enjoy your popcorn.

It’s not a pretty situation in our real lives, but even when we don’t know what to do, we know what to do. Today I will grin and bear it, and try to weasel my way into a better position. Opportunistically stroke the lizard, but always charge a price.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 09 September 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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