Pimp Daddy Gov Eating Hollywood

Just a quick observation. I came across this article by Nadia Mendoza for the Daily Star entitled “‘I went bonkers’ Courtney Stodders dated men for nine months during Doug separation” and dated 15 September 2014.

The subtitle or teaser before the main text is:

SHE may be eccentric to look at having morphed into human Barbie, yet Courtney Stodden’s behaviour is usually more saintly than sinner.

I used to pedastalize women. I know some of you still do. How could you not with female purity shoved in your face every damn day. I don’t watch TV, not hardly, but apparently she went on Big Brother.

Courtney explained their issues began the moment she entered the Big Brother house last year.

She said: “I was in the UK for a month. Once I got in that house, I completely wanted to be single.

You must believe this emotionally and own your own emotions. Women are mentally feral; they are wild animals who roleplay compulsively for maximum pack-style advantage in a wealth ignorant calculus. Her hubby Doug (not me;-) should never have let her on that show, not without filing for divorce. Women only respect superlative authority. He gave it up.

We all have to defer to the sovereign credit dealers. The only question is how. With wealth and political power concentration, regular men are not respectable to women, and the elite men would rather pump and dump. Always corruption destroys value in the large, leads to net loss.

The funny thing is, Courtney was married young. It is my maxim that women who find themselves before marriage, will never find themselves in marriage. If she has fun outside of marriage, she won’t have fun in marriage. We all know the importance of her haaaaaaapppppeeeeeeeennnnnniiiiisssssssss to government goons and their handlers, to break civilized rivals and have relative power at the expense of the greater group potential, even survival.

The betrayal, painfully etched all over The Green Mile actor’s face, led 54-year-old Doug to declare: “It was like hell to watch.”

Attempting to clarify why she went wild, Courtney said: “I was 16 [when I got married]. I’m 20 now.

“I’ve had some experience that I needed to go through… We’re addressing that.”

Doug Hutchinson is old enough to have learned a thing or two about life, but his success did not prove an ability to handle a nubile babe beyond casual sex. (Hint: It is virtually impossible at this point.) This marriage fiasco is another bit of evidence proving that government picks winners to be losers and losers to be winners. You can be successful and get laid and be incompetent at providing self-preserving husbandry of your animalistic inferiors, especially women and children. It seems to a virtual requirement of socio-economic success to be impotent with husbandry. Institution claims the monopoly. The talent for success today, if it correlates with character at all, indicates a lack of character at the civilized (i.e. competent) level.

Take your success underground. It ain’t hard with only sheeple watching. Treat them like the empowered and dangerous dumbasses they are.

Now I don’t know if Courtney was or was not a virgin bride, but she sure as hell seems to have behaved as an attention whore. I say great! What could be better to behold with a bag of popcorn than the natural beauty of woman?

I can only guess that the Hollywood father of Elliot Rodger, and this is pure speculation projected from media coverage, was getting blondes one after the other in pump and dump fashion, that Elliot saw that conquest as status and masculinity, that Elliot was perhaps an inconvenience to his father’s stimulating lifestyle, that the ‘perfect gentleman’ was a lot easier for both parents to manage so they could pursue their interests rather than pay forward into the next generation. That is simply the appearance of it to me.

Here you have the successful actor, Doug Hutchinson, another Hollywood elite who likely imbibed the leftist culture. What I suspect is that the chickens are finally coming home to roost on the Hollywood crowd, that elite subset of the liberal human cancer killing Murica. If anyone deserves the cancer feeding upon them, it’s them.

In the meantime, why the fuck would you, sir, get married? If you get a chick pregnant, you could do the Hail Mary per Leykis 101, or you could let her take you to court and make the child support payments exactly as required by law, on record and not a penny more. If you do get married, or are married, never the fuck ever not be da man in her eyes. Is that reasonable? Hell, no.

Women are feral, wild animals. It takes a lot more effort to raise a child to civilized adulthood than to feral adulthood as women do. It used to be, as Rob Fedders has taught us in his brief life of nine years, that bastard children were the entire responsibility and privilege of the woman living by her own animal rules, and in economic and cultural wedlock the man was in charge. You cannot raise a child into a cultural being without subduing the mother’s wild inclinations, and the child’s, and now that is illegal per DV, regret rape, sexual harassment, termination of livelihood. We don’t let members of society fail or succeed on their own merits.

Target #1: rational and naive white men. Why are you guys supporting pro sports? The circus is propaganda: women are better than men, blacks are better than whites, children are better than adults. It’s totally fucking true!!!

It is true that, at large, women, blacks, and children are better slaves, better supporters of lopsided order, and better at being non-rivals for power than men, whites, and adults. So true.

Don’t pretend you have control if you don’t. Your children will learn by example not talk. When they see you take shit from an inferior, the mom optimizing rank by bitch mode, you will never get the respect necessary to raise a child psychologically into a cultural being. If you are a loser relative to the mother, why should the child follow you? Who is inferior? Better to let momma fail and hope you get the opportunity to provide some wisdom later with her influence out of the way, discredited by her own efforts. I think it gives a man the best chance to pass on his values, and if you can’t, well, we are politically impotent. It takes a patriarchy, and you don’t have one.

What the fuck do you expect when neither you nor I can take the law into our own hands? Game is about taking what we can by natural law at the pockets of opportunity. Liberated women have weaknesses. Women are inferior. Why would you defend primitive female weaknesses at your expense, at the expense of male virtue? Civilized values surviving in you alone is better than the absence of civilized values in everyone you know.

Now as a public service message:



I for one will enjoy the schadenfreude of Hollywood degeneration, now playing on the small screen near you. Stay tuned for more reality stars. They’ve had all the fun of degeneracy. Now let them face life on the strength of their hard-earned vapidity. I for one will not shield them. I haven’t the means on top of not having the inclination. Corruption is its own reward.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 September 2014

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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