At-Will Employment

You can NOT hold a woman to a contract for monogamous sex services and loyalty. The elite will not let you. All personal relationships are at-will relationships. If you cease to be her best option, she leaves. If you don’t have other options to make her feel relatively small, she leaves. Never, ever let the woman be a driver in your life. If you commit, limit it to at-will and never limit your growth and power as a man for her or anyone. Women are compulsive parasites, and you must accept it to handle a relationship of any sort with one.

If you have ever read The Game by Neil Strauss, you won’t be inclined to trust Owen Cook (a.k.a. Tyler Durden). The guy has no inner psychological boundaries as far as I can tell, which makes him potent for good or bad. You can check out numerous videos from him on youtube and not see or hear but feel his messages. He gets into your mind. I am sure that is a huge asset with women. The dude seems amazing from his videos.

I’ve been putting flashes of O-face into my conversations, but I’m not hooking. I think I need to frame for sex before getting the sex. Sure you don’t need anything more that instinct persuasion with super high value or a chick rebounding off of a super low, but for most of us, the former is not attainable (since it is relative and destructively horded by the establishment) and the latter is not available more often than a blue moon. It is important to drill into her existing frame to expose it and its flaws vis-a-vis what’s great about your frame, you cool motherfucker. Women are all about show, which means pretenses. A chick solidly with a man will need to not share who she is with you. Otherwise, try being unphased and push deeper into the story of her life, at a pace she can handle. Withdrawal can make her more willing to open up later. Calibration always, and that is with using the three communication channels: (1) logic in words, (2) feelings in body language, and (3) instincts in body language.

I have been experimenting with getting into women’s minds via channel #2, certainly giving that a priority. The raw instinctive subcommunication (channel #3) has its place, but it is not enough without a clearly best SMV. You can grind with a chick who would never let you hold her hand, have her number, or think about you, which she wasn’t in the first place. You are just a commodity to prove her ‘value’ at the market. If you can’t get to the lizard brain, get to the emotion center. If you can’t get to the emotion center, try logic just to fish a little and assess, or next her right away. Logic would be something like using social expectations of common courtesy to exchange names. It’s not exciting, but a negatively charged female might be too hostile otherwise, and then you try to win that energy over to the safety of your masculine frame.

I came across a video I think you might like to see. Owen says in his video “Happily Ever After = Entropy Ever After: Your Fantasy Of Getting The Right Girl Redefined! ” at the 14:00 mark,

“Realize that it is a woman’s job to ruin your life! okay?”

Also realize that we are socializing in a womanized society per female packism, the only kind still around. We men need to give some thought to masculine rules and ways of socializing. The rewards don’t seem to be in place for that yet. I have yet to meet someone in real life who gets the importance of being truly masculine in the only relationships where it is possible, between men with a logic locus of control. When we do that, we won’t always play women; we will tell them what to do. That can be good or bad. After achieving patriarchy, some men will get lazy and take the sexual goods without providing the emotional husbandry women need and deserve but can’t articulate or even ideate. That is what the silent generation fathers did in leaving the emotional development of the baby boomers to the silent generation mothers.

It is up to us to be masters of our domains always. The social technology has advanced to cultural levels, and that means masculine power, the power of independence, requires cooperation, requires patriarchy, to be competitive. Right now a cooperative effort is holding us down. Be sure to tear antagonistic efforts down where you can, perhaps without loosing the recruit or tool for your purposes. Remember that socializing is a contact sport. I remind myself of that when I get up in the morning. Too many crazies in my family, and in the general population.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 September 2014

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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