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This is part 2 of what I plan to be a three or four part series. Previously, we looked at the marketing video of dating coach DeAnna Lorraine in my post “Prepare To Be Tested, Boyz,” dated 11 September 2014. In a future post entitled “Cutting Edge Body Language Study,” I expect to get into an analysis of facial expressions. I have not been able of late to practice Game or post much. At this point it will be enough to present a groundwork of information. The results of slim field testing will be included in the followup post to this as tentative ideas for further research plus something that I have just gotten to work with some consistency.

As we know of evolutionary ‘intelligence’, what works does not need to work as advertised or even as well as it could with more self-consistency. Women are the epitome of that condition. As you may recall, I posit women have a packism center of socio-ecological gravity. That is to say, women are animals, highly refined animals. They are pathological manipulators in a man’s world. They are evolutionarily anachronistic and so maladapted to the means of wealth and culture. The eagle must come down to the fish and rule the sea before he can rule the sky because the sky does not exist without the sea. Gentlemen, we fail if we are not patriarchy. With that in mind…

The Shroud of Asymmetry

Who is DeAnna Lorraine? According to her bio on meetup.com as of today, 22 September 2014:

DeAnna is a world-renowned Relationship & Dating expert, Matchmaker, Personal Growth consultant, Speaker, Lover of adventures, spirituality, good food & wine, and living your most passionate & powerful life. Her mission is to create love everywhere:)

I am proclaiming the same renown with the world but in my own inimitable way. Interestingly, the profile shows San Francisco as the hometown and Dubai as the location. That’s a good start on everywhere.

She has a more extensive bio or profile at coachesconsole.com. Here is a paragraph with my add of bold emphasis on a PUA/Manosphere term:

After the “Breakthrough” phase, she then works with you to create a compelling vision of your goals and get crystal clarity on it, then creates a customized strategic action plan for achieving them and executes it together with you while developing the essential skills, confidence and Inner Game you need, and motivating you, guiding you, and holding you accountable along the way. It’s like having a personal Trainer – for your love life. DeAnna helps you manifest your dream… Period. Whether that’s landing a husband, getting the girl of your dreams, having a wildly abundant dating and love life, or whatever life goal you dream of. She is relentless in helping you achieve what you set out to do and doesn’t let you walk away without seeing dramatic results.

She uses capital letters for Inner Game. Roosh was right with a prediction he made in 2012. Last year (2013) the Manosphere went mainstream. Our terminology is being used, and watered down by the masses. It is a natural phenomenon, like the mass application of philosophy or the mass study of martial arts. Don’t waste your vitality trying to correct the mentally inept at what they can’t do. Even if they could, the propaganda makes the cost of helping those who are not in the process of helping themselves far too costly.

I’m going back to general analysis to make a point.

Women are amoral pathological manipulators. I say that clinically, and that is how you should read it. Sperm donors are manipulated for their personal benefit; the provisioner-betas, against. When women are using false emotive ideas to manipulate, remember to never worship false idols. Truth is utterly biased to reality. Harmonize with reality and you become armored in truth. You have two option is social jousting with these animals: (1) flip the tag from evil to angelic, and (2) use the false construct for cover and win on substance.

First example of flip the tag:
Her: “I’m not that kind of girl. You should by me a drink like a gentleman.”
You: “If you’re not that kind of girl, I have no use for you.”

Second example of flip the tag:
Her: “Children are starving in Africa! You don’t care!”
You: “Apparently, they don’t starve enough, because it never ends! If you care so much, and I don’t, why don’t you go over there and help them if you’re such a compassionate person. I’ll pay for your airfare, one-way.”

Example of false construct:
Her: “I’m strong and independent. I don’t need a man.”
Me: “I know.” [Said with staid certainty, then subtly but clearly motion for her to sit down with your eyes.]

Women have no inner game, and you can talk right past a woman on the philosophical and theoretical airwaves without concern, even during a seduction. All that matters to her is what she perceives in packist terms. The fantastic property of the Red Pill Theory of the Female Mind, and to a lesser extent of the mind of a man sheeple, is that the sheeple by definition can never ever understand the theory or apply it. You see this fact even in the comments of the Manosphere.

Women are pure relativists, looking for a relative advantage, which means they pull on those they reckon above, and press on those they reckon below. They will never understand that a women lacks value in trade for a commitment unless she comes with nubile virginity and no other options guaranteed by patriarchy. She could only ideate promiscuous women are losers, if that were so. Women and man sheeple reckon by relative status and relative acquisition. Greater inclusiveness permits greater relativity.

The practical upshot is that parrots are not philosophers. Women will talk red pill words, but you as a man can safely talk in red pill ideas to those who get it. There is an art to making messages mean something benign to the sheeple yet profound to the fully human. You do not want to spell out the ideas of reality to the inferior. They are dangerous. They are also stupid, in the technical sense, and you can exploit that to communicate without stirring them. We should learn to communicate with each other that way. It will be increasingly important as the elite attempt to maintain control with less support out of shear subhuman incompetence and greater conflict for resources human and nonhuman.

Women don’t have inner game. The are bound to living at their level. Mystique is masculine. Exploit it. They exploit theirs and it’s a lie. Should not the natural mystique born in superiority rule? I like sky, and women do too.

The Excellence of Her Opening Pitch

U will comMIT to me.

DeAnna has very pretty blue eyes. From instinctive serendipity she has no doubt learned to use them on an unconscious level and likely on a conscious level too. What she does right in her marketing video is bond with the female viewer in the introductory section, from the beginning up though the 41-seconds mark.

Notice her use of eye opening with both eyebrows and eyelids.

Here is the dialogue from her opening:

Hey, there. It’s DeAnna Lorraine here. The dating coach. Miss Hitch. And today I want to talk to you ladies. My blog for you is all about how to be more successful with attracting men and inspiring them to commit to you, to have them wanting to commit to you, not having to chase them down for commitment. Now, let me break this down in a very abbreviated fashion. Of course, I go into this in much more depth in my womens’ day coaching programs and my seminars, but here’s a very abbreviated version of this strategy.

You will notice that her flashing those big, blue eyes stops after the intro with her delivery of theory. Notice the choreography of her eyes with her mouth. If you practise facial cues in the mirror, you will notice that opening the eyes or eye areas without opening the mouth looks disturbingly weird. Expressive eye movement coordinates naturally with mouth movement. Talking provides opportunities for particular facial expressions with particular phonemes. For instance with DeAnna, the opening of her mouth appears to sympathetically harmonize with the opening of her eyes and eye pockets when she says com•mit. The still pictures don’t do justice to her facial language. I don’t have the ability to single out frame by frame the best pics. If you are not convinced on her eye flashes, check out the video linked in part 1.

Wing Girl’s ‘Help Me’ Eyes

Compare the ‘help me’ eyes of Wing Girl to the eye opening gestures of DeAnna, both eyes and elevated (opened) eye brows.

The first time I saw the above video from Wing Girl was one or two years ago. I was not convinced one way or the other on her ‘help me’ eyes. Months later I’m at a club. Some faux high society wallers (early thirties) are there, too good for me. I find a way to break down the one with gentle but persistent repetition. I think it was the third time that was the charm. When she gave in to my charms it was like a hot knife through butter. We were connected. I knew she wanted to kiss me and took it like she wanted me to do. It was a great kiss. She unloaded passion into it and I acted like that was normal as in my usual. You might guess by now she thought I was husband material. Ha, ha.

Her too-good girlfriend eventually comes over to us and flashes the ‘help me’ eyes, except that it was to give help not get it. My girl gives her the ‘no thanks it’s cool’ gesture, maybe with a head turn and facial expression. Too-good does it again, very big. Her whites flash in no uncertain terms. My girl gives her the arm wave. It’s all good.

Minutes later when she asked me what I do, I lost her. I was broke, like now. I don’t know how to handle it and look at least middle class. Since then I’ve learned to reframe like it would be disreputable to be a gold-digger looking for a husband to exploit. Truth. In this case I just told the no-good truth. She says, “You’re not the one for me.” That magical connection we had was gone, but she was letting me down, like there was some official process. Maybe she was an HR professional. Gee, where’d all the good men with both good jobs and swagger go?

I was not going to let her lead me emotionally. I fazed out my regard for her in my face over a few seconds, until I was looking almost through her. (Part four will be about the generic application of that technique that I have only recently realized, and it is potent.) The look of decimation on her face was priceless. She actually hunched over like she was grieving from bad war news. She had thought she had a decent husband to bail her carousel snatch out.

I think the big eyes are ‘attention eyes’ or ‘newsflash eyes’. They are generic. Suppose how women in the wild survived, on social information for their manipulations. Women gossip to share intelligence, and manipulate each other, depending. The newsflash eyes are for important time-sensitive communication. As a bonus, the communication is hard to intercept by men. I bet you can use the newsflash eyes to get her attention amid social cacophony and competition. Actually, after this weekend I don’t bet even in metaphor, but I still think with refinement of application it could be very useful indeed. I’m guessing context is critical. I think the lizard brain goes through some serious recalibration with calibration hardening.

Your message with or following newsflash eyes need not be a warning. Men have sophisticated options just by study and learning. I will present an analysis of facial expressions in the followup post. The R&D will suffer from my lack of time and the target poor nature of my area, but I suppose I will determine if this is practical in the field sooner or later. We know something along these lines must be useful, and sheeple will have no choice to but obey. What the demagogues can do minus the cash, we can do. What the abstract government cannot do is care in tune with the moment or fill a woman up inside.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 22 September 2014

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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