Thoughts on Your Mama

When I was growing up in America, during the abusive victory of second-wave feminism, there was a code: “Your Mama.” The rule was that if a dude used that phrase without respectful flattery, you were obligated to force a public retraction with the threat or application of your fists. Now that I look back with PUA theory, I see it was a shit (or fitness) test, and conditioning. It was guys determining or advertising pecking order only at the lower order of awareness.

The code practice was the last hurrah of taking the law into your own hands like a man, as a clueless teen still legally a minor. The police wouldn’t treat you like an enemy of the state until you were 18. This final expression of male popular sovereignty in America was not such an expression by civilized standards. The last hurrah was an insidious transition, giving the cultural momentum of masculine independence that one acceptable outlet. It was psychological judo.

War Is Peace
Freedom Is Slavery
Ignorance Is Strength

It always starts off as a good cause with only the slightest perversion. “Don’t be anal,” they say. “Don’t you care?” they say. “Fuck you,” I say.

That ‘good’ that really wasn’t was to pedestalize your mother, and by unavoidable extension all women. That fighting had a flag: the female imperative.

I have bad news for you as a man.

Your mama is a bitch.

What I mean is that your mama is a women, a female, a pathological creature of a mental design that has not appreciably changed in 500,000 plus years. If you lived in a world you could not understand, you’d be irritable and flaky too. Not every woman acts like a bitch, but every woman does what she does for being a primal throwback of instinctively motivated pretenses, or for having true neurosis of the malleable mind rather than of the fixed female brain.

I also have some good news for you.

Your mama is a just bitch.

All I mean is that you have been measuring your masculinity and your potential against an inferior and moreover alien standard. That standard is everywhere. EQ is a measure of the martial sheeple art of psychological oneupmanship. A woman is NEVER altruistic; she is a relentless relativist. I’m not saying that not being altruistic is bad, it is good, but it is bad to believe animal lies and hurt from sacrifice of your higher potential to the inferior. Women are inferior, even your mama.

That limitless love your mother has for you is conditional because it is directionally limited. That dutiful love is only reproductive lust so base that it is animalistic. She will do anything for you within certain self-serving parameters, but she will never tell you truth that is contrary to her best social appearance to you or anyone as construed by animal awareness evolved in the human pack environment of yore. She will never be a civilized man. She would give you everything at the cost of civilization itself. You can’t bond with her as a peer, and certainly not as her inferior, and be doing yourself (or me if we share culture and politics) justice.

Your mother will be too patient with you when you should deal with your emotions or shortcomings. She will feed you too much when you should learn the difference between good hunger and bad, when you should be in charge of your body as your temple. She will tell you that women are equal and set you up for sacrifice to a bitch that will be the morally pure goddess of your children—you will be the devil or the drudge, despised either way.

Women are non-cultural beings. The way they optimize is wealth agnostic and culturally ruinous. The emotions in you that are not your tools, drop them. Ignore them to starve them. Your master emotions are virtual attention whores installed by physical attention whores of toxic essence deployed as an evolutionary weapon. Those emotional imperatives of yours did not come as standard equipment with your birth. Some bullshit authority figure interloper put them there so you would have a reliable way to ‘be good’.

That obscene patience your mama gives you, if you have regular access to it, use it constructively like field experience, and don’t let her neediness to be the world’s most patient mama use you. Progress is about paying forward. If women were always in charge, we would still be swinging from the trees. If anyone in this fucked up world, the world where we higher beings of civilized masculinity gave up our higher standards for cultural inferiors, will let you practice the art of homo sapien husbandry, it’s your mama.

With observation and a red pill understanding you can figure out the real why of what she is doing and make the unilateral decision of how to handle it like a fucking man. It could be as simple as sharing a conversation to provide her some much needed social interaction, but decide the boundaries knowing her needs and yours. The process of deciding can be more important than the decision made. The real why of what she is doing to you socially might be that a certain window treatment in her home embarrasses her as a primal nest keeper, not whatever mountain of a molehill she is selling.

A manly response to her web of social discourse could be as simple as ‘no’ without emotional investment. Women and inferior men regard the word ‘no’ as ‘yes’ because you are giving attention. Learn to have a body language that expresses the idea of social irrelevance. Learn to process the social stimulus of your environment without emotional attachment, even to your mama. If you can handle the manipulative parents that put their emotional hooks into you from when you were a toddler, the highly skilled sheeple-hunters out there will be no match for you. Basically, all I am saying is call a spade a spade. Why should you care against yourself? Why should you want someone to care against himself or herself? If you understand the primitive nature of women, there can be a good reason to motivate a woman to go against her instincts. This is the art of husbandry, and you don’t need to be anyone’s husband to learn. The sooner you learn the better, because sheeple are the political currency these numbered days.

Any locus of control in your emotions is proxy for external control, and the natural animals can smell mental blood. Your mother is your personal spokesperson for the NWO, and she can’t help it. Even Ayn Rand promoted grrrl power and female promiscuity without mental or physical consequences in Atlas Shrugged. The idea that you don’t belong to a woman’s life, but that if anything, you let a woman be an expendable part of your life, that is true even with the woman that made you. Of course family is special. Special gets extra consideration. No one will reproductively lust you like your mother. Just make sure you see the functional value in people, especially those closest to you.

If you consider your mama your equal, you have lost, or you are not much of a man, or your mama is an amazing freak of nature that should reproduce massively for the betterment of humanity. Do you look at every woman to have given birth to be pure love because of motherhood? Only fathers can pass on the riches of culture. The closer to the Reality Principle a person or people are, the more social potential they have. The indirect social effects via culture can be more important than the direct effects, and the mass denial of that truth is why your country is fubar.

Only conquerors have rights. Are you better than your mama?

Is there any woman to whom you could give the world without causing the world to hate you?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 09 November 2014

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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