Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern

Pattern Prerequisites

Today, now yours if not still mine, we are going to study platonic rhetoric. Platonic rhetoric is seduction, and it does translate into vaginal clinginess if applied that way. It follows from the basics of the Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern™.

Bully – A male coward having the neurosis of cloaking his cowardice with displays of superiority by aggression, or a female attacking superior male physical strength with her instinctively refined and legally protected psychological violence, meaning violence that triggers changes in her target’s physical brain structure designed to control behavior by invoking sympathetic system stress that causes physical damage with plausible deniability.

Sheeple – A person ultimately self-identifying per and motivated by the Pleasure Principle rather than the Reality Principle; a subhuman; an uncivilized person.

Sheeple are win-lose social creatures, the proverbial crabs in a bucket. The leftist type claims to be progressive, but all are retrogressive in effect. The most consummate of sheeple are already base, already true animals without any cultural value whatsoever. I remind you that twice as many of our collective ancestors are women than men. That plus field testing suggests that men have evolved more mentally than women have. If you underestimate the gap, you pay and pay and pay.

There can only be one controlling complex of social relationships in a social group at any one time. Your country can be civilized, barbaric, tribal, or animalist, though animalist social norms are wealthless both economically and culturally and thus are terminal for any society, but enjoy the decline to be in a position to claim the future on a cleaned slate. The potentials of people in theory and in practice depend on the type of reigning evolutionarily stable state. Corruption must always double down and cause regression, but that is an aside to the topic at hand.

At every nesting level of grouping, there can only be one controlling social complex, and if you are to have yours in the uncivilized social norms of reigning win-lose relationships, you can’t win if others do not lose. Save your win-win civilized norms for the civilized who are civilized with you, as your brother proto-patriarchs. If you break the competing strategies of sheeple properly, they will attribute higher relative rank to you and thus be attracted to you. Winners can dole out resources found in the wild. Thus, to have social rank and respect, and to attract sheeple, you must conquer a desirable share of the social complex where you are.

A woman is always scheming, and it is tiring. A woman is always translating the elements of a man’s world into her animalist terms, loosing critical meaning, mentally fluttering, and socially flaking. By conquest of a personal authority figure that understands her needs better than she does, she can have a respite, and she will wrap such a man to keep him for as long as he is that good and her best option that is in scarce supply. Women require approval of their attraction: preselection. By using the platonic version of the Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern™, you can become proficient with rhetoric skills, to wit, foundational sheeple skills that will only be several tiny adjustments away from triggering sexual attraction in women. As David DeAngelo, author of Double Your Dating, famously asserted now some time ago, “Attraction is not a choice.”

Deployment Environment

The Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern™ is a solution to the problem of being psycho-socially attacked by a Bully Sheeple, a byshe (pronounced beach) in the diminutive form. It only works if the social energy of the attack exists unresolved in a pending state. The defender must consciously observe in real time the attack before its social relevance has been sealed in the past by his behavioral acquiescence or acknowledgment.

The attacking byshe has a happily subconscious vision of outranking you from an elevated position within the authority of some social complex. This vision is covertly selfish by definition of the mental workings of a byshe. The social interaction is a psychologically violent attack meant to consolidate or even upgrade that vision by defining or redefining your social worthlessness, one for which you can never adequately compensate but for which the byshe will at his or her convenience expect you to try (and not succeed, thus being evolutionarily adaptive). While it is convenient and beneficial to the byshe, you will be kept for use as a psychological debt slave. Natural moochers can only win if natural producers believe they are inferior and deserve to be hosts.

In Christian parlance the universal morality of the rank-and-file believers with higher human potential are to not live at that higher order of existence in this world but to go to the lowest common denominator, be inclusive, and let their artificial betters mooch and be weakly and wastefully elevated on your potential. Longsuffering, you are told, is a virtue that will be rewarded. Guilt, you are told, is the wholesome cure to denature your sinful emotions of self-interest. There are other parlances, for example socialism, as will be shown by a concluding reference to a concrete though fictional example.

The great thing about modern seduction is that it only works from a locus in the reasoning part of the brain, which is the essence of being civilized. Sheeple reading this will not be able to apply it because they follow the Pleasure Principle as outlined by their instincts.

Social Polarity Inversion

Our byshe has just invested a ton of social energy and gravitas into conquering you. The Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern™ begins with redirecting that energy in the fashion of social judo. From there pummel to taste, but I highly recommend you decide from strategic awareness only possible by emotional detachment from the byshe, the bystanders, and the stakes controlled by the social complex from which the winner will have ranking pecking order. The loser could either have lower pecking order or no belonging whatsoever. The byshe started it and was happy (subconsciously or consciously, who gives a fuck) to do it to you. Let the dispensation of justice commence, my civilized friend.

The Reality Principle is stronger than the Pleasure Principle because all socially existent principles must meet the requirements of existence and thus natural truth. Every viable Pleasure Principle strategy works exactly because of the Reality Principle strategy is really is. If there is an advantage in hiding the truth, it is only because the overhead of hiding the truth, not to mention precluding cooperation, is less than the advantages of exploitation. If you are a superior person in potential, you only need expose the vitally relevant truth that makes the Pleasure Principle look as ugly as it really is. Your job in the circumstances of a psychological attack on your social status by a cultural inferior is to transcribe in convincing fashion from the frame of lies to the frame of truth.

Honesty is not necessarily required, but the truth tends to be more convincing if it can be equally presented. Pleasure Principle animals will suppress antithetical truths of logic, but they are unable to suppress instinctive truths, like loss of herd acceptance or loss of your acceptance (it’s true!). Negative emotional anchoring on your byshe is empowering to the byshe. Body language messages, like the ones that trigger attraction, are not a choice for sheeple. The body language of being above someone emotinally will register. Let the sheeple foe be more emotionally invested in the social contest than you. Not only does ocular focus calibration work for showing active disinterest to trigger attraction safely before showing interest, but it also works to show your higher rank is unassailable. If you can physically show the disinterest and get away with it, you win. Under some circumstances, you won’t have the big moment play, but you will have a play. Chip, chip, and chip away at the psyche of the emotional vampire if you don’t have lots of social energy to redirect. It’s good practice.

With the proper body language, which I otherwise leave to you to get right, you must rewrite the social narrative as far as the application of the authority of the social complex is concerned. That will take words (if you are going big and destroying sheeple vision on one shebang), but body language is more important as always. You will need both calibrated correctly together. This is an intermediate skill level. If the sexual aspect were added, the skill level is perhaps at the advanced level. There are lots of moving parts to get a successful f-close with continued high status in her hindsight, a detail of legal importance these days.

For this pattern to work, your byshe target must become angry, but it must be an exact kind of anger. It must be anger from a forced reevaluation of relative status and social strategy. In a literal sense, your byshe must become upset. You are resetting a sheeple’s pleasure imperative to accommodate your welfare. Without this animalistic epiphany followed by consolidation (you maintain frame and social proof, even by your own body language), you have no victory. You have two ways to apply instinctive leverage: (1) fear of public support and loss of herd acceptance, seen by herd body language, (2) fear of comparing unfavorably in confrontation with you, seen by your body language. Either way, you are simply trying to trigger an instinctive response that nature tells this sheeple to avoid like the plague. Refresher experiences can be indicated. If there is not some sort of unpleasant reaction, not action but immediate and thoughtless animalistic response, you are not doing it right. You must anchor an association of pain to the social template of the byshe challenging you in the byshe’s amagdala. You are conditioning a correct pecking order awareness in your destructive and inappropriately empowered inferior.

Concrete Example

In a particular scene from Atlas Shrugged, Hank Rearden publicly identifies the true purpose of his bureaucratic oppressors. Of course, sheeple or tyrants will interrupt if they sense an overwhelming rhetorical counterattack is coming. It is fiction, but models are intentionally simple to saliently feature functionally salient points that the uninitiated will easily overlook. To beat an opponent of substantial sheeple skills, you must either disguise your counterattack until it is too late, or you must assert yourself physically and keep frame, perhaps by consolidating public support with the associated reframe before you can be physically handled. Further shades and adjustments are possible and apropos, and they will be automatic with proficiency. These are just example ideas to get you started thinking about the very real social mechanics that can be observed and studied. This is, I think, a barely explored field of study.

If you read just that scene, it may help you understand the technique of the Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern™. Better yet, watch the video on this linked web page with scenes from the movie, right now.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 28 November 2014

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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