Welcome to the Jungle

Axl Rose yet lives! It was a hoax. You should be preoccupied with yourself.

Twenty-seven years after the chart-topping prognostication, America does not know where it is. America is stupid. “You’re in the jungle, baby; and you’re gonna die.”

Are you ever going to live for your potential?

Every mortal lives a master motivation in every moment. You are never free from nature itself. You can only cope one way or another.

The Jungle was a home for homeless people in a park in downtown San Jose (Silicon Valley). Never mind that is was a modern Hooverville, if you are afraid to live in reality. The economy is improving drastically still for the past eight years, don’t you know. What the MSM won’t tell you, but I will, is that foreign IT workers (who measure their income relative to its greater purchasing power back home in India or China where culture is inferior; yes, it is at least in the momentum of our relative results: the ‘cream’ comes here, but does that flavor fit the recipe and does the increased volume fit the pan?) have displaced American workers from America’s workforce (more and more through no economic fault of their own).

What the MSM won’t tell you, but I will, is that the shortage of IT workers is not just bullshit, but the shortage of any and all workers is bullshit. Anywhere you have people you have workers or expendable moochers. The question is: are they motivated to work by the environment, and only with political and economic perversion is the answer ever ‘no’. In the wild, if you can’t live by the sweat of your brow, you die as an evolutionary dead end. This mass mooching, now your correct individual strategy, is not adapted to the future in terms of us being a healthy society, but as an individual, you must get through day to day. There is no ‘us’; only fools think that.

The Estab (stabbers using virtual methods) is running a luxury tax farm in the USA district (into the ground), with all the (excessive) benefits of property ownership in a wealthy country upheld by a population of post-civilized complacency and all the benefits of ambition laborers with lower living costs of poorer countries (per capita at least from where they come). Every population must provide for itself, must have production to meet consumption. The idea of a shortage of workers in a population is stupid, or even of a shortage of smart workers is stupid. The businesses and practices of a population should fucking fit the abilities and capacities of that population. Freedom is self-correcting with life and death, with riches and poverty. If people are capable and consistently rewarded, that is what the fuck they will do. White people at large will respond more than adequately. The West is dying because labor lacks property rights and incentives. There is no shortage of labor; there is a shortage of civilized freedom, a shortage of civilized jobs with respect for property and cultural values.

The freedom of being civilized is incompatible with the freedom of being uncivilized. Rule by the Pleasure Principle is incompatible with rule by the Reality Principle. Both the input requirements and the output potential are greater with civilized culture, with the Reality Principle. If uncivilized people are the majority enough to be a determinant factor, the civilized potential of that population is infeasible by way of chaff in the way. If civilized people do not prune uncivilized behavior, and eliminate unredeemable inferiors, that is a systematic shift in ecological order, in law and order, in economics: it is culture warfare whether it is seen that way or not. Nudge, nudge, nudge, good morning, you contemptible slave. “I want more,” your political superiors say.

The Prez and other Estab agents are whipping up the inferiors of the dark hues, playing efficiently to the inferiors’ demographic abundance and cultural baseness: the evidence of the levels of culture and economics around the world for only the past 2,000 don’t lie. You don’t need to go to the jungle. The jungle is coming for you. If a black man wants to steal from a white man, the white man is supposed to accept it out of MSM conditioning. (Why are you watching the shnews?) We are being picked off one at a time: one white Hispanic at a time, one white police officer at a time, one alimony-paying ex-husband at a time, one educated, overqualified, inexperienced structurally unemployed man at a time, one minted guilt-ridden boy at a time. One at a time, obviously, is the winning strategy for the Estab to take yours and even you, a piece of expendable property. You are one dongle joke away from being blacklisted and homeless. I don’t care how marketable you are now. This is systemic cannibalism, and the market is dying. Holiday sales are up, they say; but if inflation is up even more, then the holiday consumerism is ‘up’ in fake terms of shrinking units like the stock market is up.

What I want to suggest to you is that in the Ferguson case, you have no dog in that fight. In your mind from your first thoughts, from your premises about the ‘news’, think like a free man. Do you want black savages (Thomas Sowell not one of them) to destroy your culturally superior existence? or do you want a countrywide Praetorian Guard under a Prez, a domestic force ‘just as strong as our military’ forcing you into hopeless, grinding poverty, the kind in which only animals and savages thrive even while they complain that their vags or their dark hides deserve more until their political usefulness is no more and they meet death or the whip as the last stop before death?

Look out for yourself always. That is morally right. If you want my value, you can earn it or you can fuck off. I want you to feel that way for yourself. Plebs like you and me are in compliance with the law if and only if we are not the target of any political authorities, the Pleasure Principal drones best adapted to middle management in a tax farm. Living your live according to the statutes and regulations is impossible, so don’t try to live your life on paper according to ‘law’ according to ‘property rights’ that are rigged by the ‘money’ you are forced to use by the ‘public servants’ who carry the guns to first and foremost ensure the taxes are paid. Study sheeple nature and learn to manipulate sheeple. Instinctive attraction is not a choice, and lots of ‘feelings’ by sheeple are not a choice. It is simple stimulus-response of instincts: that is the essence of a sheeple.

You must have a packism (animalism) foundation to support your tribalism. You must have an packism-tribalism foundation to support your barbarism. You must have a packism-tribalism-barbarism foundation to support your civilizationalism. Be civilized only with the civilized who cooperate with you specifically. Be prepared to recalibrate towards detachment and repulsion on a dime, in a nanosecond, because the animals are primitive but fast in their social opportunism.

The freedom of the socio-ecological system, of the order of societal or base social relationships that put people of an area into some level of culture and synergy, that freedom only exists if those who prefer to live that way can kill and get away with it. That is the true test of sovereignty (and social reality): to use force as necessary—which sooner or later is to kill those who have an antithetical nature and expression of personal freedom—and get away with it. It is cheaper to kill the first werewolf than to placate and have 1000s to deal with,but that ship has left the harbor long ago. We have adjusted with psychological force, to go-to modus operandus of tyranny. Their acts of violence are also acts of terror. If you don’t psychologically manipulate the sheeple that look quite human, your ultimate enemy has as a veritable monopoly. You had better adapt and protect yourself. If you can’t live free, you can always charge a pretty penny some day. Crisis is opportunity, the agents of our demise openly tell us.

That is what the Estab does to you. You stay within the official bounds of the system, compete in your earned money with their endless unearned money and their government protections. The Tea party thinks they stand a chance: fools. You watch the news, listen to talk radio, and you get upset. Your fit-or-flight response triggers a stress response biologically meant only for short live-or death bursts. You are not in a position where you can get away or else kill and get away with it. The stress eats you alive with total plausible deniability. The government chips away at you. Subsidized women chip away at you.

The only way out is in your mind.

Stop giving a shit emotionally about what happens to others. Stop it right now! They are not your friends. Friends care about your property rights, they care about economics and philosophy, they care about cultural values that free you and despise the values that chain you. Animals are not friends. You probably don’t have (real) friends. You don’t have more than a handful. That won’t be enough. Learn to leverage sheeple: they come in many types and talents. Right now they are an overabundant resource. Why let all that inevitable pruning go to waste? Jungles are teaming with living raw material, and the uncivilized call that prosperity. If you want civilization, you will have to prove yourself #1 in the jungle just to get a chance to build it. Conquest is a virtuous as what the winners do with it.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 05 December 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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