Authority Eyes

Charles I and son James

Charles I with a good head on his shoulders, and his son James.

It is really, really, really important for us Reality Principle NTs to stop communicating with nearly everyone on the basis of words. That is a lousy emotional investment. That human looking thing looking back at you is a worm. Human communication is not possible with nonhumans. You can’t really bend the spoon.

You can bend your own mind and straighten out your social problems. Instead of rational communication, use emotive communication in the language of the human(oid) body. From the perspective of most people, being rational and frank is animal weakness, and so it is because sheeple are liberated subsidized by you. Get some value back.

Don’t be human, be supersheeple.

When you have a rational understanding of how sheeple determine and use pecking order as all social motivation, you are supersheeple.

Check out the painting by Sir Peter Lily (1668–1680). It comes from a public domain picture with the Wikipedia entry “Dynasty”. I hope you already noticed the eyes of Charles I, but maybe you haven’t seen the image in full size. Charles was a total prick, got beheaded for it. Sheeple don’t take to reality, those abstract issues of wealth production and freedom that have nothing to do with anybody’s life, baaahhhh. Notice his son’s eyes, those of the future James II, but also notice the cheeks and the whole face. Compare with dada. Compare head positioning by neck posture. Charles has his neck back a but, head high and tilted back or up a bit. Like a bug being stepped on, little James is not worth much attention because he lacks relevance to impose his will.

Now the truth is that he could have. Only he controls his body directly. The compliance shit I let people do to me when I was young: tells you all you need to know about my parenting, doesn’t it? A real king might be able to enforce compliance the hard way at will, but most pains in the ass have limited resources. Reality likely gives you a stronger guarantee in their motivational circuitry: their sheeple nature is your sacrosanct guarantee!

Note: A bad read will not protect your ass, so practice with low stakes, kid.

It is clear that Charles I feeeelz he is in charge, at least that is the feeeeeling he is communicating with body language. His son James is acknowledging a lower rank. Pretty much never do that! Sheeple only know of higher rank savaging lower rank (regardless of which position they personally have!): they cannot be appeased. Only in a public situation with something else at stake would submission be a good thing, like to a cop who, deep down inside, is more concerned with keeping his position than promoting justice.

I promise you that every week in your life (assuming you interact with people daily, etc.) there is occasion to use that I-have-authority-over-you look. Timing is critical. Language of body is ‘spoken’ very fast and your window of opportunity is maybe one or two seconds. Calibration in seduction, even if only for popularity and rank, is a conversation by body language with much move and counter move. It is enough to recognize when you could have used body language and to think about it as a habit. Then your recognition time will shrink until you can respond on the fly with your Lower Masculinity.

Calibration is also intensity, and that full Charles could be too much, but if you are sure the person you are dealing with is unreasonable, they are probably slavish to body language communication. It would often be a mistake to add words to your feelingz communique. Let the sheeple rationalize why he or she is submitting. Your job, if you use words, is to get the other sheeple to feel uncomfortable with your target sheeple for being whatever you can mudsling, but sizzle sells it. Don’t invest in communicating ideas. Invest in herd rank. Learn to joust in body language.

If you don’t get angry, or get angry with purpose and control, if you keep your emotions and your emotional integrity per the animal perspective, you might generate some vag tingles too. If you have a relational problem, you will need to chip away. Remember, if you yield your body to a compliant position, you have lost almost as if someone used direct physical force to put you there.

Body control vs. body control is the sheeple power game. It’s like poker; it’s like playing chicken. But you know the rules, you have the cheat code, you, supersheeple, you. Sheep fear being ostracized from the herd. Your narrative is that he or she isn’t good enough for pack cohesion without submission to you, or will never be good enough to relate to you at all. Make it instinctively clear that you are better in a body language showdown for all the herd to see (and hear, voice quality is body language of covered mechanics).

—‘Reality’ Doug, 11 December 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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