Entitlement Is Corruption Not Necessity

History, history. It is so useful if only you can interpret it. One can get anything from history with the right exegesis. Philosophy comes to the rescue. Philosophy will not teach you how to get ahead economically, not directly as a rule; it will teach you how to get ahead politically and culturally. What the free wage slaves don’t understand is that economic responsibility is not if you don’t also take political responsibility (sovereignty).

No property rights (for you) = no economic rights (for you) = trusting slave.

I am not digressing, really. Corruption is getting more than you deserve by having someone else get less than he deserves. Corruption is the cause not the effect. It is NOT corrupt to use women for sex if that is all they are good for. It is not corrupt to use sheeple for career advancement if they are a blight on your life and prevent your civilized existence. It is wrong to cut to death the goose that lays your golden eggs, to betray the friend or ally that is a reliable, self-managed, long-term asset.

Corruption is taking an inflated short-term gain dwarfed by and at the cost of the entire gain that would have resulted otherwise in the longer run for your group.

We see this with modern IMF banking. Because rank-and-file men have become to poor in both authority (political strength) and provisioning (economic strength), women have abandoned men with their womanly wares to find ‘more suitable’ men (as seen with animalistic eyes and instinct of the reptilian hindbrain). Now they are wrong to depreciate their wares for fun with men who score tops on the wild alpha man scale, but they are correct to depreciate the value or rank-and-file men. We let this system rape us and haven’t the guts to think in our own private minds that we object. Women lack civilized agency. Women lack moral agency. Men who were corrupt got away with tricking or manipulating rank-and-file men who were mentally (philosophically) weak. That is the causality.

What followed is the net loss in pussy value overall for the localized net gain in pussy value for very few men. Since women only want the best penis available, I imagine it is 1 out of 200 or 500 men. We can see net loss for the larger group to pay for the net gain by the elite group, and that is the essence of corruption, but it is not necessarily indicative of the causality. Men have agency. The causality is with men. Corruption will cascade, and if the cascade is a given that one cannot change, one is wise to not define morality as if the dysgenic selection of winners and losers is not there, or as if it can be changed by the individual when it cannot be done with decent probability of adequate reward.

You are not your sheeple’s keeper, unless it is profitable TO YOU!

With people you keep a patriarchy. It is wrong to take on the responsibilities of others, to carry their water. They win without having the nature of a winner, and they go on and bred themselves, both physically and ideologically. Men have a choice if they are first rationalists. There is a reason I say all this. Bear in mind that peer review is part of the scientific method. Ideas should be championed and defeated to find the best ideas and to improve.

I just read a nice history lesson at Return of Kings. The post is “Ancient Sparta Showed That Women’s Rights Are A Function Of The Economy” by Ken Bourne and dated 18 December 2014.

This is the conclusion for your consideration (with my bold emphasis):

One of the most important things we can learn from Spartan history is that women’s rights were historically enacted not out of ideology, but rather out of economic necessity. There is a direct causation between the capture of Messenia and the rise of women’s rights, as there is a direct causation between the loss of Messenia and the revoking of women’s rights.

Keep in mind it was Spartan men who held governmental power, and it was Spartan men who gave women their short-lived economic and societal influence. They did this for shrewd economic purposes, and were not driven by ideology, even through the Spartan men were very democratic and considered themselves as “homoioi,” or the “equal ones,” and therefore did not lack ideology.

Clearly, women’s rights in ancient Sparta was self-defeating, as the reduction in population weakened the army that held up the economic system in the first place. Hopefully, we can learn from history and try to correct the mistakes of the past.

I propose a philosophically different interpretation. The Spartan necessity was only so out of corruption. The net lose to the group came home to roost and bite them in the ass. If women are liberated subsidized (by helots or whomever), the corruption has come home to roost. Quality breeding tanks. Culture is not transmitted because the men don’t have the means in material resources, property rights, and pussy.

There is good reason to punish and weed out short-term thinkers, and all that is required is pretty much nothing. Nature does it automatically. It is systemic guarantees to corrupt behavior that causes the problem. The Spartan men destroyed the value of the men they conquered and tried to compensate with their women. lmfao If they had kept their value as men, they would not have excluded all the other men they conquered. They would have created and civilized and productive peace for the civilized. Conquest is what you do with it.

Women ≠ men.

Patriarchy ought to be nurtured with philosophically wise inclusion and exclusion with jealous vigilance. Corruption is not hard for the philosopher to identify. A local gain is much smaller than the general loss; the efficiency is unsustainable; failure is the cure, and soon to the few is much cheaper than later to the many.

There is a time to prune the greedy branches to maximize growth in the tree, boyz. Patriarchs would know that. Pax Spartanica was corrupt from the outset. All the men agreed to be moochers without limit.

Heathcare insurance is corrupt from the outset. Healthcare insurance is very different than car insurance. Do you know why?

If you don’t know why, you can’t see the riches of family, of property rights, of not having to watch your back all the time, of not having to risk gubberment abuse for enjoying bad sex with gubbermont-ruined women, etc. Not all riches are measurable in dollars. The implemented fundamentals of civilization in the form of you and your fellow patriarchs: priceless.

I add the golden tenet of civilization (my original): You tap it, you own it.

You are not in civilization, so don’t follow it, but neither forget it. Know that the choices that are yours are your choices. See the true full menu. Life is an essay. Don’t believe the false menu.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 December 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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