Predictably Predictable 2015

The leading nations are leading a decline. Anders Breivik in 2011 (with a video manifesto) and Christopher Dorner in 2013 (with a text manifesto) took exceptions to how their countries were being run, and for reasons that have not gone away. Islamization is still going strong and the police showed their courage by shooting two old ladies from behind as they were delivering newspapers early one morning. It’s an impossible job to be a good cop more and more because the governing care primarily about taxation, after relative control.

Aaron Swartz committed suicide (or was murdered) while being sued by the FBI for sharing the information collected by JSTOR, a non-profit that is obviously worth a fine income for its executives. Edward Snowden first publicized in 2013 the draconian surveillance project Prism.

In 2013, the Mulatto said the guy killed by the ‘white’ Hispanic looked like the son he never had, and this year like last his restraint from challenging black America to earn rather than take is deafening, as is the moral support he gave to Ferguson savages. Anyone can enjoy wealth; only a civilized man can appreciate it. This year in Australia a lawyer died from a Muslim refugee given government support and legal standing worthy of a civilized Westerner, if we had any.

This is the Western calvary today:

Australia Police Operation

Can you spot the mangina or the embarrassed wife who feels contempt for her husband on a liberated primal level that she can’t consciously fathom? Everywhere in the West, some chump rewarded with means for working like a fool is paying multiples of retail for thrift store quality, but it’s the thought and the intent that counts. Physics is like that, a cultural construct.

This year in the United States, cops are killing blacks are killing cops, and the least blacks like to become Muslims because for them it is a step up. Is it a surprise? The Great Mulatto and his sidekick race baiter who said the United States is a nation of cowards, implying that blacks don’t get enough credit and subsidy rather than too much out of white cowardice, dropped the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case in 2010; and the same perps went after the white Hispanic with your tax money and power to socially engineer fear among those who would oppose the hoodlum shenanigans of blacks that are hoodlums and do practice such less-than-civilized things. Property rights for rank-and-file white men? Are you fucking crazy?!

The Great Mulatto said as a candidate in 2008 he would transform America and that he wanted a civilian force (under the President) just as strong as the military (under the President). You have a choice, America: (a) a militarized and centralized police force crafted from our current police, or (b) a new police force owing allegiance to the U.S. Gubbermont from the start, maybe a mission creep deployment of the National Guard? But you get to pick from the Hegelian dialectic options because you are free to choose your slavery fashion.

Prediction #1:

Native Westerners dying by the dozens in leading nations will become regular MSM news.

The moribund hardening of bureaucracy is here. We’ve already seen incompetence ruining our future with malinvestment. Government spending on welfare spawn, woman’s studies, and boobs with boobs awareness is not wealth, not a means of affluence. We are poorer for making and destroying things in a bankster’s half-assed war after war, for ginning up global balkanization, etc, etc.

We are just beginning to see death result on the tell-a-vision, just a cop here or a lawyer there, but as the result of political policy that is beneath the threshold of sustaining civilization. Promotion of savages and animals gets you the living standards and life styles of savages and animals. The incompetence can only make us poorer for so long. Eventually, the wool becomes lamb chops. I predict that in 2015 it will be by the dozens on the tell-a-vision. Enjoy the show.

Emotional detachment to what is not your decision, not your property, not your friends is critical to your welfare.

Prediction #2:

The globalist establishment will begin a campaign of chivalry shaming using the coming ‘tragedies’ of sheeple rightsizing to sustain their control and thus the decline.

We were told to get in touch with our feminine sides circa 2005. We were told to man up when, circa 2011? This year, in 2014, we got the HeForShe campaign straight from the United Nations. Anyone remember the cover and article in Time betazine from August 1982?


It had an effect on me. I was a hormonal, impressionable adolescent at the time. My dad knew better, judging by his mild and disapproving chortle. He never taught me anything good about myself that was good for me, fucking dick. You will note the leg stockings, like thigh-high boots, get down to the business of her pussy price, and her hard face says the price is astronomically high (queen of the world). I covered the message conveyed by leg coverings that expose only the upper thighs in “Intermediate Carousel Girl Fashion 501.”

I figured since there was someone for everyone, like there always had been to reproduce within wedlock, well…it was a fucking lie. The rules are dysgenic in decline.

In 2015 we will be told to protect all the women of the collective (the wives of gubbermont and the establishment: salted pussy you can’t actually afford or make into a lady), as if they are of positive value to us losers in life, or mild winners who will hedonistically get by. They are not very prized by the establishment that uses them disposably. Sheeple define ‘winning’ now; it’s all relative, and the absolutes go to hell. Evolution is what it is, and the distant future is nigh (but no supernatural end times, seriously).

The ridiculousness of the risk-to-reward ratio will be apparent to men too stupid (by instinctive smarts) and too smart (by rationalism) to believe that propaganda. You will have the Churchianity fools who will gladly die for their country a.k.a. the farming Establishment. Beguiled beta heroics will be splashed all over the screen to make you feel guilty for being a man who needs sex. Apparently, women are so pure and so strong and independent that they have no needs any mere man can provide, and yet they close the distance on men, and play and mooch, play and mooch, play and mooch. Women love players because they think winning at their game is the end-all and be-all of strength and that the opposite is despicable weakness.

If you stick your neck out, you are fighting for the people who want to eat you. Don’t do that. You look out for #1 and any true team fellow proto-patriarchs you may find. For now, let stupid kill off stupid so we can coalesce later. That was the lesson Dagny Taggart had to learn in (not) maintaining her family’s railroad company. (But Dagny Taggart was sexually promiscuous and depicted like she deserved an upgrade to the newly available greatest man with each sexual relationship: a feminist fallacy).

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way. BTW, it’s not going to be time to rebuild for a long time. Put yourself in side-step and ride mode.

If you prefer the Reality Principle over the Pleasure Principle, Happy New Year!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 26 December 2014


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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One Response to Predictably Predictable 2015

  1. Allen says:

    Chick on the Time magazine cover has solid manjaw. Sure she has that “special snowflake” look to her, but odds are, that bitch is doing bukakke porn somewheres.

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