Non-institutional Sovereignty Networking

I’ve been following Cappy Cap, and my take on some of the issues raised is the point of this post.

On his video post “Immigrants and the Future of the US” from 5 January 2015, he was fielding a question from a youngish male Vietnam immigrant who asked why he (the Vietnamese person) sees a rosy United States whereas Cappy Cap sees shit. I’ll tell you why.

Actually, I’ll tell you what I think is why with plenty of simplistic supposition to get to what I believe is some profound truth at the expense of the rest of the truth, even parts that you might like. I don’t personally know Cappy Cap or the Vietnamese inquirer. I am rather projecting archetypes from trends and averages as I see it in from the demographic neighborhood of those two gentlemen who are both obviously far more aware and kind in fact than most members of our species.

So here is what I think is important truth in relation to the issues raised by those two gentlemen using caricatures not based on any specific persons living or dead (these are guestimated averages from a delusional blogger) and peppered with my convenient biases and expedients to make an argument you don’t have to like.

The traditionally parochial yellow man of optimism Mr. V is culturally inferior to the experienced and studied white man of rational inquiry Mr. C.

Anyone can enjoy wealth, but only a civilized man can appreciate it. I again refer you to my Socio-Ecological Gravity chart.

Socio-Ecological Gravities

The temperate culture zone for Mr. V is a lower order of cooperation and culture than that for Mr. C. Mr. C understands that the processes that made the United States this good have not existed for 50 years or more. Mr. V does not. Mr. V comes from a shack where bums piss at the threshold of the front door like bums do before the ghetto library’s front doors comfortably by the hot air exhaust. (Yes, I speak from experience and leave race out of it since I did not catch said bum or bums in the act, but the odds say….) Mr. V sees a lovely mansion painted in white. The mansion has moocher termites throughout its walls, breeding mightily in quantity and quality. Mr. V sees a land of opportunity. Mr. C sees disgust, futility, and filth, but most importantly, standing ruins glimmering in whitewash contrasting with the rest of the world that is already here. The rest of the world approves.

Underneath the beauty of form lies the ugliness of function…and what is woman? Underneath the beauty of form lies the ugliness of function housing a plague population beneath Mr. C in worth because AMPALT cannot and will not cooperate to build and maintain a beautiful house or live as beautiful progress (the real kind that got us up to the Stone Age and by further discriminatory culling the modernity we have thrown away). They don’t want that.

In fact, moocher parasites are designed by nature to castigate and bleed those that can build the mansion, especially those who believe in the mansion, who have an emotional attachment and duty to the mansion where all their ancestors lived. The producerbots are too stupid to realize that institution is not a place but a personification of place. Mr. C knows that, which is why he is a minimalist who opines on MGTOW. Mr. V does not know the difference between whitewashed decrepit walls and painted sturdy walls, and yet Mr. V knows better than Mr. H, Mr. B, and Ms. Awalt. That tells you how fucked we who like clean living in sturdy, clean homes are. Mr. V does not realize that all of his contributions will be wasted, that his legacy exists only as an illusion, and that he will never have children that are half the person he is or who live half as well as he does.

On his written post “Barbarossa of MGTOW Please Stand Up, Please Stand UP, Please Stand Up” from 6 January 2015, Cappy was going on offense after getting criticized by so-called MGTOWs (pronounced mig-tauwz).

They are not MGTOWS. As Cappy Cap pointed out previously, an emotional reaction proves they are not emotionally independent. These people in fact have a herd identity, a cohesive narrative, a club.

I shit you not there is a club: At the bottom of the fancy splash screen there is this portion of text: “v.MMXV SOVEREIGNTY”. I would not put it past gubbermint to fake clubs and personas of the various men’s countermovement efforts. I expect some apparent believers of transparent organization within the system are true believers, who have bad judgment rather than bad intent.

What separates the real white men, skin color optional but not all DNA I expect, from the uncivilized relativists is pragmatic philosophy. You cannot be sovereign and part of a club that is not regulated by you. Because of the current system, there is no institutional sovereignty that you may have. Sovereignty is independence.

Can you stick your penis in a vagina and not get economically or politically raped at the leisure of the presumably purloined princess and the bureaucrat vultures who leverage her?

The California ‘yesmeansyes’ label is a euphemism for ‘anynoanytimeanywheremeansyesstatepersecution’. The bureaucrats and thier masters are picking us off at their leisure, and there is not a damn thing to be done about it but play defense. However, those who only play defense deserve to loose, so how to play?

You have sovereignty over little things. The state can’t control everywhere, and by cannibalism and degeneracy, their control is failing just a touch. They are developing incompetence that will fail even with state power, and by exhausting white male producers they are killing off their own ilk on rare occasion. Better lower-order vermin than me.

What you do control is when you take a shit, when you eat, what from within your limited means you choose to eat, choose to wear, etc. They can’t control everything. Any time you make a choice, that, sir, is an expression of sovereignty.

Non-institutional sovereignty is bullet-proof, sorta.

Institutional control can’t be everywhere, at least not yet. What you can do is cultivate and leverage relationships, with sheeple and perhaps cooperative civilized-minded people if you find any. A social network is unofficial, ill-defined, disposable, renewable, mobile, and flexible. I write as a frustrated theorist here, but also as a philosopher and a man who understands value is about ROI not price. We are the underdogs. Institution is not the home of our sovereignty. We get the dregs. The law of culture acting bottom up is a higher order of cooperation than the law of institution acting top down, but higher orders require higher membership standards and greater critical masses.

In essence, better people need less institution and anarchy is the byproduct of unregulated animalistic low lifes not patriarchal men who love the philosophy and culture of capitalism more than the economics. Anarchy in Europe is not equal to anarchy in Sub-Saharan Africa, or Europe would never have become Europe in the first place.

Reduce your sphere of action to your sphere of influence. Calibrate relentlessly. Proving your motivational value to others without institutional value is extremely difficult. These are trying times that are going to be extremely difficult if they aren’t already. You need cult of personality. You need to use sheeple like the resources they are. Relativists either eat or are eaten, and they are damn comfortable with both sides of that coin. Their game is foisted upon us. You need your Personal Seduction Network. It is the departments of your non-institutional sovereignty that avoids conflict with institutional sovereignty. There is no us as a country’s people. Those aren’t people anyway. They are Pleasure Principle drones. Act and think accordingly.

The history of MGTOW, if you accept it as real anyway, proves that my philosophy about MGTOW is naturally correct. I don’t make it correct; I simply report the bias of reality to the best of my ability, unless I am using you.

The real MGTOW is stateless but proto-cultural. It is expressed in the manifesto. This is the beginning of version 2.2:

The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!
By instilling masculinity in men, we make men self-reliant, proud, and independent.
By instilling femininity in women, we make them nurturing, supporting, and responsible.
By working for a limited government, we are working for freedom and justice.
Women having other qualities is not interesting to men because we don’t need them! Femininity will be the price women pay for enjoying masculinity in men!

I would change that fourth line to: By working for limited institutional control of sovereignty, we are working for freedom and justice. I don’t think that non-institutional organization for a pressing problem is bad; it’s great! The problem with institution government is that it does not fail if the voluntary cooperation that subsists only on win-win relationships fails. It should, if you have the high order philosophical awareness of a civilized man. For the rest of you, that’s too hard to fathom.

In my opinion, it is socially healthy if relationships can be broken for lack of value and moreover for plenty of abuse. That is the essence of being civilized, but there is the little issue of conquest that comes with sovereignty and the social order defining a cultural level of cooperation that must be imposed against all alien cultural levels to exist. Conquest is what you do with it.

Be sure that you may dispose of your non-disposable social investments as you see fit. Write-off failed investments immediately and don’t make bad social investments sooner. Your emotional attachment is more under your control than your property rights.

MGTOW is a fundamental state of mind not a club.

MGTOW is completely compatible with PUA and Red Pill. MGTOW is a hard next, yet a basic tenet is to instill femininity in women. I think a MGTOW will take a free lay. The point is to be the prize, to never give value to those who offer only hurt in return. Because women are hypergamous and malevolently favored, most men can never get serviceable sex at a reasonable price. Any red pill man should be going his own way, whether he is investing in himself and not her by pursuit of sex in the field or investing in himself without pursuing sex. Most men can’t pursue sex yet invest in themselves and develop adequate social proficiency and leverage. Why should we fault 99+% of men who opt out entirely when the system requires that they fail? If you pursue women properly, your most important skill is to next with emotional detachment. Women smell emotional attachment like a shark smells blood.

Tax time is pussy hibernation season as far as I can tell. They must be exhausted from the holiday posturing. They hate cold weather, certainly cold rain or slush or cold wind. Now is the time to work on social leverage rather than seduction, but adjust to your needs and circumstances of course.

BTW, the No-Ma’am website has plenty of information on that state of mind.

In the free market of life, a population heavy with realistic philosophers familiar with modern seduction and the triune brain model will endlessly share competing ideas that result in living social riches of cultural infrastructure that can’t be measured in money units. They will also be vigilant conquerors weeding and controlling those with uncivilized proclivities. We are the prize, not the uncivilized termites. The old White House is theirs now. We are the renewable house, we the civilized people. Build wisely.

Unplug. Side step. Ride.* Rebuild. PUA is the way.

*Target stage for now and foreseeable future.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 06 January 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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