Having Children Does Not Make You Better Than Me at Parenting or Anything

So I’m reading Clarey’s “That Baby Boomer Legacy Must Suck,” dated 14 January 2015:

EVERYBODY knows what the WWII generation did. EVERYBODY knows what they suffered and endured. But when you compare the baby boomers and what they (lacked) to accomplish in life (despite having EVERY-FUCKING-THING handed to them) it’s just not tenable.

That popular sentiment I want to bury, at least in my culture, and you guys are it. Consistent bugs of social relationships are features of intelligent design. They are maintained! Nothing is maintained by accident because evolution and life are defined by change.

Dynasties gradually harden with corruption. Great civilizations that have so much success that they can only challenge themselves gradually harden with corruption unless they do. (Fresh pussy calibration hardens as well: it’s the same but different, for your information.)

The point is that children do not understand how life works, or they have a different understanding that is indeed accurate of how life works, if parents insulate children from referential experiences of personal ability. What corrupt parents of overripe civilization do is give their children what they never had as if it were a good thing. You suck, parents of the West. I don’t need to have children to know you suck 99% of the time. I see your results.

The way life has worked for Baby Boomers is exactly having things handed to them. That lesson from their childhood is not false. The parents of the Baby Boomers were the so-called Greatest Generation. Honestly, they sucked.

They fought in a banksters war. Yes, bravely. Yes, to actually ostensibly win for a change, to clean up the mess of the Treaty of Versailles, but the international bankers that Hitler decried never sat trial in Nuremberg. Winning is not winning without control of the highest systemic level. That is the dilemma facing today’s experienced players. You can’t be more remaining alone because you can’t be more without sovereignty, with the control of organizational violence. Our path is to pass on a legacy of culture to those who will have a turning point at their disposal. It takes a patriarchy to make a woman worth having, and we are talking about property in the biblical sense. There are only virtually immutable natural reasons for it being so that will persist beyond our lifetimes. As the political power consolidates, pussy will become increasingly unavailable for most and overall yet for a select few increasingly cheap and plentiful. That is why I work on my social leverage right now rather than social charm (Game). Winter time is another good reason. Modern seduction is about the charm and husbandry (social skills) you apply to your social leverage.

The brave, young American men of the Silent Generation were drones of the state who made the phrase ‘Made in America’ mean something great. That love of country did not extend to their most important products: the Baby Boomers.

It would appear from the pop culture TV inspired by those times—Happy Days and Leave It To Beaver—that Baby Boomer dads served the empire at the office and then checked out mentally at home, leaving brave mommy to teach their children the facts of life. Women do not father the cultural mechanisms of a man’s world. Sure, there were shows like Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best, but when did the widower of My Three Sons ever demonstrate husbandry of a woman?

The supposed trigger or black swan for Second-Wave Feminism was the book The Feminine Mystique (1963) by Betty Friedan. I attempted to read it in a bookstore. The prose is total shit. It describes a malaise with ill-defined feelings so feckless it can’t be described. It is vapid complaining that will fit whatever role is expedient, and truly a woman’s book.

My point is that the fathers of the Silent Generation did not pass on culture because they were shell-shocked hive-minded builders then consolidators of an empire, your NWO. They left socializing their children to the mothers, and mothers are acultural. Motherhood is cheap; fatherhood is expensive.

The Baby Boomers did not foment a huge generational slide. Their feckless fathers did.

Today, parents give their children ‘what I never had’, and Americans and the rest of the Anglosphere and the leading West degrade monotonically. All you idiot parents measure success in dollars or other fiat money. Being your own person capable of diagnosing and outplaying the ineptitude of the hive mind: priceless. The later phase of early adulthood is not a timely time to empirically qualify one’s abilities or realize the manipulative viciousness of most everyone else. Culture only transmits father to son.

You idiots who will prepare your children for the life you never had are fools. If your children take after you, they will follow your example. They will work hard to give their children the life they never had too. If you have grandchildren, they too will work hard to give their children the life they never had. The ‘life’ to be had will always sit on the far horizon like a well-trained debt slave’s carrot.

If you want to be a real man, dad or not, set the example of living for yourself and charging value for your value, in money units or emotional investment, but demonstrate civilized standards. Civilized relationships are mutually net positives or they are inert.

It is easy to blame Baby Boomers, and the sin has been theirs for a long time, but its our sin now. This sin goes back to the ‘Greatest Generation’. Fuck them! Fuck you if you are like their post-war persons. The wages of sin protect the rest of us, so repent if you have opportunity and need.

Be your own example, and you will always measure up to any reasonable standard. Lies and misconceptions are not reasonable standards. Be your own man. It’s better for you and for children. Baby Boomers like most Americans are dead to me as human beings. I only see sheeple to be made into sheeple-aid. I’m worth it, and so is everybody else in their own special snowflake ways. Saving the whole world is no different than condemning it to a slow death. FTW Conquest is seminal.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 January 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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