Occam’s Chick Razor

You really need to deprogram yourself. Yes, you.

Alright, let’s see if I mean you you.

Do you think women are complicated? Do you think women have emotions more than men? Do you think women have moral agency? Do you think women have societal social awareness? Do you think women are cultural beings?

No, no, no, no, and no. If you said yes at least twice, it’s


As usual, blue pill is everywhere. I struggle to pull more of it out of me every day. It’s there. You and I were raised in it. Children absorb their social environment. You can’t escape that. You can only deal with it or pretend there is nothing to deal with.

It may shortly help you to know that the word ‘agita’ means acid indigestion.

So I am reading this Return of King’s article ‘“Manspreading” Shows The Social Retardation Of Young Women’ by Matt Forney and dated 26 January 2015, and something catches my attention:

But the agita over “manspreading” and its sister afflictions speaks to a deeper pathology in modern women. American girls have a deep-seated fear of masculinity and men, created by cultural Marxism, and this fear is the central reason why male-female relations are so dysfunctional.

I think Matt is touching on something profound, and because it is profound, it requires the care of philosophy. A mistake small enough to avoid error in accuracy but large enough to cascade an error of precision will result in large errors of accuracy in subsequent theorizing and evaluations. I am being a stickler for details here. While I don’t think pathology is exactly the right word, it is perhaps the closest of words not yet coined. I think neurosis is also partially correct.

The distinction I want to offer is that between true neurosis of the psyche and a similar functionality of the female brain. For lack of a better term, let’s call it ideurosis. The id is substantially hardwired per the brain. There is no creating or destroying the hardwired part of the id in the mind. The brain-contributed id is a given of the human mind.

Caveat emptor. I am not successful at applying the strategy herein, specifically, navigating the sheeple as a resource to be harvested for propulsion. If sheeple predominate, that is already the game, so don’t blame me. I am theorizing and I empirically test when I can, which is not often enough. Even if someone is very successful, that does not prove he knows what he is doing or can teach it. Intelligent design does not require the designed to know. I theorize for my own sanity and guidance and hope it can help you. I can say I don’t waste my time on being nice like I used to do. I have been able to reduce frictional costs from sheeple, but getting what I want or need is a level I have yet to attain. There’s no avoiding the existential crisis, my friend. Ain’t nothing like the first time. We can leverage each other’s experiences and insights, which is why history and peer review are valuable.

Here is the crux of my point about the driver of female behavior in the Anglosphere: It makes no sense to say women are vapid, which is a tenet of ours in the Manosphere, and then to characterize women as broken or deviant. Void is not deviant. If women are pathological, it is because they are that maladapted to freedom of choice in the man’s world of wealth stewardship. There is no American female disease. There is no feminist debasement of the female because there never was anything of a higher order in women at large to debase.

If women at large are ‘pathological’, it is because they are subsidized pathological manipulators of acute low-order social awareness as an anachronistic design feature not a design bug.

Women are either vapid or else they have agency with a given concern, if we limit the scope of that concern sufficiently. At small granularity something is a stimulus invoking female agency or it is not. I don’t believe that women have ‘fear’ the way a man does. Women express feelings that are not true internal representations to manipulate others. They have this peculiar vapid agency to find and fill the role that gives them the greatest relative power. The vapid agency of animalistic adaptation for relative status is not aware of ‘fear of masculinity’. They have a fear of low status. Take away government power to define the female rating system with 911, MSM, government wealth redistribution, family court rape, etc. they will forget who they ‘were’ and be somebody else without missing a beat. They are vapid, which is to say they have far less state, are far more stateless, than men are.

Moreover, women are insatiable relativists. In economic terms a woman’s drive for relative status never experiences marginal utility. It’s queen of the fucking world or bust, every fucking day. Ever read this?—“I’m single and you’re going to have to be amazing to change that!” Just another low-SMV female looking online for superman. She has the inclination to go online because she is getting neither quality nor quantity attention in real life. In the wild, there was no benefit to carrying genes that regulate bitch relativism like there is for hunger or horniness or sleep. In the wild, the authority of nature and man said, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Today, the folks of government say, “Yes,” because the expense is yours alone.

So why am I spitting hairs about neurosis vs. ideurosis, you ask?


There is nothing to fix about American women!

Pussy is a political issue. This is an issue about sovereignty not ‘family’ or ‘love’. The higher order of scope dominates the lower order (until it exhausts its basis in the lower order). Your individual masculinity is NOT the issue. It is our collective masculinity lacking cooperation, lacking higher culture. Our lack of status as open, defiant, proud patriarchs is the fundamental problem in the guise of many symptomatic problems like women’s ‘fear of men’. I certainly recommend against defiance you can’t win, though not against the aspiration to be the greatest legal authority in the realm of your life in lieu of an army of bureaucrats and money alchemists. Problems with female ideation or behavior are more problems of fiat money than female nature.

Once women ‘find themselves’ that is who they are. They are calibrated to a type and a way of relating to men as sexual beings: whom they reject for sex, whom they accept as manipulation targets, and how. If she does not instinctively want your sperm, she is not there to please you. Only if a woman’s survival instincts come into play to override her reproductive instincts, might a calibration hardened woman change her behavior, but not her figurative spots of entitlement expectations, depreciated sexual value, and the like. Only men unlearn and relearn, some of them. Most men never will direct their own development, and they are the wrong kind of people as much as anyone. Women are correct that most men are disgusting, not that they are helping that condition. To truly be progressive is to, as the song says, live and let die.

Stop trying to fix what ain’t broken. All sheeple but especially women are perfectly adapted according to their more hoary design. Women have the uterus, they will reproduce regardless until men stop being pussy worshippers. And that is the problem. We don’t let inferiors fail, whatever the sex. We don’t have borders and create an oasis of superior culture, the world of shit be damned. We don’t enforce cooperative value or bust.

There are always fresh women coming off the assembly line of pubescent product. They will socio-sexually calibrate quickly as things are, not as you wish them to be. They can never go back to the virginal innocence of customizable value. Without nubile virginity and patriarchy, women at large can NOT become good wives of men. In decline, the system for you to study intently is the individual not the society. We already know we are fucked by the establishment system, that its corruption is an evolutionarily stable state until there is no wealth for money to buy or for government to confiscate. Why be a rich and easy liquidation target?

You cannot solve any of these societal issue alone. You can only navigate among the sheeple the best you can without membership in a patriarchy. Your power is only in the sheeple who need you.

These are our times. The fix for society, if you prefer civilization that is, is a full societal recycle effecting the mass disposal of the human garbage. We are only in the preliminary phase of this natural cleansing process that will be going strong after you and I are dead. It is slow until the finale. Adapt. Reduce your sphere of interest to your sphere of influence. If you need culture to be a man, you will not be a man.

Today’s women are not really broken. They are the perfect wives of government, and forever more shall they be, 10 cats or no. If it has vagina pubs during the decline, it is a weaponized useful idiot. The only good news is that there is no monopoly on charisma or cult of personality like there is on fiat money and legal violence. Sheeple may be viewed as a resource, and being wasteful is not a vice in this case.

Stop following the political process. All that matters is what’s being enforced now or soon, and what leeway you have for your manipulations and alliances.

Adaptation means being a minimalist. Property rights are fundamental to economic rights, and you have neither. It sucks, but being a knowledge worker is better than being a capitalist without property rights. A scientific seducer is a knowledge worker. Don’t work hard so you can be easily milked by government violence. Get mobile. Stay mobile.

That does not mean you must keep moving as much as it means don’t be attached to what you can’t feasibly take with you or afford to lose. A virus reproduces just fine without having the means of reproduction. You can’t stay off the grid. You will not be left alone. If you can acquire means where ever you go or have a location-independent stream of income, or several for redundancy, you will be better off in the inescapable reality of our times. Good luck. We will all need it.

In summary, do not be emotionally attached to the way women are calibrated, or the way sheeple ideate, or the way ‘we’ are. There is no we unless you debase yourself to their level. If you wrestle with sheeple, you are going to smell like the herd and through exhaustion fit right in.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 26 January 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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