I Deserve

There is a serious entitlement problem in the Unites States and the West. It is related to the serious accountability problem. Money keeps score and there is inflation cheating going on.

Wealth is by definition scarce. So is relative rank. The lying liars, those moochers great and small, say one thing and do another: equality, respect, independence, etc., all insincere platitudes.

Blue pill alert: You DESERVE.

You are superior but you have been talked out of it. You may notice bullshit writing and speaking like this:

The real insult came when it was reported later that the trains were indeed still running, empty, as trains needed to keep moving to clear the tracks.

Did you see the blue pill?

Trains don’t need, government does not care, women don’t love, and I could go on and on. People needed to keep the trains moving to keep the tracks clear, nondescript, unidentified people.

We are afraid to openly say, “I deserve.” Without proper score keeping, which is the point of the überJudaic social engineering, how can producers be rewarded for producing and stay motivated to produce. We can’t and we won’t.

The modern use of English is a fucking joke of missing human subjects. Trains want to run and who are we to stop them?

And the murderer needs to be caught. Oh, does he? Not you, you don’t need the murderer to be caught because your safety is not something you would dare argue as a priority to the herd. Fuck the herd!

There needs to be more positive representation of women in video games. Why? but more importantly for whom?

And because sheeple ideate in win-lose terms and always apply the law of conservation in what they do but never what they say, there is also the companion question:

Against whom?

And isn’t that the point to be made by film makers Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen in their upcoming documentary The Sarkeesian Effect? Golly gee, Wally, the wiki page for The Sarkeesian Effect was ‘moved’ away.

I forewarn you about what sheeple mean in practice not platitudes. They want their superiors of potential to be inferiors of social actuation because through intelligent design they ‘known’ that they must convince you that you don’t deserve to get anything good. They don’t deserve but take. Don’t be like them but worse still by not taking. That’s not virtue! Know consciously that unlike them you have civilized potential. Know that you are better. Know that you deserve better and that sheeple deserve worse. Fill in the for and against whoms in your mind and take what you deserve every chance you get. They will. For them tyranny is freedom, like the grazing cow is free. They can never produce enough to repay you for what you lost.

Can you ever take too much from them?

This is not about universal or man-made morality unless you want to be inferior. This is about might making right, and for you religiose types, a morality worth having. Might making right is natural morality and fundamental to virtue. Reciprocation requires cooperation from transparent competence. The law of conservation requires reciprocity.

The fundamental tenet of the Dark Enlightenment is that we are NOT all equal. If you remain sucked in mentally after reading this, you deserve everything you get along with everything you have gotten. As for me, I deserve.

I think; therefore, I am. No sheeple deserves my natural rights and agency. That’s mine by nature, or for you religiose types, Nature’s God. If you won’t deliver yourself from the evil of your own mind, how are you not evil? If you can’t see, think, or speak evil, it is because you are too 2nd-class evil to know you are evil. In my evolutionary terms, the wages of self-immolation are death. Good impotence and riddance to sheeple’s sheeple, I say.

There is a serious entitlement problem in the Unites States and the West for you and me.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 27 January 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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