Hollywood Tax Farming

What do the movies Avatar and American Sniper have in common?

Sheeple glorify or worship fear as virtue. That is a huge lie that requires conspiracy and neurosis. The Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern is a methodical way to expose a little big lie of the manipulative social moment used by and for a single sheeple around others. A big lie of mass identity is not so easy to profitably expose.

The only solution to mass stupidity is mass extinction. Sorry; however, you can benefit from mass solidarity fear by farming the fools if you can become an accepted part of the establishment complex. That is a tall order given the lack of property rights and the stench of degeneracy, but it will be useful to understand how this works.

A fear is planted into a person, typically as a child, and self-tending of that fear is habituated by punishment and reward. The fear is a native capacity and function in the sheeple’s mind using the vitality and limited mental and physical resources of that sheeple. The narrative template common to each didactic reinforcement paints the sheeple as a hero of vigilant virtue but in fact the sheeple is a slave keeping himself obedient.

Sheeple of inferior potential, the less potentially civilized, smell the vulnerable emotional attachment and hook into it. The inferior sheeple is more comfortable with the more primitive social environment of less and of less sophisticated cooperation. The inferior sheeple casts himself or herself into the narrative template of the psychologically abused sheeple of superior potential. The predator sheeple is less psychologically abused, perhaps not at all, because he or she is that subhuman in nature and value, and there is little or nothing oppressive in that environment relative to the inferior nature.

It is easy to look at the cruelties of the Roman Empire and think how terrible it was, but how would have the conquered barbarians and savages have managed their own affairs if they were left to their own agency? Evolution is step by step. Because of government controls, the inferiors have reproduced prodigiously into the posterity that is today’s Americans. The superior of capacity ought to conquer the inferior of capacity if net human results are the goal. The goal of sheeple, while creating exponentially rising friction costs as an unavoidable byproduct, is the maximize control over distribution of rewards and costs, not maximizing the rewards and minimizing the costs.

The noble victim sheeple tilts at windmills. The base moocher sheeple misleadingly behaves as if windmills are real. Whereas the noble victim sheeple is afraid of not measuring up to virtue as defined by the moocher establishment, the base moocher sheeple is afraid of being exposed as a fraud and an inferior.

In the case of leftists who made Avatar a success, the mass fear is the fear of losing physical protection from the government. They are thoroughly base and afraid of exposure for it. Leftists are afraid there will be a lack of government-issued equality and entitlements. They want their share of those entitlements. They want to fit in, and the only way they can do that is to be heroes who best the challenges of discrimination. There is no success without another’s failure.

In the case of rightists who made American Sniper a success, the mass fear is the fear of losing spiritual protection from government. They are mentally debased and afraid of exposure for it. Rightists are afraid there will be a lack of government-issued honors and glories. They want their share of those honors. They want to fit in, and the only way they can do that is to be heroes who best the challenges their neurotic fears tell them to. There is no success without the self’s failure.

The idea of r/K selection is pablum for rightists. It is the idea that because r-selected rabbits are cowards, K-selected wolves are brave. Eric Holder called the United States a nation of cowards, and he was correct, but not because Americans don’t bend over enough for blacks (and ‘minorities’) but because we bend or are forcible bent over too much.

And what is the fruit of the movies of Avatar and American Sniper? What is the wealth generated? How are our lives elevated? By validation. By an experience of sheeple validation. There is no better tax farming than the tax farming the tax units demand. We have millions of structurally unemployed and fortunes are being made for vapid experiences that have nothing to do with reality. And we are poorer for it.

I’ll tax farm given the chance because I’m sick of being a loser among losers who like being losers. Better to be loved for taking than hated for giving. PUA is politics.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 28 January 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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  1. Allen says:

    If we did not have our “bread and circuses,” what would society look like?

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