Power Architecture

Rick Moser touches an a profound subject at RoK in his article “How Modern Architecture Destroys Your Relationships” dated 31 January 2015.

I am totally sick of the pop-up ads at RoK, and we will see what the market will bear, but the article broaches a great subject. I think the majority of the prose could be more substantive, but the subject itself is hefty and largely uncharted.

He touches on how clubs are for women to feel safe, and he is right. In fact, they are insulated from less-than-#1 sperm, now described by a gini coefficient against 1 (normalized maximum ‘sperm’ wealth concentration) from below similarly to the way central bank interest rates are against zero from above (maximum credit expansion). It is getting downright illegal to approach a woman for sex. If women do not provide producer men sex and reproductive services, they are by their carrying costs multiplied by their liberated animalist natures the enemy within. The economics of ecology and evolution are unimpeachable. The woman, as we all know, is mentally designed for the wealthless wild of nature’s world not the man’s world, which is why she does not deserve the treatment a successfully or potentially productive man does. The clubs are often too loud and too dark for voice and body language communication. Perhaps women have far too much money to spend and guys will go out regardless. If she is dressed to kill, it is only to snag unicorn superman, not you.

To make a move on the modern woman—and the general vibe in the Manosphere is that this is true in the last few years per Roosh and I forget who else but I see it the same way—but to make a move one must demonstrate political authority. To the women it is just natural masculine dominance that she seeks but in the police state is it necessarily political authority increasingly monopolized for the vermin of the abstract state. The police patrol the clubs just outside if not inside and they are half-men wielding overwhelming power that can only be challenged on a suicide mission. Pussy is not worth that, but the dignity of being free to pursue pussy as part of life, liberty, and progressive producer happiness ultimately does, especially as the state weakens from the loss of economic production that all the printed or conjured money in the world won’t be able to buy, but for the foreseeable future just try and hold it together, guys.

One in the hand is worth more than two in the bush unless she and husband gubbermint are giving it away for free, hidden costs and all. Don’t be a pussy beggar. The nausea from learning the nature of woman will help with that, but only fortification with sovereignty is a cure.

Virtually every conquering or post-conquest king from ancient times built great public works as illusory public value return on his taxation but controlled of, by, and for himself as the state. Consolidation is the name of the early governance game. This was true of Pericles, Caesar, Augustus, Herod, all of the greats who needed to consolidate a conquest with mass allegiance, and the need was greater the more they wanted to milk the tax base. The masses are sheeple. Thus, the communal spaces where authority may project is controlled by the state and regular men can’t afford women, nor a wife and children, and pleb man lives in communal squalor or else little better than a walk-in closet all his own. The liberation of women by husbandry of the state has happened over and over again, and the architectural money, increasingly controlled by the government, designs the architecture to suit the new masta.

Women want to press a flesh and blood man into useful (for her) authority or useful liquidation (for her) with a preference for killing just to be safe (for her): intelligent design knows what she doesn’t. Expect no mercy. They will become increasingly disoriented, flaky, and hostile as half-assed husband government is incomplete, and until the culminating climax of corruption, immovable. You must calculate carefully risk versus reward with a long-term view.

Right now till the end, bureaucrats will have the natural advantage in the social environment. They created it, with encouragement and empowerment from the überJudaic money alchemists. Social skills (sheeple not people skills) will not get you laid without social leverage (social proof). You will need to display power over yourself that the state and the police goons forbid. It is a catch-22. It is the soft kill of decent men who will not reproduce culturally and probably not much genetically either. It is the worst of war and the worst of peace (for you), and its executive familial practitioners deserve uncompromising judgment when it all comes tumbling down. After that, civilization will rise again only if men form an open patriarchy and impose the you-tap-it-you-own-it rule so that women are utilized correctly.

In the meantime, be aware that the layout of walled spaces and the environmental factors projecting within send you an instinctive message that you should not necessarily accept. Why should you accept being a bottom-class patron at the club or in the nightlife area? Why should you give away your nuts to what steroid monkeys play a game today and compete over revenue in the millions of USD that will be squandered like all their earnings with their evident geniuses for success only three years after they have retired from football? If a business has a VP of social conformity, why do you believe in it? Go to the bar and conform if you like, but don’t expect any service that will actually improve your life.

Sarging women is going to take a lot of leverage and that means lots more preparation if you are not a trust-fund baby or self-made man of financial independence. You will have to look (as if you have both time and money) to exploit and create social spaces where you effectively rule, or where the orgy is permissible by official narrative, like on spring break and at other vacation spots where women are sexually liberated. Only a fraction of the men can have the socially wasteful benefits of desouling pussy for the state, but someone has to do it. That is the opening, pun intended. Sexual pursuit by the average man in average circumstances is labeled creepy by the faux-culture that is PC political orthodoxy and labeled illegal by virtually all application of the masta’s ‘law’ written in abstract and customizable platitudes for PC institutionalization.

I don’t have the answers that get us from oppression to freedom, but I think we can evaluate the problem, refine our understanding of it, evade the strengths of our enemy collective, and probe for exploitable weaknesses. Pussy is politics. Men are superior at any social game they play, so don’t think you can’t do anything. Corruption can’t cover everything, which is why the police are militarizing. They are covering more and more because they have more to cover. They will overextend and move the holes around. Be mobile in your mind and body. Some spaces are not worth occupying. Next that social environment.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 01 February 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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