Don’t Care Like a Man

Predictably, the Nutless Feminazi League’s big game was a platform for psychologically abusing men. Why do you let them abuse you?

I did not watch. I expect this propaganda. I expect it to get worse. Virtually all humans are NOT my friends, and I have no emotional attachment to them. If you are hormonally angry, tense, from the propaganda, your expectations are foolish. If your expectations are foolish, you are emotionally attached to inferior people as if their emotions are better than not only your emotions but you yourself. Don’t buy that.

To not give a shit is to be mentally free.

They are wearing you down. Your fight-or-flight system is activated, but you have no threat to neutralize, no threat to escape by flight. Continuously, the hormonal stress just eats away at you, wears you down. You eat carbs to compensate, to keep going, to fight an idea planted in your mind, and you get fatter. You push through, but this is the wrong battle (for you). Know you have an enemy, and know the predictable will keep happening, but don’t know it emotionally. Don’t care emotionally. Turn off your fight-or-flight system except to neutralize or physically escape a concrete threat in the here and now.

This is not a tangible threat: #likeagirl, #sorryitsaboy.

Your enemy’s go-to weapon is a product of evolution’s ‘intelligent design’. Not only are female minds the product of evolution, but so is your mind. Your locus of control is the key. Personal offense is the doorway to you snatching your defeat.

You might have a tangible threat later, if SHTF in your lifetime, so why prepare by grinding yourself down at the cellular level? Why give up your life now? Time does not renew for us.

All the establishment companies are a big trust of the IMF cartel. Each one will take a turn being the bad guy, taking the heat, sending the message, hurting your social valuation. Remove social valuation from your self-identity. Look who’s judging and why. The stupid men will react and burn out and become conditioned, become just a bit more docile after each dosage. The women will be emboldened. They instinctively understand animal dominance and submission, and will align themselves accordingly with all the genius lies women can muster. They will be megabitches because they can because men with guns say they can.

Don’t be a part of that communal belief system at all. Don’t fight the system head on by demonstrating your worth to sheeple who can’t understand except to crush you by their shear numbers. Save your emotional energy for transactions that are better investments. Chicks will value you more. They can sense the health of your lower masculinity. More importantly, you will value yourself more. The fulfilment of your upper masculinity is something you can only work on in theory but not in practice. Getting your values straight and perhaps sharing them only with like-minded others (protect yourself by not dumbing it down) will help you decide how to act under pressure, real pressure with a tangible threat that can be neutralized.

Don’t fight like a girl.

The man, being a man innately and moreover endowed with superior potential of a different fashion, ought to fight from the conscientiousness of his Reality Principle. You have no choice what the functional social rules are, but you can choose to play better than a girl. You’re a damn fool if you don’t. If you keep trying, you could end up like Bruce Jenner, thinking that some publicly celebrated vag on life support is first class and that masculinity is lowest and incorrigible. All vags desiccate to reproductive worthlessness before you know it, and what wisdom remains? Women age like milk; men, like wine. If you keep placing special value on the communal commodity pussy, you could end up ruined like Donald Sterling. Once the honeymoon is over, once she no longer gives you her best, she is your natural enemy by intelligent design or you are mutually uninvolved. Next that shit for the next guy. Every time the feeling is new, the chick gives her best of what’s left. It ain’t worth much. If her ROI is less than your hand at any time, you should not hesitate to next.

The same is true of your fellow countrymen and countrywomen. They are a positive burden, a hostile host. Why double down? Why be more involved than you must? Next that shit forever. Do not be in an emotional relationship with that skank horde. Treat them like animated background objects, like falling trees or rolling boulders, part of the field of play because you have no choice about the field. Make tools of the resources around you and don’t volunteer to be a tool. You have no moral obligation to the immoral, to the non-reciprocating. Win-lose relativists are never your friend. They are allies only by coincidence. They are resources or you are not man enough to be a husband who practices human husbandry. The NWO does, and they are running you over with the herd. Learn from the example.

How many more times will you let others use your emotional hooks to wear you down from the inside out?

Sorry, she’s just a broad: AWALT.

You will know you DGAF when you feel better from the inside out. If you want to feel good externally, with the herd, you must join the lying narrative and believe. You care. You make a difference.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 02 February 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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