V-Day Ops Briefing

I’ve been thinking about how I might go sarging, and Valentine’s Day, this Saturday, completely changes the social environment. In the northern latitudes the deep winter, and in the United States at least tax season are stifling to women’s availability for night game. Valentine’s Day will disturb those usual forces, and perhaps in a good way. Here is what I think is the best strategy for the best sarging opportunity (but no slam dunk) for guys in the northern latitudes before spring is in the air without traveling south.

Spring break is the slam dunk if you have the cash to position yourself for it and any game whatsoever. So why spend much money on V-Day? If a women does not lust for your sperm, her manipulations, and the entire value of her life not working as your waitress, cashier, assistant manager, but the entire value of who she is outside of clearly circumscribed roles of limited interaction and intimacy, can never benefit you. Women married to institutional gubbermint are so. The best we can do is lease per each female’s wiles and gubbermint’s disinterest.

In nearly every ltr, sooner or later, a Western woman’s expectations are not being met, and the hubby or serious boyfriend is seen as a beta. We all are compared to Santa Gubbermint. Valentine’s Day may present the perfect opportunity to be the sexy spice to a woman’s supposedly dull life. We know the transitory nature of a woman’s vag tingles, so put yourself on the good side of it. The solution to the communal pasture problem is to get there first until we (actually our cultural heirs) can re-establish property rights.

There are women with beta providers who are contemptibly dependable and loyal. Many of those women will be ‘out’ on Saturday night with their significant others. There are women with no one, and they feel like shit. Most of them will stay home on Saturday night. If you know where those women are going this Saturday night, please contact me about that. 🙂

Think like a conniving woman, as if a woman with any casual sex value left would be anything else, ha, like a conniving woman would. I think the two sorts of women not ‘in luv’ and busy Valentine’s Day evening are going to be most available at happy hour(s) on the previous Friday evening, maybe 4:30-6:30 pm (16:30-18:30), at least in the United States. Perhaps Friday night will be another opportunity, but I am guessing happy hour is the better chance. Adjust for your country as needed.

For happy hour, go alone and be instinctively relevant only for sperm proven grade A by the emotional environment you are that she so desperately needs. Use eye fondling with plausible deniability. You are not trying to get her consciously aroused without a way to frame it in narrative unless she already is overtly horny and looking and has her narrative of ‘deserving more’ ready to go. Just nudge to get interest at all, and if that can’t work, intrude like it’s her good fortune. Ultimately, you want her to be attracted to you first and more, according to a narrative that is also socially attractive and high(er) status from her female perspective. You can converse platonically with subtle body language cues consistent with sexual tension, let that stew during narrative construction that begins platonically or calibrates to her stage in her prepackaged narrative, and then lead her (or confidently follow her script if she is older, set in her ways, but still worth the squeeze at the cost) to the bang.

I remind you of the Reality Distortion Field (explained by the TF post available via the hyperlink in my previous post “Narcissism Turned Father Flame” dated 30 August 2013, making you work for it) and the fleeting tease of the O-face (see “Godzilla Versus Hamthra” dated 28 July 2014 and “Cutting Edge Facial Language Study” dated 01 October 2014).

Instincts are volatile but immediate. Use instincts to create a foothold or beachhead to construct a social explanation of why you should at all be a part of her life in a way that from her female perspective makes sex with you an elevation of her status. If she is filling in the blanks of why sex with you would be good for her status, don’t fix it with your specifics. If she is hesitant, then certainly try to address it while you have the chance. I remind you of the Boyfriend Destroyer Pattern originated by Owen Cook of RSD. Basically, that steady is a ‘nice guy’ = contemptibly low status, but you make the right side of the equation seem like her idea not yours. Let her lizard brain tell her rationalization hamster that the stench of your slop is necessary to get the stench of her low value beta off of her. Commenter ‘YaReally’ gave a great and reasonably pithy explanation on a post by The Rational Male, also worth reading and with a hyperlink to another description of the Boyfriend Destroyer Pattern.

Instincts are for immediate but transient attraction; narrative is for residually persistent but invested attraction.

Easier said than done, I know, but that’s the best plan I can come up with. Attractive masculinity is in part steadfast social fortitude: you’ve got to do it convincingly to be it. Move only because it serve you, even in body language. If happy hour does not work out, there’s always going out Friday night alone or with the guys. Unless you are in the big city and able to scan scores of women for the one in a hundred or whatever feeling lonely and ready to be made ready, I don’t think Saturday night is a good bet even by a long shot. If any chick is not a ten times better option than your hand at no more than twice the cost of the same, next that resource sink pronto. MGTOW is the safe default, especially Saturday.

That is my strategy for the weekend. Sarging fun and game self-improvement Friday evening. Minding my business and my life exclusive of women on Saturday.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 12 February 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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