Spring Break 2015: Logistics Report

Through good fortune I was recently able to spend a few days at Panama City Beach, FL. From the experience I have lots of new ideas for theorizing and field testing. I was the old man in a throng of 18–22 year olds. Yes, it was weird but that is largely blue pill conditioning. Is James Woods weird? If having a 18–22 year old babe is weird, I don’t want to be normal.

I am planning to present some field reports with tentative lessons learned in subsequent posts. Here I will discuss logistics: age of consent, timing, accommodations, and food and entertainment.

Age of Consent

The Web makes determination of some legal questions easy. Tax law and age of consent are something to know. You can search for age of consent by state. This is not legal advice, but it seems that Florida has an age of consent of 18, but down to 16 if you are no older than 23 years old. Some states are actually 18 but down to 16 if you are close enough in age. I wish I knew the exact Florida law on my first Spring Break vacation, when I was 21. There was no Internet back then and I assumed 18.

Being in a position of ‘authority’ (like a teacher) can make sex that would have been legal or at least legal enough per some court ruling regarding adultery, fornication, or what have you illegal.

The legal onus is foisted all on you, regardless of what she looks like, regardless of her fake id, regardless of her sister’s real id, regardless of starting college a year or two early, etc. If you faulter, you become a registered sex offender. Obviously you need to be sure of a prospective sex partner’s age, but casual sex is casual and maturing females, like all females, lie like rugs.

I asked bouncers how they can tell if a female in their club are at least 18. They let people as young as 18 into all the bars and clubs; drinking age is still 21. There are two non-obtrusive indicators worth using as filters from what I was told. The first is tattoos. If she has a tattoo, she is probably at least 18. The other is to observe how she talks. Someone who goes to a university should be able to talk extemporaneously about it. She should not seem like she is thrilled to be getting away with something either.

Finally, a margin for error is a good idea. Aiming for at least 20 will filter out virtually all females under 18. There are no guarantees of course, and that is how the establishment likes it. Women are state owned communal pasture so that they won’t make good wives and won’t permit the transmission of rival culture from father to son. That female utility with bonding ability is going to get used up pretty fast, by age 23–25 I think. Men are emasculated and need to relearn husbandry skills. Women will discover that government ownership or communal rental is no liberation worth having, once the destruction of society and culture has gone far enough. This meat market as regulated is an aspect of a phase in the cycle of civilization involving the ebb and flow of the sanctity of marriage. Government control is never a solution to personal relationships. Men with balls are a solution to a great many things.


It seems that university students initially arrive in increasing number Saturday–Monday. I would guess the partying is not at full power until Monday night. Thus, the best days would be roughly Monday–Friday in the second and third occurrences entirely within March.


The most expensive cost is accommodations, and getting that right is crucial to staying within budget but also on purpose. There are basically two purposes: (1) to party, (2) to get laid. If your primary purpose is to party, you will want to stay at a large hotel and enjoy the hotel ‘pre-party’ before clubbing. If you need to get a good night’s sleep before checkout, forget it. Extended periods of no more than background noise are short and spread out by stretches of screaming, pounding, etc. Another issue with hotels with rowdy students is security. You will be required to wear a wrist band, and if it comes off or gets lost, you are looking at another $50 or so. You will also be requires to leave a deposit, so its not like you can avoid paying. You will want to take the wrist band off, but it is locked on. On checkout morning I got the band cut off. For the rest of the day I occasionally felt phantom discomforts where the band was pressing against my hand in that same spot. I would shake my wrist to relief the sensation, but I was not wearing a wrist band.

The worst part of security is what happened to a young guy I met also primarily interested in sex. He was cockblocked by hotel security. He paid for a room where he was not allowed to bring a woman over for the night because she was not already a registered customer. Security might be more amenable to day sex than night sex as explicit policy or by daytime variation of enforcement protocol.

The other accommodations alternative (of which I have no experience) is to rent a condo, but be damn sure you ask about having an as yet unknown guests over. I expect is would be pleasantly quiet. Sleeping well is critical for maintaining health, especially if you are not a bullet proof young adult. With all the drinking and perhaps cold winds, not to mention a long drive home, sleeping well is pretty damned important. I am sick right now. You can try airbnb.com and I’m sure other means to find a condo to rent.

There are some seedy motels. Avoid them. If you can’t afford better, you can’t afford to go at all. Be sure to try to negotiate with the desk clerk if you are there well before check in (around 4:00 pm). If you are not so young, you can get a break on the deposit. Again, don’t allow yourself to get cockblocked by security.

Besides type of accommodation, there is the critical factor of location. The only thing free and easy on the island is parking. You could conceivably drive to the party, but a room on the beach is infinitely better. The beach party and day game opportunities are, in my opinion, better than the night life and night game opportunities. The day party has no cover charges, no bouncers offended targets can leverage, and no overpriced alcohol because you bring your own.

Glass containers are prohibited on the beach, but not metal cans, plastic cups, and plastic bottles. You will want to go barefoot and keep things simple. If you don’t have a place on the beach, walking barefoot is a hazard. The entire gulf side of the island is wonderful beach and there are public access corridors to it in frequent intervals. You could walk some sidewalk and across the road to get to it. I’m not sure a chick would not balk at walking back to your room in that case. If you park at a peer, there is only the parking lot to worry about with bare feet. You can definitely save money with distance from the beach, but are the logistics feasible? If you seduce a female staying at the same hotel at which you are staying, logistics are simple.

You will want to be close to bars and clubs, not only so you can walk to them but because that is likely to define the best places to stay and therefore the best places for the daytime beach party. I kept to the area east of the Bay County Pier, and I can’t say from experience it was the best area. I chose it from the logic I just gave about night game. The night life places seem to be more concentrated near that stretch of beach.

The map at ThePanamaCityBeachMap.com is your guide. Don’t book ahead without knowing where on the map you place would be. From what I’ve seen, there is no price advantage to a hotel in Panama City across the bridge rather than in Panama City Beach on the island side closer to the mainland.

Food and Entertainment

There is a Walmart with reasonable prices, and there are grocery stores. I did not eat at a restaurant, so I don’t know what their prices are like.

The beach party runs from noonish to 4:30 or 5:00 pm. A good time to eat a meal is between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. A good time to get to a club or bar is 7:00 or 8:00 pm. The doorman will charge what the market will bear. Negotiate and don’t forget body language is stronger than words. Coyote Ugly Saloon has a free beer special 7–9. I got there at 8 and he told me the cover was $10. I knew from the physical visitors map I had studied that there was a place some walk away that never charges a cover. That was my backup plan. Free beer is crap beer, and I didn’t want to bing drink. I was not trying to negotiate, but I showed that I was not going to pay $10 cover, so he offered $5 cover if I didn’t drink the free beer. Done. And don’t assume a high cover price is not a dick farm. I’m suppose the pussy is no better where the cover is high on spring break, but I don’t know that from experience since my time and money was limited.

There is a pass you can buy for fifty dollars and for each day of the week it offers a schedule of deals. You will be running from place to place for the specials, or you won’t get your money’s worth. I chose to go where I want, when I want, and I sure as hell was not going to pay a $20 cover, much less $30. Pick a place to try and go early, before 8:00 pm. The ratio at Coyote Ugly was something like 60% women/40% men and then fell to maybe 45% women/55% men by 1:00 am. Early is not a bad thing. The dancing on the bars really brought out the mind-numbed attention whoring and, as far as I can tell, made pick up difficult. I have a hypothesis what the right approach would have been, but that can wait for another post, one on lessons learned.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 12 March 2015


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