Spring Break 2015: Four Theoretical Implications

I thought it would make more sense to give the theory implied from my anecdotal evidence before giving that evidence, if at all. I’ve got things to do, and I am just getting over being sick. This post will allow me to recall my initial interpretations for further field testing.

Before I took the trip, I thought that eye fucking was a whole thing, a distinct thing unto itself. It is not. Eye fucking works and should be calibrated, but it is only one particular manifestation of the projected alpha persona, in theory contingent upon empirical testing. There are alphas in terms of seduction, but having a social circle and being alpha in that sense, which may lead to sex, is nonsexual per se. I met some cool young men, of the Millennial generation, but it was the Hispanic foreign exchange students that really opened my eyes to broadening the whole alpha thing from the animal expression of lust.

This is my new first tenet to test:

Animal Alpha Is the Absence of Fear

This is my hypothetical rational for it. Sheeple are motivated by fear more than anything. In fact, fear avoidance is their primary imperative. Women are the most sheeple of sheeple. As I have written before (I think): Men are sexually needy and women are emotionally needy. If you have back pain and it sours your mood, it shows weakness. If it is chronic back pain, it demonstrates a mental issue of fear. Either way, women are correct in the wild to avoid trusting men like that for sperm or safety. If you as a man are ‘try-hard’ with your pursuit of women, that just means you are emotionally needy. Emotional neediness demonstrates fear of not having, of not satiating a deficiency. If you are nervous, that again is fear. Even if it is about something constructively civilized and healthy in a man’s world, like keeping your career alive by switching industries, it is fear and deemed contemptible weakness.

Everything evaluated about you by women is by animal projection and from an animal perspective. In the wilds where women’s instincts and primitive sophistication evolved, there was no positive value in worrying about tomorrow. That was weakness. Life was uncertain; planning, futile. Hesitation was failure on average, an overhead that could not compete with the strategy of immediate gratification. There was no wealth planning, no poverty though there was plenty of want and need. The situation was every person for himself. Pecking order and relative status correlated strongly with absolute living standard, and unlike absolute markers, relative markers are easy to read and manipulate. Women are primitive relativists, manipulator, and players.

So from that animal perspective of woman, what I think she craves for the sake of her genes is the absence of fear. From what I started to see by being a part of the beach party scene on my last day was how animalistic and quick the sexual marketplace (i.e. women) determined whether there would be an exchange of lust and how much. It was also a bit shocking to me to see the doggy eyes from a few females of the 18–22 and apparently no kids demographic. I was also strongly impressed with how little words mattered, even existed, in the animal courtships. I think that if a man triggers the animal alpha recognition response, the woman’s mind goes to a happy place and all the faults of the man become irrelevant.

This is key: Women are attracted to players not because players appear to be something else but because they are observed to be players. Women are players who sexually desire the strongest male players.

I think that women are programmed to drop and spread their legs immediately for alpha seed when they can get it. This is binary in activation and will become more binary in manifestation as cultural restrictions abate. Like the experienced circus elephant on a chain leash, liberated women are habituated to cultural constructs. Dating in the traditional sense is dead except for the stupid betas that insist on Santa Claus being real. I believe courtship is dead in the same way and trailing behind the death of dating in a chronologically staggered fashion. The only reason women do not mate on the spot is because government authority prohibits and punishes it, even in terms of social status. If experienced women don’t readjust ever closer to their natural behaviors, inexperienced women will.

This is my new second tenet to test:

No Fear Instantaneous Courtship Is the Only Viable Courtship in a Mature Post-Feminism Social Environment

Certainly, my observations at spring break are based on a sexually vibrant and roughly ideal demographic. The question is then: How much can those observations be projected onto the general population. I have a hypothesis for that.

This is my new third tenet to test:

Liberated Anglosphere Women Enter Sexuality as the Princess Archetype, and if They Long Remain Unmarried And Childless, Transition to the Cinderella Or Ballbuster Archetype

Undergrad women have not been conditioned by the working world, not in earnest at least, and that is significant. From other anecdotal experiences, I hypothesize that working women, or women who can no longer measure themselves by sheltered undergrad standards at least, either take on mannish qualities to adapt to their work environments or they never adapt their identities and want to be rescued by Prince Charming.

The former are ballbusters. They are afraid to be without control, and yet the biology of being a woman is to submit to the authority of a man. It is a catch-22, and an impossibility. A ballbuster is a broken woman. A man worthy of taming a ballbuster has a million better options. The latter is, of course, the Cinderella. As the desperation sets in, her standards for alpha decline. She is a divorce waiting to happen, because the beta provider will make her comfortable enough to get in closer harmony with her instincts. She is not broken for casual sex, but virtually all liberated women are broken for commitment before they reach puberty.

There would be other archetypes if we consider the psychological changes due to marriage, divorce, getting pregnant for the first time, and having children, immature or grown. I don’t have a taxonomy for all that, but I can tell you that for casual sex, the primary choice is Princess and the secondary choice is Cinderella. Other choices are likely losing propositions not worth consideration. Obviously, a woman with children is going to try to frame men as beta, charge high and reward low. An unhappily married woman or recently divorced woman, with or without children, could have the Cinderella imperative in effect. These are not the type of women to pursue, but if you get a lay up opportunity, it might be worth considering if you are not busy. For the Princesses and Cinderellas, animal alpha courtship is probably ideal (but this is preliminary for me). If courtship involves lots of words and time, the cost is high and the reward is low, probably negative.

If you watch the Owen Cook (from RSD) videos, you occassionally see women so attracted to him while he is talking to the camera that they playfully interrupt him. I think Owen is a great model to emulate. Owen is not attracting women with superlative looks that you can never rival, which is ideal in a coach. He really has alpha persona down, more than his colleges in my opinion. I would not be surprised if he is not better than Mystery, or it could be that HB 9s and 10s require more finesse. At least in theory, sufficient attraction makes finesse superfluous. The courtship with words I think is passé. I don’t think words are needed much beyond qualifying the female, specifically her state of mind and personality. Consent and regret rape are real concerns that will become more and more problematic. You want to have her instincts as represented by her ‘heart’ on fidelity lockdown.

Be the alpha drug chicks need. Hint: Depreciated women can’t bond (to alpha).

This is my new fourth tenet to test:

Alpha Is Social Not Sexual

The idea that alpha is necessarily sexual in a direct and lustful way is naive and wrong. Granted, that evolution is built around reproduction. Humanity is one sophisticated complex exemplifying evolutionary product. The point is that our needs for survival and reproduction range across a spectrum of innumerable mechanisms from the brazen and direct to the subtle and indirect. Alliances that are not sexual unions can be good, even essential, for reproductive success. We all have an animal foundation. We all are attracted to men and women who lack fear, though there is that protective instinct in men if the fear is not of said man himself. Sheeple have no way to override this attraction to certitude of confidence with reason grounded in reality. Social power at all is alpha. Having a following advertises sexual value, but it also attracts social opportunities in general. The Hispanic young men I met at the beach party showed me that. Their culture is not as far gone with feminism as ours in the Anglosphere is.

Having no fear in a social environment implies having no emotional preconceptions. Absence of fear unleashes healthy social interaction, the fundamental kind that works only at reactionary speed, in terms of milliseconds. Keeping the fight-or-flight sympathetic system off and out of the way is key. This will take practice and mindfulness. It suggests an exercise you can do. Do you cut short or avoid eye contact when someone unknown offers it, whether in a gentle or menacing way? Make that eye contact and do not feel fear. Think coolly and feel centered. Thinking fear is not the same as feeling fear. The sympathetic system is connected to how you feel not how you reason/think.

Once you get eye fucking down, an intermittent technique, try it with most or all of the lust removed as a persistent technique and a way of being in a social scene: fearless like a wild alpha male. That is basically the substantial step to a potentially higher order of socializing that I am exploring as opportunity permits with what I seem to have learned from my brief experience with the youth on spring break. I don’t think seduction will be effective without it in a few years’ time. The oversaturation of sheeple’s minds with mind-numbing stimulation is an art that will only advance. Only the direct stimulation of a primary instinct will cut through the noise, or she is playing you for a beta fool.

Those are the major points in my theorizing. I don’t know what more information from my visit with the Millennials I will provide. The details of those experiences have already faded away with time. The cold I caught has delayed by writing from those memories and reduced my energy level. Think of all the germs from across the country that converge as spring break destinations. At least we have the takeaway in this post from which we can move closer to social mastery, such as it is and increasingly shall be determined until the SHTF. In the meantime, develop your husbandry skills with the government owned property where communal usage is permitted and beneficial. You can call me anything but Late For Dinner.

I meant to add this point to the last post on logistics: If you are older and want to develop frame control, try a spring break crowd. You will be forced to make different cool. Gazing into the eyes of a female half your age or less is a test of your blue pill inhibitions. If you lack conviction, she will let you know quickly.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 16 March 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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