Oh Yes They Do, Just Not With You

I was hitting the blog of an economic pundit I respect, but I remind you that economists are not (necessarily) PUAs. Admittedly, I am only a PUA-in-Training in the school of lone masculinity, but I have recently seen the promised land, so I have firsthand information most do not.

There is a split over the classic question: Do women want sex as much as men?

The technically correct answer is: Women want sex even more than men if they are not too old.

Seriously, is there any question that women define themselves by motherhood more than fathers define themselves by fatherhood? The problem afflicting civilized potential is that women don’t want sex with you the less-than-most-preeminent man. This is basic fucking evolutionary psychology. If you don’t understand this, you have failed at the fundamental premise of the Manosphere, the Red Pill, whatever you call it. You have failed. I don’t care how fucking high of an IQ you have: garbage in, garbage out.

For the cheap seats—and this is constructive destruction of a limiting belief because I care about high culture male potential—the social imperative of liberated Western women is: Alpha Fux, Beta Bux.

Have you internalized that?

Do you fucking get that?

Women want to avoid sex WITH YOU almost all the time, so it is true that women want sex WITH YOU far less than YOU want sex with them. They can get fucking pregnant, Holmes! They want the premium seed. Nothing, and I mean nothing, less will do. If a single mother calls her baby’s daddy a ‘sperm donor’, that’s a compliment not an insult, so don’t be a fool, and stay away from single mothers anyway. Don’t be complimented on your suitability to beta slavery: it is an occasion to titillate by insulting her judgement of you (but only for practice!).

Listen carefully. I believe women are programmed by nature to drop and spread their legs on sight of a true wild alpha male. I will be proven right by the commonality of that behavior in the next ten years. Women believe in ‘love at first sight’, but women are instinctive first not emotional first. They are designed for 5 seconds of alpha to get the good shit. What they tell you about love is what they tell betas or perhaps alphas they want to betatize and milk to destruction.

If a woman tells you that you are too old, too young, too muscular, too soft, too rich, too poor…, she is psychologically abusing you. Remember: she has a rationalization hamster. Of course if you have a logical discussion on a male-female union with a woman, she will find a reason it won’t work, it isn’t good enough, but that you aren’t good enough. The Red Pill is understanding that women are inferior because they have a locus of control in the instincts and are lost in a man’s world of culture. If a woman makes marriage a wedding ceremony eazzzzzy, run for your fucking life! because she is rejected on the cock carousel and wants to pretend she is even higher status on her wedding day!

Women flake because they can’t see in their minds intrinsic cultural value, intrinsic economic value, and the like. All they see is: (1) how you feel about yourself, and (2) how others feel about you. That’s it. Women don’t want the best smart phone, they want the most popular smart phone. They want to get in the longest line as far forward in it as possible. They think men think like women because they are mentally primitive and can’t fathom that a different perspective could exist at all. It goes against their design to not promulgate a flattering narrative about themselves to further their respective reproductive prospects. They are designed to be unreasonable except for animalistic survival or reproductive advantage, and Daddy Gubbermint has her survival needs met. She is in reproductive mode or bust, and bust those brainwashed princesses do, which is why you should almost never bother with a woman over 24 years old if you are a bachelor. She will never retreat in her expectations except to quit as the best way to salvage the pretense of amazingly high value. “All men are the same,” she says.

Hint: All things being equal, the woman also wants looks, but what she actually rewards is the look everybody (with a vag) wants. Women equate popularity with attractiveness and so ‘looks’. Only if male popularity is based on looks do looks matter.

If you drop the expression of your cultural value (as you express them in body language and words, but more importantly in body language), she will not have reason to automatically assume you are weak and reproductively repulsive. That’s what women do. They translate what is in the man’s world of wealth management and culture into animalistic terms. They see rank not value. They see natural resources not man-made wealth.

Only WILD alpha traits translate into alpha.

Once not too long ago, a wise economic consultant told us (and I can’t find the video, so this is going from memory): “It’s not you. It’s them!” Maybe it was them adults to include your parents, or them women who are all like that, but his point was that the logically smart thing for a young man to believe on such evidence (as is usual in this propagandistic West), that he is wrong if what he thinks is contradicted by the consensus of ‘everybody else’, is actually opposite to the correct and only sane answer! Most people are sheeple who are fundamentally wrong in their conscious or otherwise professed understanding of the world. The logical young man is eminently correct to trust himself rather than the herd.

Here is the important point: You the rational male are better than ‘everybody else’. If you are mentally operating according to the Reality Principle YOU ARE BETTER! Only when you realize that nearly all of humanity follows the Pleasure Principle and are therefore subpar compared to the minimum threshold required by natural law for civilization and civilized cooperation can you be mentally free. You see, son, your impossibly high and uplifting standards that sheeple can enjoy only as entitlements scare sheeple, and those sheeple cheat and abuse you to keep their narrative dreams alive, and to service their animalistic agendas. No one is naturally better at that game than women, but no woman is better than a civilized man who believes in himself and has a correct grasp of reality.

Women have a capacity for psychological violence. Women want to weed out men to get to Wild Α(/α)™. Their reproductive strategy is abusive and diabolical by Mother ‘Bitch’ Nature. Your job is to emotionally detach, get emotionally purified, and then to offer from animalistic strength the emotional lube of Wild Α™, sparingly because your kindness is precious, in demand. If you don’t, you lose on feet of clay. Intrinsic value has not a fucking thing to do with what is socially rewarded. It is all about social market forces as understood by women who are liberated to become and impose that market. Some men adjust by becoming manginas, simulacrums of a liberated women. It is better to pursue the Venusian arts, cult of personality, and the like. We are cannibalizing each other based on likeability. Let the inferior eat dirt. They can never be part of a rebirth of civilization. Betters ought to feel entitled at winning. What becomes of humanity when we don’t?

Woman assumes men think like she does. Woman assumes men want the woman all the other men want. Therefore, her instinctive strategy is to make you want her, all of us. Yet, she does not want the failure of your beta sperm inside her. She destroys your soul and sucks your labor not your dick. She dresses hot for all guys to get only the #1 α-guy in her pussy. She does not want to miss her big opportunity because Wild A™ is a very busy man. For him it is raining pussy. If she sees him, she must convert immediately.

Women are so inferior that bonding for life requires every bit of bonding and intimacy value a woman in realized peak form has. Life-bonding ability occurs only at or closely after puberty and only in a social environment of patriarchal authority and expectations. In the wild, relative status and absolute standard of living correlate so well that women are designed to conserve mental capacity and energy and just go by social trends. Every woman without some overriding neurosis strives to be the epitome of high status. The vapidity of woman is a positive design feature maladapted to a man’s world of culture. The selective pressures on men were greater, and men have mentally surpassed women by a great deal not in terms of IQ but in real EQ and thus in objectivity and thus in wisdom.

All that theory is to explain why women want sex with Wild A™ more than you want sex with them, why in fact they are generally repulsed at the idea of having sex with you and only get lukewarm to the idea on occasion when they each feel like an animal woman failure that needs proof of social value by getting sex with some guy, any guy, who has to be better than the loser husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend that she knows intimately from shared time colored by real-world pressures and thus despises as unworthy seed.

Most men will never get treated like Wild Α™, but that does not mean you don’t invest in yourself rather than others in all of your social interactions. Just knowing others are not worth the chase, the drink she wants you to buy, etc., will save you your vitality and improve your life. Since women grade on the curve, and since your freedom to express alpha traits is limited for obvious reasons of competition (with other men individually and the men as the state) for what’s good in this life, you will just have to intelligently pick your spots and manipulate by impression, dissimulation, etc., just like the sheeple do with you. They like to be manipulated that way, second only to manipulating others that way.

No woman will want to fuck you if you are not the conqueror in her mind. That is the social norm for them. That is what makes them comfortable. The right kind of social pain infliction is a drug sheeple love. Women are that fucking crazy only because man created culture and woman got left behind. Occasionally, a woman will create and believe the you-are-worthy-of-her-vagina narrative before she meets you, but then that window of opportunity is unstable and that is dangerous in today’s political environment. Better to trigger alpha recognition and carry your own context.

Know but don’t show in animal terms that you are better culturally, and lots of your social problems will disappear. It’s not your country. She’s not your woman. It is your life by natural law, but the state claims your life more and more. Invest wisely, now that you know. Love #1. You will be penalized until you do and do it convincingly.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 March 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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