Training for Social Awareness: The Unlikely Profound Example of Mario Lemieux

Honestly, most men are not smart enough to make modern seduction work. I think it’s a great thing. Right now, the sheeple have won, as far as they can care as tools of money alchemists, which they prefer being; but they have won us the opportunity to socially experiment on sheeple, as the establishment does. What Edward Bernays is for them, Eric (von) Markovik is for us. Game is scientific. There is quantifiable math enough. Your change is either working better for sure or that change is not worth keeping: either fix it or forget it. Empirical testing is key.

What I’m learning now is to own myself and any willing followers in the moment. Stay in that moment and bond. The next moments will be much easier.

So do you push hard or go slow? You saw in my last post the video of Mystery (watch it while you can) that Mystery went slowwwwwlllly, but that slowness was actually fast because the female investment makes the close extremely fast and I’ll bet very lustful and passionate. There may be efficiencies on the way to quality, but there are no shortcuts. Today, I was reading “To Pull Hot Girls You Must Make Every Interaction Physical.” He says essentially to go fast, to keeping pushing, to chip away. Principals are context sensitive. I am here to communicate with your high culture self, not the emotive douche who feeelzzz the world is and ought to custom fit to himself. Women are like that: don’t model yourself as a woman. Only model your lower masculinity as the complement to women. Upper masculinity is the realm of philosophers grounded by empiricism. If you are not getting regularly laid and you would like to be, that is a fact. Why would you pretend the world should, ought, and is? Your dick and I know the difference.

Don’t fear this philosophical discourse. Fear staying the same, and then stop living in fear altogether if you can. Fear is just a good warning system for concerns you can address right now but have not yet. Stay with me here. Maybe read this again tomorrow, and be fucking sure to look at the videos like you should be looking over the people in a club. Game is played in the woman’s world, and she is a social player animal.

Men are designed to be masters of physical violence: women, psychological violence. Since your grandfather abdicated your natural right to wield violence as an enforcer of culture (relations stewardship) and wealth stewardship, you are left to play on the woman’s field of psychological violence. Even an orgasm is painful, but in a fascinatingly wonderful way. Ejaculation is a violent explosion. So if we loosely use the term ‘violence’, we see the gray shades of manipulation that could be subjugation or cooperation, fighting or dancing.

They say, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” That is for fools. That is an alien emotional imperiative designed to enslave you. Sheeple like domestication, their brand of freedom, and will share it with you like its the greatest fucking thing in the world. If you have high culture potential, if you are not a natural sheeple, that is a toxin. Some humans are bottom feeders of the ocean, some are eagles of the sky. Unlike a fish, you can’t endlessly take water into your mouth without swallowing it. Form is function, and your mind is flexible and adaptive. Behavior is therefore conditioning.

In a social situation, you might be the most physically power person there. In an animal way, such that there is little loyalty, the toughest fighter is king. If you were the leader of a country with an armed guard, you would be the most physically powerful person in the room, even though you would be far from the toughest fighter. If you have the advantage of sovereignty or otherwise de facto physical supremacy that the wild alpha male would have, then, yes, it is much more efficient to use physical violence, to include all gray areas, intimidation, athletic awe, etc.

If men were men, fathers and husbands would be able to hit women for corrective purposes and it would hardly be necessary. That is not the case today. The risk of getting in trouble with organizational authority is very high. You don’t want to become a scapegoat, a George Zimmerman caricature. Yes, a woman wants a man who can and will fight FOR HIMSELF. What women want is not important unless they can impose their will or unless you wish to harness that desire for your benefit. Women bluff authority over others all the time. It is tedious. If you buy the emotional imperative, you are a pussy. Always remember: Might makes right.

You definitely must convince a woman that you are capable of physical violence both physically and mentally, and in a way the is centered on your welfare always if you want that woman to sleep with you. However, there are serious limits to demonstrating that convincingly. More and more we are forced to use psychological violence a la woman. It is not all bad. The dependent sheeple want and in fact demand and require leadership to tell them what to do. Superlative control is the hallmark of that authority. Control mechanisms are a mix of the physical and the psychological. Being aware of the narrative and what physical impositions are allowed by general opinion of the sheeple is critical. Moreover, control of sheeple opinion is critical.

Women can’t help but be empathetic of feelings, but in a very primitive way. Worrying about the economy is seen as weakness; not worrying about the economy is seen as strength. Replace the direct object ‘the economy’ with anything else, and it’s still true. Women don’t know or care about intrinsic value, which is why any man can be sexy in theory. They only care about the feelings marketplace that they feel. How you feel about yourself and how others feel about you is virtually the only input that matter to how women decide how sexy, or anything else, you are.

Because of establishment domestication of sheeple that is also tyranny of the fully human minority that makes civilization possible, the use of physical demonstrations of high value (DHV) is quite limited. It can never be eliminated from what natural women consider in the assessment and rating of men, and you will have to know thyself on how much you are willing to concede yourself physically, or just let your emotions triggered by fear decide each time the moment arrives. There are political and legal issues there, and I will not advise you on how to deal with those issues. I can tell you that sheeple don’t follow or enforce the law based on the theory of the documentation.

Social awareness as the sheeple see the world is fundamental to negotiating the real dangers in fact not theory, and if you can understand the most non-cultural and socially primitive, that is women, feeding on life at the bottom of the ocean, and since you can understand all of humanity from your cultural level to the lowest level you understand, you will understand all not much philosophically smarter than you. Cultural level is on a spectrum, a continuum.

Social awareness from the perspective of your inferiors the masses is critical to your welfare not to mention your Game. Leaning on physical dominance is using a crutch in the environment of the Decline. A logical man is better than a woman and can out logic the id logic of player woman if he knows with exactly what he is dealing. If you are not playing hard in the psychosocial sphere, you are a looser. That is not my emotional need to judge you and protect my ego. That is a fact of nature in the Decline. Successful politicians are ridiculously successful and honest hard workers are not.

Having ‘balls’ is, yes, very important. The man has to be the man, but my point is know what the fuck you are doing and pick the spots where it will be to your advantage and not your disadvantage. You will only know that if you practice your reading of sheeple, even of the animal part of people with high culture. It is the field of play, animal queues, because the game is an aggregate function of how the players play. Sheeple play by what they see not higher concerns. When in Rome, do as the Romans. Romans decide the game played in Rome. Women decide the game played on the IMF tax farms of the West.

I hope I have not worn you out. If so, come back later when you can give me and you the attention we deserve, the attention that is necessary for your personal development and our cultural success.

Even if you dislike NHL hockey like I do, you likely are able to appreciate the artistry of Mario Lemieux. I was a fan of his team for his entire career, but the sheeple referees ‘letting the players play’ except to punish retaliators who would dare maintain the culture necessary for the game I call hockey, unlike said refs not doing their fucking jobs. I know lots of you emotive animals love the animal drama (and you don’t come here often), but the highlights of Lemieux’s career was in the high artistry of athletics that requires rules and preservation of human body. Lemieux was no grinder to a fault, and he could have won more championships if he had led with more emphasis on grinding rather than pretty counteroffensive goals, but I say that only to be clear: I value physical plowing, but only where it is rewarded best and enough.

When you watch these videos, observe the people as much as possible like a woman compulsively does. Look at the feeelings of the defenders, the awkwardness of their skating, and the responses to being beaten. Mario Lemieux was a great hockey player for two reasons: (1) great hand-eye coordination, and (2) great primitive social awareness.

I know it sounds crazy to say social awareness rather than physical awareness, but stop overthinking away from my points and ponder my message without prejudice. This post is fucking profound. Anyone who saw Mario live saw that he began his bypass moves, several steps, not the setup moves but the ones that got around the defender, BEFORE the defender made the WRONG counter move. It looked prescient!

The only way he could sell a deke out (a fake out for positional advantage to include center of gravity and limbs) that well is to understand the behavioral nature of his targets. He knew what they wanted, and he sold it. His moves to bypass involved several steps that took seconds, and it was almost like Neo in the matrix.

In the first video (“Mario Lemieux—Le Magnifique”), you will get the idea. Look at the replays for the competition of body mechanics. Look at the body language and the implied or visible facial expressions. In the second video (“Lemieux’s Goal against North Stars”), you get a breakdown of the ninth goal from the first video. Study the breakaways from both the perspective of Mario and the defenders ‘beaten like a rented mule’ carefully. If you can’t get this, women are running circles around you, as I explained in Why Stupid Is Outsmarting You, my most popular analytical post, second overall only to my informational post on the notorious Mr. Mark Minter (which is sad, as it proves most men and certainly most women are not rational NTs, not high culture, not able to learn Game with proficiency, not able to be progressive in the natural world).

Slow down and observe the details, especially the ninth goal against the Minnesota North Stars. Try to observe a key and fascinating detail before I explain it to you.

Did you notice from the first video that Mario Lemieux was a dangerous scorer even while falling off his skates?! He was ‘aware’ of opportunity.

The replay in the second video from the 1:05 to the 1:14 has a very telling moment 1:07-1:09. For those two or three seconds, Mario does not touch the puck. He knows the nature of his target defender. He is not worried about the outcome with the puck. He assumes the defender will kindly extend his left leg and avoid touching the puck. That is the only way he can win, by coordination with the defender. He did not power through with stick glued to puck: he had powerful finesse. Power without control is nothing. Men who are not mentally primitive, not bound by emotions that are proxy to instincts or the control of others, can think abstractly and create sophisticated control that is uplifting by conscious design. Just look at the leverage of a fiat credit economy. That is what you are against, and that’s the Game. The question of who gets uplifted, and what sort of uplifting is sustainable, I hope you already know.

Pushing forward definitely is important for a player’s development but in the right context. If the player has not seen where he has been on the field of play and relative to others for the pickup to that point, he has no good business pushing forward into more darkness. I have had terrific ass grindings with chicks not giving a shit about me and totally uninterested in later physical touching. If grinding with a man is for women a marker of social superiority, women want to grind with the highest quality man possible just for status whoring in the moment. I was a prop in those situations. Escalation built on sand rather than stone means nothing. Sure, grinding is fun; but get more investment and DHV. Sometimes less is more.

Pushing out of your comfort zone does not necessarily mean to push superficially upward. Holding a frame when a bevy of females are deciding whether to accept or reject you, via the coming official response of the one female you want, that dwell time under social tension is where lots of guys fail. As your instinctive attraction gets better, you get more opportunities, but not easy ones until the Game becomes easy. The bottleneck for me, as I think about it currently, is social awareness and composure necessary for leadership. The man leads the woman to sex, and leads her friends to acquiesce or approve.

But don’t listen to me.

Lowbrow Hero thinks, no feelz, to himself: “Fear? No way! I reject fear. I’m not a scared little boy. I’m a man! I plow like bull. Right here, right now. What are property rights? What are politics? What is being duped? Fear? No way! See, everyone? I am not afraid.”

There, I actually wrote to emotions not reason. Is that bound to fail? Have I tried to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, or have I encapsulated rational medicine in an enticing candy shell that ego can accept as a bribe? Big boyz of life do and don’t much care for candy. The bigness you cultivate in yourself is up to you.

Yes, it’s shaming language but in mock form. Shaming language should never work, so can we harness the alien shame imperative to destroy itself one AFC at a time? I doubt it, but then I doubted women were amoral manipulators; so here you are, in my social experiment. May it serve the needy of high cultural potential.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 15 April 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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