Analysis: Spot the Solipsistic Projection

Two days ago I posted an invitation to play ‘spot the solipsistic projection’. This video was the field of play:

Here is my analysis:

  • 3:25–3:45 – She says don’t start ‘a conversation that’s too general’. [Translation: Too sublime above acultural animal instincts. That’s good advice like the eye contact.]

    “I came here to party. I want to dance. You know, I came here with my friends and you’re just in my space.” [Translation: You are presumed to be a loser brick in the wall (great odds vis-à-vis getting inside her…) and you don’t deserve to be in my space. Your goal as the man is exactly to be in her space not to comply with her role as inviolable beta goddess making the rules and breaking them at will.]

    “If you’re going to talk, just say something funny and short. [Translation: Entertain me and leave. Works for women, with the innumerable men they won’t fuck. Your sexual goals are different in the wilds of female liberation. Go long if you can, sometimes with long interludes but time is a critical ingredient of emotional investment, a.k.a. female-to-male attraction that hooks. Your time is your responsibility, so next rather than be an entertainment clown unless there are no other targets to woo and the effort is for your skill exercise not laying her per se.]

  • 7:00–7:33 – She is there for dance therapy. [Translation: Dance is her go-to first shit test, cuts out the riffraff. If you can’t talk with body language and make it look easy, she figures the sex won’t cut it or that you can’t fight well or both. Notice she expresses this as her personal preference, which is admirably straightforward.]

  • 8:53–8:58 – She definitely prefers the funny guy over the cool guy, after a big long ‘ummm___’. [Translation: The direct and succinct translation of this requires some prerequisite context. A world full of funny guys (betas) is better than a world full of cool guys (alphas) because her selection process becomes no work at all and she in fact enjoys the safe, sterile attention. Women need only one sperm supplier, but more non-sperm provisions are always welcome. Peacocking is about opening funny by first impression to prove being cool. The cool guy is the one that gets into female space. Krauser: “My mum said it reminded her of James Dean. … Lest any of you think I was destined to be this cool from birth… The transformation from Chodey McNumbnuts to the current vintage of Nick Krauser was a painstaking and consciously-implemented process. The whole purpose of this blog has been to chronicle the change.”]

    [Notice the reaction of our host Mark Sparks (patent pending so don’t even try to call yourself that).] “Really?” [Note the tone of voice and posture that gives away his disbelief. It is really important to NEVER show your true unfiltered emotions by body language. Body language is read instinctively and then consciously perceived as feelings. Keep your outward feelings and your inward emotions separate and let them be equivalent only if it suits your purposes, the way truth will sometimes suit the devil or women. If Mark buys into her ‘authority’ as a liberated woman, he will à la psychoanalysis create an emotional imperative, made of superego, what of the mind models authority, and that emotionally intimidating imperative will sit there in his mind as a control port for the more able sheeple to manipulate. I speak from experience. Inside yourself, call bullshit. The source of our beliefs should be remembered as much as the beliefs themselves. Private revolutions of mind are all pro and no con.]

    [Notice what could be her reaction to Mark’s reaction of disbelief. She gets all choked up having to explain herself to be convincing. Is there recollected bitterness of rejection from the formerly welcoming cool guy carousel?]

  • 12:30–12:49 – “It’s not you. Guys need to realize…that *gulp*…um—just like myself [and women are always talking about themselves if possible, for higher rank] going to dance auditions let’s say [let’s] musical theatre, you know, there’s so many excellent dancers out there, um, but you know the director always looks for the specific [you mean like guys who dance well and contain superlative sperm?], so just because you don’t get the role—same with acting…” [She is either a professional dancer or seriously trying to become one, which means her life is (or was) dance, and yes, the competition for the dance carousel is stiff and relentless as well. She wants to be the dancing queen. Her alpha would make that happen, as her fairy tale goes. Meanwhile, back at the communal DNA ranch, female instincts are still female instincts.]

My conclusions are: (1) keep the talk and the whole interaction short and sweet only if your pitch fails and you therefore have a better use of your time, but always ration your time to best uses, (2) don’t think dancing is the way to win her sex because it is not the way to win her heart, meaning to hook her interest, and (3) don’t think being cool is less than being funny, unless your masculinity needs the laugh not the lay, as the coward would rationalize. People have needs but generally only men have the agency to supply human needs. You don’t have to be perfect to be better or more deserving or successful. Take not the hypocritical standards and sheeple to heart.

A fundamental tenet of modern seduction is to go by what women (and sheeple) do, not what they say they do or believe. That alone will set you apart from and somewhat above the sheeple. From there it is a matter of applying the scientific method in this lab of female liberation.

I really liked the content of the 101 episode of the Men’s Room, with Cajun on the topic of attraction. It is an incredibly solid review of getting through the first third or half or so of the f-close journey, to the point of instilling a sense of personal connection that is license for building physical intimacy. Hooking is prerequisite to a woman becoming an asset for intimacy at all. Your mother is hooked on you simply by your being the fruit of her womb. Lovers are a means and children are an end, so don’t think a woman’s romantic love is any more stable than any woman’s love is real about your intrinsic worth. If women understood intrinsic worth, they would have cultural and moral agency.

Apparently, Cajun is a high-IQ rationalist who learned Game quickly. This has major implication within the next 50 or 100 years, the way Christianity did in the hardening Roman Empire before Constantine made spiritual bishops into state governors of the Christian masses. Civilized men will realize en masse the need to get sheeple out of their high culture way, because they can. The question is: Can rational NTs reach critical mass? Can evolutionary psychology rally together a crowd of true philosophers for the first time ever? What percentage of the population is enough? Ancient Athens came closest to having a philosophers’ culture, but the masses just don’t get philosophy, or red pill. Athens was regulated by pagan orthodoxy that admitted rationalism by limited degree determined by political vicissitudes. Those emotional imperatives creating sheeple cohesion are comforting in a cruel world of massive individual irrelevance. Only in recognizing irrelevance is a mortal free to find his true individual relevance in the evolutionary scheme of things. Genes and memes be damned, so they may be ultimately better culled and served.

I belief a personal nuclear family is a means and not an ends for a high culture man. Low culture men like animals don’t balk at sloppy seconds, thirds, etc. A high culture man wants his sexual property and then to move forward with his producer mission to lift his humanity higher and higher, to stand on the shoulders of his ancestors, to live in the present for himself, and to set a worthy example for his children to not live for his children’s children but for themselves, to receive and have and pass on a legacy of progressive excellence. But then civilization falls because all the insider children are too precious to fail. Family is a means not an end for the high culture man. Humanity is the winners of recent natural selection. The selection game now is tax farm animal relativism. Play to win. Winners will decide the future and live better in the present, so why wouldn’t you play to win?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 22 April 2015

P.S. You could come across the recommendation to drink your own urine for health reasons. Waste is waste. I would trust medical science over bro science on this one. You are a man. Use logic to your advantage, just like feelings. A high culture man has a locus of control in his cold, wonderful logic.


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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