The Value Myth

Living memory alone does not make for useful history. The time scale is too short, and the ‘black swan’ event is a surprise to the drones of public opinion as a result. We live in decline. This is regular but not ordinary: throwing away an unrivaled wealth of culture and material resources because we are spoiled brats.

We live in the churn on the tax farm. ‘Value’ within the churn is never grown. Animals don’t have property or property rights. Everything is subject to change, to a vagina’s whim for expedient advantage, and player men who are just players have adapted to government force by wearing pussy goggles.

What sickens me is that most men don’t aspire by mere conception to make civilized patriarchy and force others to adapt or leave or die. Total mental whoosies. Adapting totally to female animal social norms is a no value proposition in the cultural and wealth dimensions. These norms are in fact unusually perverse for that very effect. Energy to stay warm, cool, or get where you want to go is evil. Producer husbands are unfashionable compared to Daddy Gubbermint. Women accept beta courtship for little more than being the star of a wedding after the cock carousel has moved on.

Women are liberated from their survival instincts beyond natural proportions to pursue their reproductive instincts. Thus banksters make culture war with ostensibly clean hands. If a woman knew her welfare depended on the welfare of a husband, not only would she treat men better but women would ideate value more realistically, by being faced with survival concerns an animal can understand. Since a woman and her bastard children don’t frequently starve, she needs not be humble even in pretense. Undeserving bellies are satiated more than the deserving, and liberated women only understand value in terms of scarcity vs. abundance in the marketplace of public opinion. Her material abundance of necessities is guaranteed by living memory and alpha government, so it isn’t worth anything more than proof of her having higher status than beta producers as leverage for getting the alpha sperm donor she deserves.

Value to a liberated woman is anything that raises or consolidates her higher relative rank.

We hear about demonstration of high value (DHV), instant value demonstration (IVD)—but especially endearing is the lovely bullshit of one-dimensional PUAs in the know: “Be a giver not a taker. Have abundance. Have the abundance mentality. Provide value. Don’t spend money or pedestalize or be a nice guy, but provide value.”

Most guys with 10 years PUA experience are wet behind the ears about history and masculine potential. They think like women about value because they live and breathe for the woman’s world. That is expected given the systematic control the globalist vermin have in preventing truly valuable men from creating their little worlds of synergistic value that adds up to freedom and value that can’t be so easily taxed or snuffed out. The TEA party is working within the system like Men’s Human Rights Activists (MHRA): losers. Shay’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion and the strikes of the late 1880s are beyond living memory and current public capacity.

There is zero constructive benefit and no net positive to churn value and sheeple freedom. There is no return on investment (ROI), there is only a redistribution of pecking order and resource consumption. When you are a ‘giver of high value’ among sheeple, it is only winning a stimulation contest. Politicians ‘give high value’ every fucking day in my country and any Western country you live in. And the net result: decline.

Women are the consummate sheeple. Value for a woman is manipulated and monopolized public opinion, the creation of an unnatural group delusion entirely disjoint from reality.

I want you to realize your full masculinity, lower but upper too. Women are resources to fulfill your sexual needs of lower masculinity with as little cost and trouble as possible so you can pursue your entire potential given what human cooperation is and is not possible in these times. Now if you are the dumb animal man, fucking chicks is basically all you need to ponder in your day. If you are a savage, you might also want a grass skirt that holds up wash after wash. If you are a high culture man, you might want to get your philosophy right to get the compass of your life right and to find value, real value, in your character and resourcefulness if no where else in this fucked over global economy. Sheeple are a means not an end. The end is your quest to explore, identify with specificity, and realize your potential in this world as it suits you, and to do it like a man. Pay (barter, trade) for it by providing sheeple the illusory credit they demand and require, as the überJudiac credit swindlers do, because the game chose you and natural selection matters.

Why not learn to use sheeple for your propulsion through this life, become a mobile player or sorts, and see if you can find a few quality men to be your cultural brothers in mental arms? Value? Let the sheeple be happy, even help them to be happy if it does not injure your purposes, but don’t take them seriously as intellects. Since the creation of material value requires property rights for producers, being a material minimalist is a good idea. Culture and cultural brotherhood by the civilized are the first riches that make dependent material riches possible. Strive to become valuable at all the cultural levels, and know with whom you are dealing. Don’t get suck in to get sucked on. The sexual availability of liberated women is a virtually perfect measure of a man’s lower masculinity. The splendor of upper masculinity only high culture men can perceive. We are not better in practice only if we overvalue our inferiors.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 23 April 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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1 Response to The Value Myth

  1. Gruesome says:

    This is where it all goes wrong… Everybody talks about value theory without anything concrete to chew on (from this article).

    Create value. Yeah, genius. How? You know, figure it out (after some high-faluting philosophical bullshit).

    I’d go with the following: Step 1: Read your King James Bible cover to cover to set your philosophy straight. 2. You are what you eat. Grow as much of it as it practically possible. Move out of the city if you must. 3. Plan out your day the night before to do those things you have thought important to your strength, health, happiness and freedom. 4. Make a living by making something real and selling it. If you can’t do it on your own, hire more people and create your own system to lead and manage them. 5. Make your hands expert. Make something amazing to look at. 6. Choose one way to create beauty in your surroundings or for others and be very good at it. 7. Be entertained, amused and enjoy life.

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