Bad News: You’re Still a Mangina

I was reading the Return of Kings article “Woman Films Herself Sexually Harassing And Assaulting Men” dated 24 April by David Garrett and did not finish it. I care about my mind and what I put in it. You ought to be on an information diet. About halfway through the post I decided to evaluate the damning evidence myself.

This is what happens in the video “Kiss Me NYC” with Farah Brook: a pretty and young woman uses a seductive ploy to offer men a make-out session. Good Lord. There is nothing wrong with that TO YOU! Live in the truth, the real context, not how things ought to be according to you. Stop thinking like a woman! you mangina.

Guys who don’t practice PUA in the field will not recognize her respectful distance calibration. She got close enough to dismiss all fears of rejection the target (usually a man, lol) might have, and she stopped with enough space to avoid all, even incidental, contact even with most if not all of her breathe, which apparently was never a problem so all of it then. The targets shown were given a choice, that is offered a choice, empowered to use her for affectionate kissing.

All women have the ability to act according to their manipulative instincts. What is scary about her is that she did it on conscious purpose for a planned performance, she sublimated her instincts for an abstractly reasoned long-term goal. She could really turn on the O-face with a touch of innocence, as I hath foretold.

In fact, take it as a lesson in PUA. Each interaction shows her sociopsychological ‘balls’, more than most Western men individually possess. Some social context would have lubed the friction of resistance. With women, the need for an emotional connection is much greater; however, her approach resulting in a successful kiss close at the end is well done and an exactly correct approach/effort/technique for a k-close. I think she needed some social proof and a happy video ending after getting a pile of rejections for the yucks.

She wasn’t seriously trying for the kiss with her tongue out like that, meaning the facial expression that gave meaning to the tongue sticking out. Tongue out could work, and I’m sure master PUAs could demonstrate a public k-close that way. It’s the meaning of body language and the social narrative that counts. Tongue out is like an adjective intensifier, and whether or not that intimacy offering is intensely good or bad depends on context and composition. PUA is science and art.

Usually, especially for men targeting women, it will take more preliminaries to make a k-close attempt socially calibrated and socially acceptable, rejected or not. If target does not demonstrate a loss of trust or interest to continue the social interaction after a rejection, the rejection probably means keep trying and prove that we both have higher value. It takes a good read or some luck to know how soon to repeat the kiss offering. Feelings provide information about the body language in real time.

In the correct venue with women under 25, her last pickup is textbook. Granted, it is a lot easier for a young woman to k-close a man, but it is textbook escalation to a kiss that men can use on women nonetheless. Picking up at a Spring Break beach party is technically the exact same sort of thing she did for the kiss close in whole: Declare your interest in body language, and with proximity both take away the possibility of rejection and require a positive act of reciprocity (and investment) for initial physical intimacy and to demonstrate you don’t need her to be complete, that you are in self-control, and that you are not a threat.

Did you notice she maintains the amorous-for-a-kiss frame and does not validate the target’s rejection as anything more than a pause to reconsider? You need to be able to read that, playa. She keeps the offer on the table, both by not retreating and not overdoing the O-face intensity. Only after he could be drawn in did she turn up the O-face so that it would in fact draw him in. He had a choice and she helped him make it by being considerate. That is seduction. Using physical force and intimidation to initiate physical intimacy is NOT seduction. Yes, a man must stand up for himself to be taken seriously at times. Pushing women’s faces into your crotch by the back of their heads with one or two of your open palms, not so much (unless she has enthusiastically consented to rough sex and your dominance like that).

Of course, for the sex close (f-close) at a Spring Break party, you would add some roving hands, get fondling compliance at least as far as breasts and ass while getting fondling reciprocity, and then lead her by the hand or wrist (but make sure she is smiling!) toward your sex location, assuming you have one nearby. Otherwise, you must additionally discuss logistics without killing the moment. A chick will start to freak out and think about the cons if she has to wait without stimulation too many minutes, and of course your reassurance with convincing body language is key. Easier said than done, I know; always be willing to next, assume the sale, etc. Let me repeat: Brook’s k-close on the last shown attempt is textbook. She was boldly confident, there was no discussion, and she sold the instinctive fun with her O-face. Would you say no if a chick looked at you like that? Don’t lie.

The hardest part is believing it could be that fucking primitive and simple.

There is also a cultural reinforcement for the bold animal move. Every young woman believes it is her destiny to be princess of the world. Every woman wants the magic movie moment (MMM) when her eyes meet with a handsome stranger, he knows there is a special connection and instinctively moves in, touches her, kisses her, sweeps her off of her feet, and she loves it because he is the man that knows how and recognizes the special snowflake (for tonight, only the sperm matters instinctively) that she is. You are either the leading man of #1 sperm or you aren’t. There is no kinda pregnant or kinda welcome to enter a liberated woman’s vagina.

Now the fact that Farah Brook’s display of affectionate interest was for the camera negates the empowerment of the target to use the seductress not in it for the experience with target, but it’s high time for blue pill pretenders to understand that being in public automatically means you might be video and/or audio recorded. No one wants to be used like a bitch for the camera, and that is the only fair objection to Ms. Brook’s shown engagements of people; however, men must take risks, public risks, and show competency or we men deserve to fail. And women are always at least as good as men at everything, so no excuses for women as targets. There is no way around it per natural law: A man (or any full citizen with top-tier voting rights) should not be so sheltered and feckless he can’t handle this situation.

Of course something weird is up. Dah. If it is so wrong, stop watching public videos on youtube (what the fuck with their newly disabling the embedding of video here at WordPress?) and everywhere else, you hypocrite. Healthy culture and society require that we all are subject to approaches and entreaties so we can make win-win value exchanges and have win-win relationships, even with people we never meet. The indirect connections are more powerful than the direct connections or we would have stayed in small packs like our prehistoric ancestors, but you can’t effectively work the indirect for an absolute net good (given the Nu Wurld Oder, MSM, fiat money).

What CH Roissy (it’s dated to 2007) says about the Jumbotron test for texts, that’s pretty much true for everything you do in a public place. PUA field work is about behaving in a socially skillful way that makes your public scrutiny an asset not a liability. That is not always possible, of course, and with the properly forged inner game you don’t let your behavior cascade liability. You cut that shit off by not giving a fuck, by letting it go with the penalty. Pay the smallest price possible but get the social embarrassment over with and recover to demonstrating high value and expecting social reward while helping the vicarious sadists lose hostile interest.

The referenced post and many of the comments there prove that the tax farm indoctrination is quite efficacious and internalized in most ‘red pill’ men: that clone army I told you about. The appeal to government that distinguishes the disgusting nature of the MHRA is part of the Manosphere as it is in 2015. There is something to be said about PUA with hardcore empirical testing in the field. Mangina beliefs don’t fly in the field.

If you are upset about the possibility of kissing a stranger, seriously? You have not adapted to the exogenous reality of your life.

You are culturally homeless.

Before you can make a home worthy of your high culture values, you must embrace your animal self and strengthen those feet of clay you have. This shit has to get torn down. Women are not the cause of civilization so don’t look to changing the female sex for your answers. The cart goes in front of the horse. First, the unstoppable juggernaut of corrupt globalism must decay into fecklessness before able men can create something better.

In the meantime, this is the times of your life like it or not. Will you live well in reality or keep chasing a horizon with unicorns and fairy dust?

In the meantime, do you have the ability to create a better order. Do you have the fellow patriarchs with whom to conquer the coming void? Do they and you have functionally correct and viable values that will empower you to create a world more to your liking and not to the liking of sheeple?

In the meantime, are you making the most of yourself and your opportunities?

If you are in denial of what external social value is available to you, you deserve to suffer. The truth is online and available for free, and it won’t stay there if the global establishment can help it, so take advantage of the golden age you have and stop being a pussy. A real man is first and foremost his own country. Loyalty from such a man is the kind of bond (and bondage of a sort, we are all slaves to nature’s evolution) that makes the kind of partnership that moves mountains and mountains of pussy for the better.

I refer you to the Triune Brain Model and exhort you to get out of your (alien) emotional imperatives and get into your id and your cold, calculating logic as your master and locus of control, respectively. Your emotions should be your assets not your liabilities and some sheeple’s assets. If you choose bonds with relativists rather than honorable absolutists, you are a slave to humans and you are subhuman. Rationalists are absolutists in so far as they wisely submit unreservedly to the bonds of mortality but never in blind faith to the bonds of morality. Propaganda is called many things.

In short, it is stupid to want government (an organization of people no better than you) to decide the rightness and wrongness of every deity damn fucking social interaction. Many of you so-called red pill men bought the frame and defended it by conforming your express opinion to its premises. Fuck those men. The overhead of government validation is unaffordable, which is why you are being drained for all your vitality and giving the elite and their weaponized useful idiots a great ride while the party lasts.

Any man not high culture material is an evolutionary dead end as far as I am concerned, and we don’t have endless time and resources to refurbish degenerates. Evolution has a far more efficient way of doing things, and I accept that. I don’t want to assist in the reproduction of garbage people or values, and I don’t respect anyone as fully human who does even in some roundabout euphemistic way. Physical reality does not operate on euphemisms, and pleasure principle drones will never get that.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 24 April 2015

P.S. Player or Creep Alert: The k-closed male gently moves his thumb around Farah Brook’s chin, and throat? Might I guess the scene ended there to make it as long as possible without showing a turn toward unpleasantness? Obviously, he wasn’t intimidated by the situation, and it did not look like he was aware of the camera (unlike some of the other targets who definitely were).

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I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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