Analysis: Roosh Meets the Wizard Image of Oz

The short analysis: The curtain was not pulled back to show the vile pretender.

I just watched the Roosh segment on Dr. Oz, aired 28 April 2015. These are my raw thoughts. That means they are unpolished and that lying and dissimulating sheeple will dismiss my ideas and misrepresent what I write here from my recollection, in my opinion, to further the untenable and ruinous primacy of their sheeple cohesion narrative.

You can probably watch the segment for yourself. I am not directly linking to it because we don’t need to conveniently present information about who we are and how we might continue this culture war. This is a URL to try by copy and paste:

Empathy will NOT heal the world, as Dr. Oz indicated. Dr. Oz is living, or pretending to live, in La La Land. He was in this performance a propagandist, intentional or not.

What we are mentally determines what we do, and what we do determines how good we look with the genetic opportunity we have. By syllogistic chaining then, what we are mentally determines how fat we are and how attractively healthy we look. What we look like has implications for how we feel. Fat people are under physical stress for carrying all that weight around. How we look determines in no small part how we are treated and the opportunities for cooperation and resources we get.

People who abuse food to feel good rather than to admit that they are food abusers are mentally less for doing so.

Obviously, there is bidirectional causality between what we are on the outside and what we are on the inside. Any doctor who denies that publicly as a credentialed doctor is committing malpractice. If that were not true, explain holistic medicine or the placebo effect.

“Are you committing malpractice, Dr. Oz?”

There is obviously interplay back and forth between what we are on the outside and what we are on the inside. That is so basic that it’s denial tells you all you need to know in a social interaction like that.

Sheeple go by the logic of rhetoric not the logic or laws of nature beyond instinctive human nature.

Dr. Oz said Roosh was hiding behind his computer while Roosh was right there on set in front of his cameras that were turned on. It was a total lie. Roosh only defended. He did not counterattack. Why? A good response to his obvious lie would have been to say, “Stop slandering me. I do videos that are publicly accessible. I have made myself available on your show at your request. What is your evidence that I am hiding? Why would you slander me?” Roosh never turned that rhetorical weapon back with all the supplied energy of momentum Dr. Oz gave it as a rhetorical strike on Roosh. There was no punishment, no reason to not try again.

Rhetorical contest requires quick timing and exact counteroffensive targeting.

Roosh never attacked the rhetoric. He responded with logic, but the logic that Dr. Oz presented was just a manipulative front. How can having no health standards of eating behavior or fatness be better than having health standards? We all are attracted to healthy people and are repulsed by unhealthy people, which is normal!

Dr. Oz presumed the authority to assume that he himself was mentally healthy and that Roosh was mentally ill. I would have challenged that implicit assumption and his authority. His premise on empathy was easily attackable.

Dr. Oz called Roosh a bully, but all the bullying I was by Dr. Oz and his venting heifers who are inferior minds and certainly lack intelligent realism in their opinions on culture or politics. How can a nation of, by, and for the morbidly obese survive? much less be happy and well?

Image the rich opportunity this segment was with all the sick premises that Dr. Oz was defending in a logically perverted manner.

“Dr. Oz? Are you against fat shaming? Are you against shaming in general? You said you think I am mentally ill. So why are you shaming me as someone not worthy to be on your stage. Is that for my own good? [dramatic pause, then press harder] First you said I was hiding while being here with you on stage. Now I’m not good enough to be here. You call me a misogynist, as if women should be immune to criticism. If you think women are as good as men, then why should women who are failing to provide sexual value for men, a necessity of civilization and culture, be immune to criticism but men like me are righteously subject to your vitriol? You are not practicing what you preach! You are not being empathetic! You are bullying me. I will not be bullied. You are a coward placating the establishment and the masses, who are mostly fat tubs. You are promoting subjugation by promoting the weak over the strong. I am better than a weak-minded fattie, and I am better than you. And more honest.

“Your documented proof that fat shaming does not work is a lie. Does not work how? For whom? We have to save everybody? The more you try to save everyone the more you ruin everyone. You are a propagandist destroying what’s left of a former leading civilization. To say fat shaming does not work is to admit there is a problem of fat, and yet you call the identification of anyone as obese unacceptable fat shaming. Is the destruction of this country by ineptitude something I should champion like you?

“Women are not equal to men. If women are not good wives, producer men don’t produce. Women are sex objects, and they want to be sex object. Look at the commercials you run on your own show. Look at the billions women spend to enhance their beauty: not just workout equipment and gym memberships, fake eyelashes, fake cleavage with push-up bras, fake shapely figures with deceiving clothing, fake breasts by surgical means, fake complexions with makeup that is no fun to wear, fake height with high heels, and fake value with fat acceptance. It is by evolutionary nature that women are sex objects competing to be the most attractive sex object in the world. These mentally broken fat women have failed in their own minds, have given up, thanks to guys like you. That’s why they are pushing for a free pass on how unhealthy they are on the outside and the inside. Why would you encourage women to not even identify their urgent health problems?!”

“You do not have the right to invite me here and then harass me with your feelings of offense for my being here. You are the practicing bully, and the coward. I have a healthy point to my shaming of fat people, you are too fat and the problem is so systemic your fatness is hurting me. Where are the good wives, the nuclear families, the wisdom of men passed to their children. You want government and the MSM to raise children and childish adults!

“And why are your feelings more important than mine? Because you are selfish. You are allowed to express contempt for me personally. I express disgust with morbid obesity and the obvious mental failings of those who abuse food as an addictive drug, your pet food junkies, and you are defending food junkies for being food junkies. Why don’t you defend misery by name while you are at it!

“All you are doing is asserting that being offended or expressing hostility is acceptable for politically correct purposes, and unacceptable in opposition to politically correct purposes. Your function as a mainstream media puppet is to brainwash people into sheeple, or conquer people with empowered sheeple, for ever more centralized control by the establishment. You are either a coward or an opportunist, or both, and I don’t think much of your character or your mental value, doctor.”

It is long past time for seductive rhetoric. Got political Game?

The good news is that this outing by Roosh was an improvement over that by Julien Blanc, which actually was good in that it was a start. Roosh had moments of composure, but he never went on the offensive. Facts are not offensive to sheeple unless you can make them stick.

The game was rhetoric. Playing to not lose…you know. Are players afraid to offend women in real life? No. So where was the blowing up of these shit tests? Where were the negs? Where were the illuminating reframes? So we have had two PUA masters get beat up. WTF? How knows rhetoric better than a thoroughly field tested and theoretically bullet-proof seducer who has routinely bedded those irrational creatures we call women?

We don’t get much practice at being on MSM. That is why we need to develop our theories and practices now. The field of play is a bit different, but it is also largely the same. I think if you think about it, you will see that you already know what to do in different terms we all know and love. The trick is to translate what we already know to the MSM environment. It is time to stand on our principles by using rhetoric mercilessly. Our enemies have been for a long time. How much more abuse will it take to stop taking these sheeple as people discussing adult issues in good faith? Do you look at an HB10 as better than you?

You may ask why I don’t show my face if I have these great ideas? seemingly all the answers. I admit I am a loser in this life, and if I can find gainful employment, I want it. I don’t need the headwind that I can’t redirect into my sails for my purposes. I don’t need any more shit for what I am trying to achieve right now. Furthermore, head on confrontations with sovereign printing presses are generally foolish, but if that is your path, certainly make it count. There are some working rules to the game of MSM seduction, and they can be exploited if we are only looking to spread the word of rationalism based on evolutionary psychology and perhaps monetize that service. Look what Protein World did by standing up. Half-measures will not win any public perception battles, worldly gentlemen of government-poached collectivist poon.

The goal on any stage for us is not to try and redeem all fat sheeple or sheeple at all. It is to rally people to civilized standards, to cultural and philosophical standards, and to want to implement them one day when we can. To function in this world of sheeple, we must manipulate them. Sheeple are the playing field. If you are not manipulating sheeple, sheeple are manipulating you. Relativist vultures of churn are what they are. Make the most of what your opportunities are. If you find yourself on the propagandistic front lines, I suggest you dare win the actual game being played. Sheeple only respect superlative authority, the biggest winner. Next time, for any of you in the public limelight under rhetorical attack, show me a pile of broken feelings so high a man on a horse can’t look over it.

Don’t show me a stack of papers you are obligated to read for homework. If you give up physical self-control to the will of another, you are a slave. That is the essence of psychological abuse: alternative physical manifestation in the abused. I have already covered the Voluminously Denying the Antecedent strategy, and this is a classic case. “See. I’m a doctor and I have more proof than you can analyze and disprove. Therefore, your fat shaming (the antecedent) is wrong.”

If you don’t know how to defend in rhetoric, at least defend in physical self-control. I would have said no and shoved the papers back at him and hoped that I would have some rhetoric to back it up. Even if I did not, sheeple respect superlative authority. A physical demonstration of autonomy is always important in seduction, and in mental health, i.e. inner game. I admit the fear under the lights can ruin a man’s composure. We must be sure that we DGAF! Still paging the red pill messiah.

“If fat shaming does not work with those fair creatures called women, explain to me why women routinely lose weight for their wedding pictures and then let themselves go indefinitely once they are married. We men with self-respect require women of net positive value, or we don’t want women at all. We don’t like being forced to carry parasitic women by taxation, legal requirements, propaganda, by anything. Not good enough.”

The great news is that masculine sanity is a message that the establishment can no longer ignore. All successful social movements transition through this stage, which is not a future guarantee but it is a positive sign. They can’t ignore us, and they are avoiding the stigma of using overwhelming violence, for now. Their level of desperation is the level of social darkness, and their level of comfort is the time remaining before the dawn.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 28 April 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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3 Responses to Analysis: Roosh Meets the Wizard Image of Oz

  1. armenia4ever says:

    The rampant cognitive dissonance of our culture is insane. On one point, we shouldn’t shame anyone – unless its culturally acceptable and cool to shame them. That would include supposed racists, bigots, “phobes”, ect.

    We shame cigarette smokers for bad health choices. Why not the same for people who make terrible choices for their diet and lack of active lifestyle?

    The same people telling us how bad it is to shame other people also want an expansive welfare system to pay for the medical bills, which are going to be quite a burden on the rest of us. If they are effecting us so directly, shouldn’t we be able to shame them?

    Considering heart disease is directly contributed to by obesity and is the number one cause of death and of resulting medical bills, shouldn’t we say something about it? (Perhaps yet again in the commercials we direct toward smokers?)

  2. Gruesome says:

    Roosh should have done his background research and discovered two weapons to carry to this interview: Dick Masters and Maria Kang.

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