Individual Fitness Evolution, Part 3: Mood Enhancing Attraction

This post is related to Part 1 and Part 2 insofar as approaching physical fitness from a perspective of personal authority within the latitude and leverage afforded by evolution and the laws of nature. I mistakenly left text on the end of my previous post “Women Care Not What Words Literally Mean” that I developed into this post and meant to be treated entirely separately.

If you are looking for a magic pill, you won’t find one in this series. All I am doing is presenting a framework that I am using. Sharing it with you helps me clarify to myself what the hell I am trying to accomplish. My body composition is still a work in progress, but that’s fine as far as it’s out of my power to take success. We never finish until we are dead, and I want the best I can do for myself without presuming what my limits are. I think you will see from this post that adapting to liberated women by revision of lower masculinity involves physical fitness. Evolution did not select for women who did not take the physical or mental aspects of primitive masculinity into account. Nevertheless, the idea that women care instinctively about a man’s look and not looks is not compromised on little bit. The cultural aspects look funny to them, so don’t share cultural truth directly. Filter and translate into the stimulation for the response you want, as The Man. It is not unlike explaining life to a young child with brain development that permits a partial adult understand, that awkward in between of adolescence that, I think, is unnecessary with great parenting, philosophy, and culture. So much shit rolls down the conveyor belt hill of the generations. We begin.

Physical fitness and mental fitness are tied together and women are acutely aware of it in a subconscious way. It is up to the man to lead if a woman is to yield him value. Women follow the market of feeelzzz; they are chronic empathizers to a fault in a cultural environment. How you feel about yourself in body language is, I think, the largest determinant of how a field target feels about you. Because women only want the #1 penis to visit their herd unionized, AWALT vaginae, you had better feel fucking fantastic.

Disclaimer: This next bit about biology is only a layman’s working opinion, what might be called bro science. Your life is your special snowflake situation, and I have not taken your needs into account in this post. I write for me and hope to help people who are like me.

The trick, I think, is to shift out of the sympathetic state to the parasympathetic state. The sympathetic state is the fight-or-flight condition meant only for short bursts of physical activity for the escape from or use of violence. We aren’t allowed to solve our problems with violence, and I’m sure most women voters are happy about it.

The hormonal processes triggered by the sympathetic system tear down the body over the long run. Sheeple in chronic stress resort to quick burning carbs and the resultant elevated blood sugar to maintain their bodies’ demands for energy and activity output. They never consider the demand side of the equation and seek to drop the caloric demand of the hormonal fight-or-flight processes that pack on the visceral fat. Sometimes less is more.

There is a reason women are attracted to men with a vital vibe: it’s vital. If it didn’t really prove you were a better man (in terms of the lower masculinity), it would not be attractive. Therefore, great vibe and seductive attractiveness in general is conceptually simple (once discovered) but difficult to embody. Ever wonder why people with 6-packs are stereotyped as shallow?

In effect if you care slavishly about what others want, you get the body nobody wants.

I suggest you take your meditation seriously. I have just reached but hardly grasped a third level of proficiency that I think is about to open seductive doors for me. The stages of proficiency that I have experienced are: (1) mental narrowing into calm, (2) psychosomatic relaxation shutting off the sympathetic system, (3) mood enhancement. For psychosomatic relaxation, the key target concerns are regular and relaxed breathing and the elimination of involuntary muscle tension (which is substantially accomplished by regaining relaxed respiration). Psychosomatic relaxation is entirely physical relaxation in terms of the goal ends; only the means involves the psyche: I could have called it ‘physical relaxation’, but that would gloss over the importance of willing it and empirically observing the results. A state of regular, relaxed breathing and no clenched voluntary muscles is likely the parasympathetic state, which is what you want for fat loss, muscle gain, happiness, and seduction.

What you measure you manage, so track your weight daily (I suggest first thing in the morning). From what I can tell, the goal is not to control your weight but to develop the ability to control your weight. I can put on 1.5 lbs or lose 0.25 in one day. I can’t simply keep going with a quarter pound loss each day. The body’s homeostasis prevents fast change. Figure out where your plateau is and press down on it indefinitely, allowing for ups and down, and see if your body will make an adjustment. The goal is to bend your metabolism into a new shape, not to break it only to have it reassemble according the same, old blueprint.

Mood enhancement is weird. It is almost like taking a mood altering drug that works in 3 seconds but might stop working at any moment. Ever notice the emotional weather of popular people who are not famous? It’s like that. My attraction value seems to be going up, and I think mood enhancement is the biggest reason why, as a guess. I think cult of personality can make a lot of unforgivable beta sins forgivable, so I am starting to admit to women the less pleasant aspects of my life circumstances. The reason is to simplify the logistics of sex. If I enhance my social circles, that’s a nice gain on the platonic side of seduction. If my hypothesis about Wild Alpha is correct, such admissions would make me more congruent with the alpha archetype as judged by women, assuming my presence is top notch. If my persona ain’t conducive to failed sperm deliver, it ain’t me.

When you enhance your mood to a high level, you enhance by body language osmosis the mood of the sheeple gathered around you. That makes you the boss.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 28 April 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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