Broads, Savages, Barbarians, and People Create Different Social Orders

This post was triggered by my reading that a feminist political party is a special interest party. More blue pill must go. Let’s dig all the way down. This is your treatment session.

First there was evolution, before writing and history, before politics, before elections. The fundamental is intelligent design not the political circus that is NOT real politics or a determinant of political policy. Useful idiots do what they do per intelligent design, and the combination of government taxation and regulation and fiat credit alchemy is the mechanism by which those useful idiots are liberated to subjugate us all.

I know this is not rational in a naive way, but logic per evolutionary trial and error is not logic per rational design. If you realize most people’s logic is to masturbate to a personal pleasure principle not to be consciously progressive in actual reality, you will see the world of humanity for what it is. Sheeple are logical in their own special and contemptible ways.

Humans use their affluence to create an environment fitting to their cultural level regardless of whether they will become richer or poorer in the process.

The ghetto trash in Baltimore attacked their own city generally. That city is their economy, their means of support, and they trashed it. I don’t know or care to find out what they targeted exactly, but they did not target their ostensible or plausibly just foes, the six police officers implicated in the death of Freddie Grey. They targeted property and humans that were just there and convenient.

Women use their means to create a wealthless animal existence.

Savages use their means to create a poverty-stricken, bloodline-centric tribal existence.

Barbarians use their means to create a stagnant, kingdom-scale caste existence.

High culture men use their means to create a rational, honorably competitive and productive, merit-based progressive existence.

Because evolution does not rest or take a straight line upwards and onwards, women are masters of primitive sabotage, and wholly incompatible with real progress. So are savages, and so are barbarians to less extreme degrees. They all follow the pleasure principle because they don’t have the decency to show you or themselves their true intentions. All but the borderline barbarian can’t even know his true intentions, his cruel selfishness and stupidity, and he doesn’t want to know.

What the Baltimore ghetto trash was doing strategically in reality per intelligent design was to intimidate all who would want anything other than the tribal environment that would make those savages feel comfortable.

Their targets were not those who allegedly killed Freddie Grey. Their targets were me, you, and everyone else not like them. The more charity they receive, the more help they get, the more affluence they will have, and the more they will tear down their cultural superiors or otherwise aliens and any wealth that is the fruit of superior prosperity.

You might want to skip to 0:50 in the next video: “Real talk: What Baltimore residents think of the unrest” from CBSN.

0:55–1:00 : “I don’t think they justified, but I feel as though they feel a little bit even.”
1:00–1:06 : “It’s about time people understand what we go through in Baltimore.” [Translation: Gimedat. (Women can spin anything to gimedat.)]
1:14–1:28 : “The community has been neglected for a long time and what you see is frustrated people lashing out.”
1:30–1:38 : “You can’t let these businesses be in our neighborhood without supplying our neighborhoods what we really need, and that’s a job opportunity.” [Getting warmer, but more abstract depth and breadth is necessary.]

It seems to me that the Obama administration and other elements of the establishment could be intentionally creating the conflict between police officers who are to impose absolute control in a crushing economy with military-style force and mental delinquents who lack philosophical insight and so civilized culture. We know that the Obama administration supplied guns to Mexican drug cartels (Fast and Furious scandal). We know if Obama had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin, a far cry from evaluating the conflict between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman on ‘content of character’ or Obama’s white heritage. The message from President Obama is the same disguised message to civilized producers.

As a reminder, as primitive as savages are, they do have culture at all because they have the stewardship to keep up a cluster of six or eight grass huts miles away from other clusters of six or eight grass huts. The real animals wear lipstick and have a sophistication for wealthless creation like only those who train themselves in the art of modern seduction can fathom.

Why would you care what dishonorable humanoids feel and ideate? It’s just toxic swill to grease their actual strategy according to the reality principle they don’t understand. The more they make you sick, the more they get what they ‘want’ per intelligent design. If they were aware of what they were doing morally, they would cease to be competitive in this world. They would be helpless, and organisms have a survival instinct to avoid that situation at all costs. They also have reproductive instincts and women use men per the alpha fux/beta bux strategy.

A wake of broken men who were the best potential producers alive brings women joy per their AWALT pleasure principle.

The hordes are competing 24/7 for their impoverished and stagnant orders that will or will tend to exterminate high culture men. Why shouldn’t high culture men dare to win and put humanity on a sound, truly progressive footing and vigilantly cull this antiquated and needless misery from the gene and meme pools as if our lives depended on it. The material techniques we have to abuse ourselves are too dangerous to entirely fathom the possibilities. The high psychosocial techniques, the technology of culture and thought, are the only means by which the means at the disposal of humanity can be used for any lasting happiness and goodness.

You are starring in the mortal combat of cultural organisms composed of mobile, distributed cells called humans.

I know I am better than the uncivilized, and better fit to rule. I can’t rule myself without conquering the cultural inferiors and keeping them down. I’m better and I’m worth it. The little people think the same thing and teach you to defer to them. I can’t blame them for being what they are.

Can I rightly blame you for not being as good as you are on the inside? Are you better than the ineptly indignant? Are you worth living for yourself not despite your cultural superiority but because of it?

Seduction today, reduction tomorrow.

Yours in patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 02 May 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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