What You Didn’t Learn From Richard Dawson This Weekend

So I studied those two Richard Dawson videos and I noticed the social content management he was doing. He framed aspects about the contestants, giving women their attention spotlight. He added his performance aspects. He selected and paced that content to calibrate the ambient social mood of the group for fun, fun, fun. Successful game show hosts, hee, don’t just moderate the game of the show: they direct the show of the game.

As fans of Spiderman and Stan Lee must know, with great power comes great responsibility. We often talk about authority as dominance but that is a superficial and immature way of looking at authority but moreover our potential in the big picture of this thing called life. Consider Roosh’s clown game and try to tease apart the desirable elements from the undesirable ones. There is an aspect of fun and direction, but it becomes a chore for the director to be the sole entertainer. I think we can learn from Richard Dawson about making others part of the performance by directing.

We know from history and human nature that military might alone is not enough: there must be the cultural might of public opinion and desire. And we know women only care about superlative authority in terms of sperm acquisition but also in terms of role acquisition. Women are vapid for a functional reason.

The female does not follow authority except to compete for a social position coveted by her peers.

I have yet to successfully apply this to conversation without some context of group participatory expectation. A game show provides context that gives the authority figure and his followers some familiar structure and social content for their social coordination. So does the dance floor.

What I did this weekend was open on the dance floor but not to try to escalate for an f-close. That never works for me. I don’t think you can reach a woman’s emotions or instincts on the dance floor by physical escalation. The physical means more to the man than the woman. Grinding is something women do for social display and attention, not to be with the a penis on life support. I went after the social aspects à la Richard Dawson.

Per the usual, opening women on the dance floor is all about body language in their proximity that is distance calibrated to remove the risk of rejection but keep the right of refusal. An example of that calibration was demonstrated by Farah Brook. The hand-of-god technique is for women by the dance floor. I could not find the RSD video with Owen Cook teaching a student the technique in field. Here is an explanation of the hand of god:

This past weekend, once I was in set, my goal was to provide direction.

The authority escalation is:
 (1) acknowledge all the contestants,
 (2) have fun with willing targets,
 (3) direct the fun, and
 (4) enjoy the perquisites of authority.

If you dance to demonstrate your athleticism or technique and you are not God’s gift to dance, you are being an entertainment money. It is really sad how emasculated (and perspicaciously slow) Western men are. If you fill a void in entertainment content with a few directed spins, two-handed push-pulls, and a slow rocker dance spin, you have led with more distinction that 90% of the men. Use dancing to demonstrate your social skill to lead. Women will congregate around you. Sometimes they will try and steal you away, or bait you…I’m too inexperienced on working this method so I can’t tell you what happens next in terms of like possibilities and correct escalation.

On stage #2, there is a big responsibility there. Sometimes one woman will reject you and her friend won’t. That means you dance with her friend and never be needy or lose positive body language with rejection. Social activity is dynamic, so don’t presume stability of focus or concern. Be vigilant and escalate to stage #3 precisely at the socially aware time.

On stage #3, there are two types of social management. The first discussed here is directing the fun in terms of participant inclusion and exclusion. You have less that a second to decide and act on how to frame each ingressor (one who ingresses). With the mantle of authority comes the responsibility of framing the roles that are pleasing to all concerned, including you. You have a dance scene beachhead with probably one target in particular. She will likely be hesitant to escalate without approval (and inclusion) of her friends. When they inevitably reenter your social bubble with beachhead target, include them so they do not feel like you robbed them of willing target’s company. If you are dealing with a single ingressor, put her in the middle while holding hands with your target. Make a showy game out of it. You must calibrate inclusiveness in real time according to tight situational parameters.

The second aspect of stage #3 involves managing content delivered to the participants to keep them engaged. Once you have passed the group test of acceptable masculinity, one of these women will be the designated partner for you, probably still the original who is still your beachhead on your quest to dominate the dance floor. Did I forget to mention this works way better if some other guy does not already have the focus of attention? It is easier to fill a void in power, and that is the opportunity you have when you have isolated a target with acceptance from her friends. If the interaction is not broke, don’t fix it. Just ride it. But inevitably, there will be a void or some sort. You need to calibrate by adding in some energy. This is where you lead with some simple dance moves and don’t forget the spin. You also need to cool things off if they get to heavy.

You have never had a conversation with this women, so don’t let heavy touching go on too long and create buyer’s remorse. As Mystery said in a video, “It’s the pro who knows [when to roll off].”

Women will see your vagina approved leadership, and you want to snowball that interest and let demand for you create more demand for you. Merging sets or otherwise expanding your set will sometimes happen automatically. You might find yourself dancing in a circle of women. Show poise and dance like you are sexy and they will believe it if you show confidence. Seriously. Then, once you have proven yourself to these women and increased their buying temperature for this content you have provided, you need somewhere to go, you need to direct the flow to a new stage before you fizzle and look weak. Find the most enthusiastic female in the circle and tag her in to dance in the circle. Now you can watch. You can also work the group with calibrated O-face glances, high fives, whatever, but provide value and don’t make too big of a withdrawal of value too fast. Women came to you and keep encouraging that.

It does not hurt to sit down and let them miss you, even your most reliable target. See what interest you might get. Leaving also shows the emotional detachment chicks shit test and love, so at your convenience and pace, answer the shit test while also leaving on a high, resting, and baiting other women to come to you.

Authority in the churn is not only brute force mano a mano, but certainly primitive alphas are made by sheer brute force. That is probably a luxury you don’t have, especially considering the rule of government we have. Proto-politics is churn by psychological tools (usually weapons) within the cohesion narrative, which is why women are so highly evolved acultural animals. Use status seeking and herding instincts of the female to your advantage. If you control situational placement of group social elements, you will have authority in the hearts of women, and we all know that in the post-feminism environment a man almost always can’t fuck any women unless he can fuck most of the women. Grade A sperm is determined by the market forces of feeeelingzzzzz, which is why just about any man can be a stud if only he could act the right way when women are watching.

It is not always practical, of course. Next people and preemptively enjoy other aspects of your life as it serves you. But when you are interacting with women, why not learn to make it work for you? With an understanding of female instincts and forethought about the escalation rules that result from those instincts as adapted to the current rule of government, a man of intelligence can learn how to systematically get what he wants to some degree and absolutely avoid chasing lies. That is my quest and journey. This is my blog.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 10 May 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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