The Neck as a Key to Posture

This post is targeted to men who have been working on their posture for some time. I expect this information is pertinent to an intermediate level of posture, but my experience is only one sample point, so it is just a guess.

Easy to understand is NOT easy to do. What we have with modern seduction, call it PUA or Game as you will, is pretty much an easy to understand description of how to change our beliefs, values, habits, but ultimately behavior to adapt to the nature of liberated women (while trying to work around the barbs of the state). It is a mistake to address behavior alone and not see the complex of mental and physical being that is necessary for the desired behavior, in this case desired posture. Therefore, you will be tempted to read and forget this post. Please don’t do that. Thinking about posture is harder than manifesting or being posture because of all the damn worrying.

Besides being persistent, improving your posture is not hard. If you don’t beat yourself up for not getting immediate results, you are likely to get results. I have been working on my posture from a red pill awareness for three years. My posture has always felt somewhat uncomfortable, just off. At the beginning, looking better in the building window or store front tv screen felt worse. I think we get used to something and call that the neutral and natural position. It takes months or years to get over that, but again YMMV. The palate (preferential taste of diet) is like that. The biochemical momentum of running average takes time to biologically adjust. Moreover, the heavy use of brain circuits makes them strong and likely to be triggered.

I think there are several critical mechanical aspects to posture, and if you don’t do them all, by virtue of the fact that they are critical, no (other) physical adjustments are going to make you comfortable and look good. I have discovered a key element to my posture that I document for myself and want to share with you. When I do this one thing, the other elements just fall in line and I feel right, except for that one thing feeling weird. I expect in time my body will calibrate the kinesthetics to make the new posture element the neutral and comfortable position.

The key element (at least for me right now) is neck position, and it relates to speaking and singing well. The voice exercise from Michael Byc’s brother helped me learn to relax my voice box and let it drop into a lower and wider part of the throat. There the vocal cords have room to be pulled tight for higher notes. If you scream high, you choke up your vocal cords against each other like choking up on a baseball bat. It’s like shortening the effective string length on a guitar by pinching the string against a fret. Nodes are formed by the rubbing, not good.

What struck me lately about the voice exercise was that the neck flattened out straight, more or less. When I straighten my neck out for posture, my neck feels like it is bowed backward, but I think that is just being past the craning neutral position that feels natural to me. The voice exercise also causes the chin to be lowered. Singing with the chin up is a no-no, despite the success of Lemmy Kilmister singing “Ace of Spades.”

What I supposed lately is that keeping the neck and lungs in line with minimum air passage restriction is a good thing. I feel for a sensation of bowing my neck back and keeping my Adam’s apple (vocal box) no farther forward than my collar bone (clavicle). I also think about the articulation of the base of the neck, something I have been overlooking.

When I straighten out my neck (I don’t think necks actually bow back within a normal range of motion), everything else about my posture falls into place naturally. My shoulders are able to relax, and the result is that my chest is relatively sticking forward without having to hold it out that way. Chest out is more about shoulders relaxed, which is back a bit as well as down, naturally.

Less is more. Good posture should be efficient and not require heroically tense muscles. Now it’s the shoulder girdle that relaxes down and back, not the shoulder proper. I believe chest, back, and trapeziuses move the shoulder girdle, which would explain why my chest development has always been bad. Shoulders proper move the upper arms relative to the torso. So move the neck back, then let the shoulder girdles relax down and slightly back. To maintain my balance, my pelvis automatically rotates to lift my genitalia to a salient forward position. That’s right, for all the women out there.

Good posture is not easy with ingrained bad habits, always grown knotted in a complex of thoughts, feelings, and habits. There is a substantial mental aspect to having relaxed but imposing posture. Women are highly selective, and posture is something they go by, so it is difficult to master. You will have to face your issues of self-improvement as they come. Meditation is useful to learn to select and deselect the activation of thoughts, feelings, and muscles. Good luck.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 May 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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