With Women and Manginas You Are Only Better or Worse

I preface this post with the fact that I have never had an impressive surplus of muscles and dearth of fat, and I don’t think supplements help with that unless they are a functional equivalent to testosterone. That’s my opinion. I have never been rich enough and with enough free time to experiment with it all, but if something other than testosterone worked, I think we would be able to pronounce its chemical name as easily as we say Schwarzenegger. There is no doubt in my mind that women rate humans only relatively and that steroids have changed the game on what an attractive male body is to women. Being that steroids are illegal in many cases, don’t expect the users of steroids to tell you they are using it. It is similar to how a woman will never tell you about the private social club of casual sex. You either are a member by awareness and certitude, or you are not invited. That is speculation according to my logic.

Sheeple are pecking order relativists and authority guarantee absolutists. The latter I call the natural sin. This post is about your superior value as a rational man capable of high culture, if surrounded by people who practice that sort of thing. lol

I expect many of you AFCs out there have a hard time getting over the hurdle of not merely thinking but feeeeeeling you are better than sheeple, and what more consummate sheeple are there than women.

Evolution has to widely varying degrees made men culturally better, which is to say better at cooperating. Women, on the other hand, are better animals, better at exploitation and consumption. When women are liberated to ‘culturally’ raise children with their demonic values, they and manginas teach boys of superior cultural potential to trust the meaning of words and to deny and ignore the meaning of actions and of body language and of feelings that we all have. Feelings tell us how we are doing relative to others and how others are relating to us, feelings are a natural communication, and sheeple do NOT want full humans to know how primitive feelings work. This is a diabolical case of intelligent design. Evolution does not give a fuck about you.

Women only learn words sooner than men because they are natural manipulators who understand words only superficially as tool of the trade and never as the language of truth like people capable of purposeful good do.

I, belatedly, gave you the definition of hypergamous market rate: “The hypergamous market rate is the average casual sex value a female places upon herself in terms of the average casual sex value females place on alpha males.”

A very, very important consequence of this, that I conveyed in a tweet not long ago, is that for a woman to want to give you the playground experience of her body (the only way women at large could ever be a net plus for societal cooperation and to society, by taking care of the lower masculinity needs of productive men as helpmates) is because she thinks you have more casual sex worth than she does by two orders of magnitude.

Get this, bro, if the ratio of sexual willingness (on the cock carousel) is 100 liberated and willing women for every 1 acceptable (alpha) man, then the man who gets fucked with any passion as positive value has a relative value that is 100 times more than that of the woman willing to fuck him properly according to her own liberated, by our subsidies and subjugation, mind.

If you don’t feel that you are worth 100 times more than young, hot woman, you will not be getting laid by any women (for all practical purposes).

Keep in mind, women under 25 are hungry for sexual and romantic experience to calibration harden, find themselves, and assess how much (more) they are entitled to extract from men at large. Women over 24 are more demanding, more hurtful, and less valuable; and that wall of plummeting value hits in the early 30s. If you can’t get the younger single women with no children, you can’t do better with older women as a general rule. Yes, there is the occasional past-her-prime layup, but that is not because of you having value: it is because she feels she lacks value by association with a man she despises, has lost her confidence, and either she is still with him (not good for you, though some guys may prefer the hungry sex even with the social risk) or recently detached (very good for you for casual sex only).

You must learn through and through your mind, per the Triune Brain Model, that you are better than a woman for casual sex and for anything and everything not bearing children or being well suited to a career of woman’s work.

All the above is background to give illustrative context to the folksy and funny wisdom of Dom (spokesman for Brosupps) from or via BroScienceLife in his video “Why The Dad Bod Is Worse Than Ebola” (h/t: tweet from @Aurini). Here is the money quote that says so much so laconically with so much humor that it is easily missed by those men of quality potential who are trapped in the alien feelings of culturally and cooperatively inferior others:

So listen, if you want a relationship where each person is a confident individual who betters the other, then cool, I also hate [winnin’ or women?], …which is why I typically go for stupid chicks, typically being always.

It sounds to me phonetically more like he is saying ‘winnin’’ rather than ‘women’, but in the context Dom is advocating being a winner and is thus going for chicks (women) who are less not more dangerous liabilities (to masculine winning). Judge for yourself. Here is the strangely profound video:

Here in the PUA savvy part of the Manosphere, where acute knowledge of evolutionary psychology is perfected by personal empirical testing in the post-feminism wilds, we will esteem this Wilde-esque epigram:

If you want a relationship where each person is a confident individual who betters the other, then cool, I also hate women.

Hilarious except for how true it is. It takes a patriarchy, and by the way, not a commercial cult leader of red pill yes men. Women require and obtain husbandry by their relentless proto-political instincts, and that they get from alpha Daddy Gubbermint in all its splendid deficiencies and excesses. Thank you, police and troops for all that protection as a substitute for my own efficacy and realized value as a man. Manginas are neurotic caricatures of the female mind. The fact that sheeple and the establishment vilify you reflexively and reliably is proof of your superior worth as threat to their inferior, relativistic, selfish, and superficial order and brand of freedom.

Women are not complicated: they are compulsively simple charlatans with abnormal choice force fed by government largess per überJudaic malevolence, and perhaps the consent of your foolish emotions. Bitches need, to avoid fast depreciation and early irrelevance, to be put on a restrictive diet because that is a fundamental given of the environment to which they are evolved and adapted. Don’t emote or feel like what translates to beta dish in the female mind. They will eat you alive and sleep more soundly for it.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 29 May 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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