Relevance Before Calibration

PUA application of relevance is useful to deal with annoying sheeple. Here’s how: behave like they are irrelevant to you. Relevance gives the seducer something to work with for escalation. Natural sheeple are natural seducers/manipulators, and that would be women and men raised in the mold of women.

Seduction requires escalation requires frame requires relevance.

One cardinal rule of seduction is: Don’t show interest until receiving attraction. Evidently, by the sequence of A3 after A2, that fundamental rule of modern seduction originated with Mystery.

I think similarly, as a special case: Don’t calibrate to a target until socially relevant to that target. Doing so explains that mysterious trying-too-hard phenomenon. Instead of trying to accommodate your target immediately, configure to the venue generally but always suit yourself as your #1 concern. The target must choose to be in your frame or you have no business calibrating to target. She is not worth it. Yet, this irrelevance has to be delivered by your effort with an approach that itself shows interest. Quite the fine line of conceptualization. Generic interest? This is a sticking point I am having with the women I suspect put out more. Relatively nice girls will talk to a stranger relatively more readily, yes?

Don’t prematurely calibrate to a target.

Those women who barely pass the boner test, those are the one who give you experience withholding individualized calibration. Individualized calibration requires a specific social frame relating specific social actors. Configuration to the social environment is different because nobody else in particular matters, just the cohesive narrative, which is another way of saying don’t show interest until receiving attraction. Calibration to an individual shows at least platonic interest.

Apparently, as I may infer from the views expressed by more successful others, the bigger the initial bitch shield activation, the bigger the insult response should be and the hotter the sex could be. There is no individualized calibration with an insult like there is or might be with a neg. The insult is calibrated only to the political environment of bouncers, police, your social leverage with people there, etc., which it should be to minimize your risks and maximize your relative social status and appearance as a wild alpha. A socially aware and calibrated insult shows that you recognized a threat to your social status, respect yourself, have no emotional attachment to her (which is neediness) and in fact do NOT care about her in any way whatsoever: great! Thus, she is not in your frame and you have not calibrated to her.

I love when chicks apologize. They never apologize because they were wrong. Young ones will apologize because they have been psychologically broken down for convenience of the shit parent. Otherwise, women will do the exact same thing for which they are apologizing if the same situation repeats itself. An apology after a fitness test or a bitch shield response that she rationalizes as an aced fitness test is aggressive submission to your frame. Don’t accept the apology at face value like a fool. (Been there, done that.) Accept the submission into your frame, by calibrating. It’s a green light. I suggest holding her hand, smiling, pausing, reading her behavior in that moment, and then taking it from there.

A great practice exercise is to configure to your purpose first, to the social environment second, but to also ignore someone. That someone could be a hostile emotional vampire well known to you or someone who just repulses you on sight for sure or an hb who is suitable for a social experiment in an attempt to unlock evidence to her nature. The vampire is someone who escalates to psychosocially abusive subjugation. Completely and mercilessly cut that person out of relevance to your emotions in the vampire’s mind with independent body language and behavior. Don’t even cringe or fidget or express annoyance at all. Nothing but doing exactly what you would do if that vampire were not there, not even known to you. The state control learned from platonic defense will apply to your sexually oriented seduction offense.

Another useful exercise is to apply the Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern. The disease that is the particularly neurotic is, in my experience, much more treatable with the eternal cold shoulder. Neurotics like negative attention and don’t care about relative status, so if you can’t get them fired or otherwise removed by authority, the BSDP will only hit them like a speed bump.

Starve neurosis both internally and externally.

For the short term, I will be experimenting with ignoring and insulting sheeple as counter move in a measured way without emotional motives. Not reacting but thinking in that surprise moment will be challenging. It should not be much of a surprise if I approach a hot babe who has that air of smugness to her. Expect the animal nature of people to be more and more actualized and commonplace. I think maybe I have not gotten far enough from being a nice guy. Not sure. That’s what the scientific method and objectivity are all about.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 30 May 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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