The Drama Haves and Have-nots

We socialize like women. We have jargon for it. We have made a science out of it. We have made an art out of it. And the success of the Manosphere, like the widespread success of Bruce Lee teaching karate, has watered down its profound life-changing philosophy for the viable consumption of the base masses.

Here is your single-dose, cure-all red pill.
You want fries with that?

Women and manginas, which is to say sheeple, crave drama. You know that women always go for the relatively soft target that they can handle, and they lovingly soften those who are as yet too hard to liquidate and consume. Men white knight and ‘serve’ the state in the comfortably conformist, unofficially and officially sanctioned ways. It’s safer to harmonize with the state rather than one’s own intrinsic nature, if the pleasure principle means more to you than the reality principle.

Women, being essentially valueless and without ‘character’, don’t have an internal nature other than vapid meta-nature; and manginas abdicate their nature, something intrinsic, or they are genetic throwbacks not worth the resources they consume.

I have not followed the latest awkward attempts (you’ve seen the promo pic?) to be like Tony Robbins, but no doubt many of you have. Apparently, Roosh has yanked some chains with the idea of post-evolution (“The Theory Of Evolution Does Not Apply To Modern Human Beings,” dated 03 June 2015). Apparently, The Man The Myth made a thoughtful counterargument (“Roosh Ain’t No Good At Book Learnin’: My Rebuttal to Post-Evo Nonsense,” dated 03 June 2015).

I’m just watching the tweets go by, on and on, and finally, today, the need for this post became evident to me.

If you want to know what to know about evolution, read The Selfish Gene, 3rd. ed. by Richard Dawkins.

What I have learned from Red Pill is that women crave drama as a means of ‘stirring the waters’ and energizing their schemes of nature’s original Hegelian dialectic. Women did not stop evolving once men were evolving culturally. Drama is a tool of social relativists. Leadership of sheeple requires drama, and a seducer or player by definition employs drama, sometimes subtle. Call it breaking rapport as does RSD Tim from Australia, but there are winners and losers in a drama-fueled exchange complex.

You followers of the Red Pill blogs ought to know that, and if you are not sheeple, you somehow do. Roosh is differentiating himself like Microsoft did with Internet Explorer vs. Netscape Navigator, and it is the sort of thing that will pay dividends in the short term. Does the long run even matter for Roosh on this? Time will tell, but sheeple move from drama to drama, and the global system is in terminal decline that can’t be stopped. I don’t think so.

Being right with sheeple is not being right with reality in the ostensible way because it does not consider the relevance of sheeple vitality as weaponized useful idiots. I am a total failure in life for having had the civilized integrity of expressing my emotions accurately and faithfully through my feelings, which is to say body language communication. I don’t want that to be your fate, or the fate of me in the future.

You can’t be serious!

What I see is John McEnroe and his disciples on one side and the bait takers on the other side. This drama for the mantle of the Red Pill messiah, like the political circus of the establishment, is a circus but also a magic show. There is a relevant reality behind the irrelevant reality. That’s how and why rhetoric and drama work.

You job, if you give a shit about your life as a man, is to make drama and rhetoric in your life only work as a tool for your benefit and never against it. I see now that my opting out of rhetoric and drama is a fail, a half-measure. I see now that I must learn to orchestrate rhetoric and drama if I am ever to get laid and to get paid in the zeitgeist I can’t escape. Sad but true.

When you play in the drama circus, you are either a winner or a loser. The biggest currency involved is attention. Remember the attention economy? Because we socialize like women, which is because women have been put in charge of us men with creeping orthodoxy and legality, we have no choice but to play the game. Women are players who fear the socio-ecological effect and gravity of winners who are not players: they fear the loss of relative status gains and the comfort of their innate social norms of vapid churn. Additionally, per the usual, they fear the rejection of superlative authority.

Not playing the churn means losing when being played is unavoidable, which has been the case at least since the success of second-wave feminism, circa 1980 in the United States of America. You are losing when women are funded at your expense. You are losing when you can’t be a man openly and get laid. You are losing when you can’t express civilized vitality and earn and keep your job that sucks because the economy has been ruined by the inclusiveness of scum and cancer.

It is not enough to minimize damages. That is only a first step in changing on the inside. It is an important aspect of that thing we call inner game. You must, if you have the audacity to make yourself a winner among vermin that are good only for using, make drama your direct servant. Even just to break even you must make drama your servant and deploy it and gain back what you are losing.

The conscious intent of the sheeple-thespian or the realist-thespian playing you does not change the fact of how it works in the reality of social power and transfer of absolute living standard. Drama per intelligent design or man-made design that is rewarded and repeated is designed well to hurtfully take, period.

In summary, I see a lot of red pill tools out there getting drained of their mental and physical vitalities, and for what? Just who are you living for? Do you even reflect over your experiences in the field? I suggest you relentlessly prune your sphere of attention to your sphere of grasp.

For the reader who would ask the obvious, and for those who might be prompted to think harder downward toward the crux of power instead of heroically ranging sideways across the fruited plain of slavish consumerism, I wrote this for myself, to clarify and internalize my thoughts. Being part of this community helps me, now with declining marginal utility, and not enough that I should follow the drama.

I got what I need to start making myself relevant. The mountain of work in my grasp, a mountain only for lack of cooperation and proper means, is all that matters. There is always challenge before us. I’ve got to get out of this place. If you are a sheeple and I meet you in real life, I will do all I can to recruit you for my benefit against yours. Your welfare is old news.

There is the mental port, the wound of the planted mental imperative. The most adroit players recognize them the most readily. Rhetoric needs a hook point (in mental mechanics not in time). I never though I’d ask you this. I never thought I’d want to be this.

What cause not yourself do you hold dear?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 04 June 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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