Gregarious Instincts

The Slump

In the last week of May my social interactions were poisoned by my creepy feelings. I just felt creepy and uncomfortable, and of course the targets felt it. I felt creepy just talking to a guy who wasn’t creepy, no gaydar alert, etc. Most women that I’ve seen lately are not desirable to me, and I was trying to force myself for the personal development. Didn’t work in terms of external experience, but it did show me I have something to change on the inside. Is my logic off or my feelings?

It is natural to feel arrogant rather than righteous about feeling superior to the masses who are doing quite well for themselves. The arrogance required (until the new paradigm is internalized and socially rewarded?) is cumbersome, and dealing with it is eloquently and systematically articulated by Aaron Clarey in “Society vs. The Individual”, part 1 and part 2. It is some of his best writing, and a breathe of fresh air. It’s what you were thinking but better organized and explicit in fixed words

I am using Owen Cook as a PUA role model: the paradigm. He is not some 6’2″ muscular hunk I could never be. He is a philosopher in praxis. The on/off control he has with such fine granularity is amazing. In some of his more recent videos, say the last four years, he field demonstrates a point after lecturing on it in the field, with all its excitement and distraction, by interacting with passersby at hand with zero hitch or delay. You know your shit when you can describe it and demonstrate it backwards and forwards in a spontaneous and socially immersive way.

Owen recommends studied consideration of flow state and the Reticular Activating System (h/t RSD Tyler Durden free videos). I listen.

The Conjectural Inspiration

After my creepy feelings that I haplessly projected, I was looking for answers. After a handful of days, I conjectured a solution: a child-adult dichotomy.

To connect with children pretending to be adults, be an adult pretending to be a child.

So with that flash of inspiration, I’ve been reconsidering my version of red pill theory. As you know from my previous post, I have deduced having a problem of relevance. By modeling sheeple as children pretending to be adults, a natural escalation map is conceptually manifest. The creepy feelings I have had and inadvertently cultivated in others makes perfect sense. I was not dumbing down my feelings and communication to a primitive enough level. It was like speaking different languages, and the mismatch was uncomfortable because it really is. The incompatible mindsets are rivals. Sheeple don’t know about it by thinking, but they do subconsciously identify the conflict and emote hostility because they are pack-animal relativists who are afraid to exist in an alien social environment.

The goal then is to connect on the inferior channel of the childish mentality natural to plugged-in sheeple. The childlike state is natural to us when we interact with 6-year-olds from our family or friendly pet dogs. The goal then is social immersion into such a state with reciprocity.

Social immersion is a loss of individuality and individual control. The next question becomes: Can one who is adult firstly learn to give up certain adult self-control to immerse into a childish social connectivity and secondly learn to exercise individual control from an adult locus in reason without loosing connection and influence? This is a very foreign mentalscape for this guy, assuming it even exists and fits the child-adult model.

The insults and negative social influence I posited in a recent post to be useful to deal with harsh and hard sheeple social walls may in fact be better handled, in general, by simply acknowledging the pretentious adult status of the set members to create a feeling of safety and of their trust that I (or you) ‘just get it’. Then and only then would the PUA be socially relevant and able to connect, frame, calibrate, qualify target, and escalate.

Triune Brain Model

I have been using the Triune Brain Model as a conceptual guide to assist me in dropping the threatening high-culture persona that sheeple despise in a compulsive, visceral, primal way. Obviously, either I have not been adequately dumbing down my communication mindset and feelings of body language, or else I have a conceptual deficit and dumbing down is not the answer. Obviously, I will need to test this new paradigm of liberated sheeple fundamentally being in their own minds children playing adult to see how fundamental it really is to social behavior.

The easiest thing to do, if the easiest thing in theory holds, is to adapt childish connection to the Triune Brain Model that seemingly has served me well by design and not coincidence in the past. The inconsistency to overcome is that the most primitive mental aspects of the Triune Brain Model are instincts not emotions. Emotions certainly can be sophisticated, as in not the most primitive of mental processes. Should I distinguish between sophisticated emotions and primitive emotions?

I don’t think so. I construe an emotion to be a representative of an instinct or a rational idea and liaison to the opposite mental realm, all to coordinate the mind in relatively unified action. That is why emotional imperatives derived from external moral authority are so dangerous, and by external agency, hurtful. If an emotion is primitive enough that it is hardwired as nature and not crafted by nurture through experience, then it is actually an instinct. I have understood humans to have only two drives or instincts: the sex drive and the hunger/thirst drive. A past experience of mine suggests another.

I went on Spring Break with the youngsters this year. I met some cool guys from Brazil and a cool guy from Panama. They are really gregarious. Not stupid helpful but comfortable socially. I experienced group-think, really group-feel, euphoria. The anchor guy who was very good with women without hardly trying was alpha by way of nonsexual attraction. He was dominant without being dominant, if you can figure that out. His crew, a mixed set of women and men, and I were shoveling a pile of sand around his legs. It was just a silly game. Yes, I was drinking on the beach at the time. I felt a thrill of conformity. That really opened my mind’s eye to why it might be that sheeple are doggedly sheeple.

Thus, I posit the cohesive narrative is supported by instincts. I dub all instincts of platonic social bonding the gregarious instincts. There is overwhelming evidence that we humans are damaged from social isolation. More generally, prolonged psychosocial abuse that maintains a state of terror or chronic stress must be physically damaging:

Corfas and his colleague found, among other things, that some of the changes “produced from isolation are also seen in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.”

It may or may not be that a psychologically abusive childhood creates irreversible brain damage. Good thing for me that I’ve seen some social progress in myself prior to becoming aware of that possibility, not that I am ‘out of the woods’ by a long shot. There is no substitute for social skills in a decline, so no rational man should abandon his social development of sheeple skills too readily or stagnating timidness. Development is about effort at the next thing not effort at a perfected everything. It may be that Owen Cook recovered from a difficult childhood no easier than what you or I have had, so let that be an inspiration.

It follows from the isolation damage of mice and men that we are hardwired to increasingly become during childhood and to be gregarious. If there are gregarious instincts, or deeply ingrained gregarious emotions from behavioral conditioning—which is to say gregarious neurosis that functions with the reliability of instincts—triggering a gregarious, childlike connection with anyone who has reached reproductive maturity will be automatic and irresistible with the appropriate stimuli.

If true, awareness of this innate gregarious capacity would make escalation much easier by having a natural midway social state between unattached, transient social interaction prior to hooking (reaching the hook point) and sexually charged social interaction after hooking.

To wit, does the sexual hook have a platonic starter hook like a primary parachute has a pilot chute to make its deployment more reliable? 🙂

An aspect of seduction I have not seen addressed is utilizing the behavioral conditioning ingrained by the orthodox propaganda. It may be that gregarious instincts are really behaviors of gregarious neurosis. However, propaganda works better with higher IQ, which is put to work for the emotional imperative installed with a control port that is naturally exploited best by the most consummate sheeple. Propaganda also works better on emotionally pliant people, which is to say people of higher cultural value, or the men to the degree their natural id values represent high cultural potential. We should never have let the police take away our authority over women and uncivilized men as gentlemen.

Women, as I have modeled them for some time, are not cultural and thus more primitive than the savages at or barely beyond the threshold of culture. Culture makes economic cooperation in lieu of churn possible. Subsequently, I suppose women are maladapted in the man’s world in a hardwired way that I have called ideurosis. Manginas would be analogously neurotic, men like Bruce Jenner.

Pussy Synchrony Is War on Beta

In practice, the distinction between ideurosis and neurosis are probably not very relevant, except at least in one way: Women are not emotionally damaged by propaganda; savages, barely; barbarians, somewhat; civilized men, substantially. Women get used up emotionally by calibration hardening, but I don’t think the propaganda itself does much. For women, it is the experience that emotionally shapes them like virgin snow. Men can unlearn and relearn, and must to be successful in a winner-take-all-contest; women find themselves quickly on a one-way journey of adaptive serial pregnancy.

Women experience propaganda primarily by what us men do and don’t do as a result of the damage to us by the propaganda. Moreover, women are naturally psychologically abusive, and their shit tests and mind games are natural building blocks for propaganda. Women opportunistically adapt to the social environment and, as evident by their periods, automatically synchronize. I think the reason for this is so a group of women can better compete for alpha attention during their individual windows of fertility.

I think associated with instinctive menstrual synchrony is the instinct that she wants to have casual sex with the men who have recently had casual sex with her closest girlfriends. Anytime you get causal sex with a women pulled from a set with her girlfriends, you should anticipate and mentally prepare for the opportunity for causal sex with those girlfriends should you meet them sans their girlfriends that you have recently casually fucked. The casual nature of sex with a woman’s girlfriend I think is key. A beta man fucking his wife does not trigger pussy synchrony instincts because those instincts are designed to thwart beta men.

The Childish Taker Reigns

My fundamental guide of late has been: What would wild alpha do? I will next be experimenting with a childish aspect to wild alpha. Children, as we all know, do not always play nice. Women are attracted to men who childishly give and childishly take. As adults long acting like adults, we have been conditioned to only play nice. I posit that conditioning must be superseded with a new conditioning installed by oneself. Any emotional imperatives of universal morality will prevent you from earning anything but abusive treatment from sheeple; and you know that, or this essay will do you no good.

Take with an air of both authority and childlike innocence. Moral implications of any sort imply culture, and culture is patriarchy, and patriarchy is oppressive: don’t be oppressive. Taking with childish indifference is not oppressive, apparently.

Testable Conclusion

The hypothetical strategy then, to get to the point of escalation being possible, is to sequence through the relevant elements of ‘pre-escalation’ in a socially aware and congruent manner:

  • (1a) Disarm or even presumptively validate the insecurities innate to being pretend adults—noting pussy is astronomically overpriced so also overrated per government force physical and psychological—for the entire set but especially the target,
  • (1b) Disarm the potential of hostility to your perceived low value by assuming a confident but non-threatening position of higher value by two orders of magnitude and so also greater authority,
  • (1c) Handle any hostility immediately with calculating confidence that DHV—like always, could be a fitness test or repackaged into an aced fitness test—and finally,
  • (2) Connect to the set but especially target by switching to an immersive, childlike state.

Per 1a, start with this rhetorical question (as you should remember) to your target:

Target, what cause not yourself do you hold dear?

Per 1b, don’t seek rapport, assume rapport and release rapport (h/t RSD Tim video) as if you have 100 times more value. Chasing rapport is a clear display of low animal value. As RSD Julien said in a youtube video, “Lead, don’t chase.” Tonality is key, as is not bothering to reach in an awkward way. Fuck it. You don’t need little people when they are all over the place.

The idea then is to connect to the inner child to release the wild woman. I posit women have gregarious instincts to a greater degree than men do and to include types that men do not have. Do I know this gregarious adult-child model will work? No fucking idea. All I know is that if other men can figure out modern seduction with years of work, so can I. This post helps me get there. I hope it helps someone else.

It is real easy to measure success and failure in defeatist digital terms, which dictates that most field efforts will be abject failures. However, women are extremely sophisticated animals, and they look for replete congruency. It will take time for a man to unlearn and relearn himself and learn the various social aspects women hold dear. Only once all the critical elements of a sheeple-subsidized social interaction are aligned for success will success occur. Running blind like that makes persistence at Game hard.

You will unwittingly do various things right for a while and then wrong for a while as the vicissitudes of your life change. Those heretofore unexplainable ups and downs are causal and explainable, which is why the downs are opportunities in disguise.

This journey ultimately has to be individual. The next best thing for you to work on now will not be the best thing for me to work on now will not be the best thing for me to work on months from now after the influences on my life are different. There are too many fucking unknown and uncontrolled variables that women instinctively measure.

For all I know, I am burnt out on field testing and need a break. Since I came up with a new idea, and since I don’t want to fool myself into validated failure, I won’t take a long break from the field, target poor as it is, so not worth tons of concentrated effort. I will give myself time to internalized my new model by pondering it for this week and meditating to put myself in an immersive, childlike state. I will visualize myself doing well in the recent social interactions that I let become awkward.

It’s a plan. Work the plan. Repeat.

Happy experimenting!

Friday Night Field Report

Good news, brothers! I was the most attractive to women at large than I have ever been. I did not get any f-close or k-close. I got two number closes with the target pushing the #. Was fucking easy.

I was dancing with a bride-to-be. The touching with each interaction on the dance floor was progressing. While I am dancing with her another female walking by holds my hand while she was walking. I decide to hold on and see what happens. I mean wtf?

She reaches her ‘end of the line’ and by holding on to her I tug her. She comes back, bumps out Ms. Bride-To-Be, and heavy grinding and touching but no kissing. Eventually, she leaves for a smoke. I never say her again. She was drunk, at least that’s what she said and she did not much inhibition.

So basically, after seeing the Owen Cook videos on youtube a great video from Australian RSD Tim, I know it is possible to just get it according to the female mind and have her self-deliver the goods and just get it. I definitely worked on the childlike gregariousness. Not only was I playful but I was assertive in what I did not like, as a confident child would.

This strong 7 or weak 8 Hispanic blew smoke in my face. She made it seem friendly in her body language, but she could have blown it away from me. I did not give her emotional value, but fanned my hand at the smoke and showed by displeasure, and then I blew the smoke back at her face. I did not get upset. I did not move my feet. She asked me twice what my job was. I asked her if she was a gold digger and I asked her if it mattered. I knew that for casual sex, which is all the value she could ever be to me, I had to stay in the alpha mold. She gave up on casting me beta and pushed her phone number on me.

After I made improvements to my vibe, I stopped getting asked about ‘what I did’. It is definitely beta tagging, but considering the record night I had and the fact that she pushed the phone number, it’s probably not a regression.

I had my rejections, but the number of women that gave me attention in a way that was sensual if not sexual, I mean anything at all more than platonic, was just plain high. It could have been that 10% or 20% of the women at one little dance club were showing attraction. I almost felt like I could just pick one.

But I couldn’t. I miscalibrated on a chick I had on my lap. I went for a kiss almost right away, thinking that she was ready because we had barely met when she was asking me to lead her somewhere, anywhere toward the other end of the club and away from her friends. She also told me she was drunk and seemed to have a good buzz but nothing crazy. She put the brakes on us.

I am late forties, Ms. Bride-To-Be was in her thirties. The Hispanic chick was pushing thirty. The other two were early or mid twenties and cute but not hot, some extra pounds and short. As I have already thought, age does not matter for casual sex like it does for commitment, and who needs that shit?

What’s new is the connection I got with ‘drunk’ chicks, not that they all were, and not in the usual way of an annoying drunk person. The social stickiness of the inebriated makes sense. A buzz will reduce inhibitions which will free instincts to work. I really think, so far, that there are gregarious instincts, that they are platonic, and that they afford a safe but potent mode of interaction between none at all and sexual negotiations. It seems to be a missing link that I have found. Your mix of missing elements will undoubtedly be different than mine. If the childlike mindset for connection does not work for you, maybe the Christian McQueen’s “I Know” mindset, also for connection, will.

As worshippers were advised at the Temple of Delphi, know thyself.

The part about validating the fake adult to get to the childlike communication channel, I did not do that specifically. I did handle pretentious jousting by not backing down and then either blowing up the set as punishment or finding common ground. That was earlier in the night at a bar. Maybe I was not warmed up or maybe the validation of the fake adult is more complicated than I thought it would be. I thought I could just figure out she was human resources assistant manager and tell her how great it is that she empowers people to find each other and make the world a better place.

Another thing I want to work on is less verbal communication. My thoughts on that could be a post soon. It will be a little more involved that simply talking less. I also want to stop worrying about fitting in socially and being more centered but in a care-free way. Validating or chiding the fake adult is how I care about me more than others in a way sheeple can understand. I am trying to fit on top or not all all, as an alternative strategy. We’ll see. Another post could highlight the distillation RSD Tim gave that is available on youtube. It is very simple and insightful.

So I was hard in the doldrums like I had not been in some time until tonight, and then I get the most general attraction I have ever triggered. I am a bit awkward with it, since I am not sure how to hook or escalate to the f-close. I don’t know what to do on those phone numbers. I am too broke to date, and I really don’t want to invest even my time and emotions into these creatures. I will stay with the mindset that got me the numbers and whatever. I don’t need to see them again. Since AWALT, this is about my development not the pursuit of any specific woman. Done with that shit.

I want sex on demand at my convenience.

Unrealistic? Maybe. I had some kino and some fondling. Kissing is actually harder to get than groping clothed breasts or a vagina, at least with American women in a dance club in America. If I can get kissing, that will be fun of itself, and it would put the happy ending within sight.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 06 June 2015


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I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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