Yes, Sheeple, You’re Just an Animal

The regulating principle of nature is might makes right. That is to say the principle of might is the basis of the might of principles. Don’t get talked out of the one but chained to any others.

When sheeple say we are not animals, that we have drives not instincts, that we have spirits, it’s all bullshit. Sheeple want to cover the fact that they themselves individually are animals. Remember the child pretending to be an adult? They pull the wool over your eyes so you give your parasitic persecutors the hosting of your mosting. Women always opine by proxy if they can, oh, and they can!

I had a chick tell me that a tranny would give me unbelievable oral stimulation. Now why would she do that? Because if I allow social currency to the idea that a fake woman is beautiful and desirable, what does that say about the sexual market value of your average fatty broad with a bad attitude but real woman parts? More importantly, what does that say about the extraction value she deserves from men? I told her that an average nice guy would treat her like gold and she would hate it. Hello, hypergamy?

Women are far more intolerant than men. Call them out but in rhetorical playground terms!

So I thought to myself, hey, wonderful me, I wonder what conceptualizations about gregarious instincts others have made. So I did a Web search. Son, the limited results were simple, either cherry red, or midnight blue__.

Someone at deepdyve wants to sell you the details of “The gregarious instinct.”:

We may briefly sum up the social operation of the gregarious instinct by saying that, in early times when population was scanty, in must have played an important part in social evolution by keeping men [not women or children?] together and thereby occasioning the need for social laws and institutions [and providing the conditions suitable for higher evolution of social order]; but that in highly civilised societies its functions are less important, because the density of population ensures a sufficient aggregation of the people; and that, facilities for aggregation being so greatly increased among modern nations, its direct operation is apt to produce anomalous and even injurious social results. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA, all rights reserved)

It seems men need to be controlled. lol I don’t need to be controlled: I need to control inferior others. That’s what I need. Maybe the term ‘men’ is for all mankind meaning humanity? Oh, the humanity. Secondly, are we to relinquish control of trifling gregarious instincts that don’t go away with cultural existence to the state? Less importance leads to anomalous and injurious results. I can only guess that means less important to individuals and more important to the state. Let the state handle it us? Should be a fascinating read, but I wouldn’t know.

The other writing I readily found about GIs was “Overcoming the Gregarious Instinct” by Milchar:

Taking into consideration the differences between the human way of life and the animal one, we find out that even the superficial features of the rank among humans and animals are not that different.

Bingo! I think I prefer cherries to darkness but especially SATANISM!

Holy shit! This guy ‘Milchar’ is advocating a kinder, gentler Satanism. I do NOT advocate Satanism. It is silly to do so whether one believes in the existence of God or not. We have a term for philosophy without religion: rationalism! There is Jack Donovan and his past, so I guess this shit is going to be seen from time to time.

From same Milchar article:

The gregarious instinct promotes conservation (and wider expansion) of the features that were needed for the best survival tens of thousands years ago, but often happen to be useless and even harmful for the humankind in the present-day conditions. The features needed for living today would be consolidated by the instinct of herd hierarchy only many thousands years from now, when they can be not needed anymore.

As we know from Richard Dawkins per The Selfish Gene, 3rd. ed., evolution is about the smaller replication units before the larger replication units. Omegas are not fated to serve others per the common good of God or nature or state. Fuck that! Blue pill connivances works in mysterious ways. You have been forewarned.

The globalists are hitting you from every angle possible: rhymes with Seems to go back to some crazy Russian research from cold war times, as I recall learning from perusing the website years ago.

Obviously, I am on the cutting edge of Red Pill philosophy, truth, and seduction theory. Stay tuned but test and devise your own belief system. No one can give you an expert opinion. You must earn it the obvious way men become men. Working on your posture is easy if you don’t beat yourself up for not being a pro at it. Make your own way, your own data, your own truth, or you will be fooled.

That which does not kill Western masculinity makes it stronger. Let the sheeple be pruned for all I care anymore. Brothers, we are painting our hearts and minds cherry red. We are the master painters of truth, and the property of the state will again become the respective properties of men. It takes a patriachy, one that is an exclusive club of rationalists.


—‘Reality’ Doug, 07 June 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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