Ethics and Slavery

Hawaiian Libertarian reposted “Starve This Beast” on 06 June 2015. Because I have mental issues, I responded with a comment that exceeds the maximum 4096 characters. It is the following text, not including the tag line.

@Keoni, your functional characterization of the three big ‘foundations’ makes perfect sense. I disagree with the long-suffering approach of Christianity as a moral or emotional imperative, big surprise I know. If you entertain rationalism and, yikes, evolution, you will come to a completely different conclusion as to what will starve and collapse the system. You are halfway there already, or at least you were four years ago.

“But at least you won’t be supporting it’s continued devouring of Western Civilization. After all, even if you can’t effectively starve the beast, that doesn’t mean you should help to feed it either.”

Agreed, but I want to make a case for something offense. By believing, as I know some do, it’s wrong to do what ‘evil’ ‘they’ do, we don’t fight fire with fire. Personally, I think conquest that leads to civilization and prosperity is good, and conquest that leads to the destruction of civilization and prosperity is bad.

If you don’t care about the fight on earth, why care at all? For your children? You either believe in God as bigger than the lives and consequences of all of us, or you don’t. Abraham was instructed to sacrifice his son, which at least by traditional implication established the Temple location. Now if you have a duty to fight, then you advocate something akin to holy war on earth. This is a scary can of worms, which is why you are religious, IMO.

The weak spot in the control system is not the money: they can print that or electronically conjure that infinitely. The limit is the wealth, by its definition of being that which is scarce and in demand so generally useful. In other words, the producers of wealth will fail first. They are the bottom. They are the blue pill-ers, typically evil white men who care about others as much as themselves.

The government ensures moochers can get their jollies on winning at the expense of vilified producers. They get their reality principle cake as winning cannibals and their pleasure principle icing as heroic victims at the same time. And who would want to be like that? Not I!

But I sure would rather be in the moocher’s first-class house slave position than in the constantly maligned field slave’s position. I am better than others, and I am worth it, because I believe it and then let might make right. No more surrender as a nice guy. I say stop producing and pile on the mooching bandwagon to the max. An emancipated but emaciated freedom fighter is not worth shit and will have no legacy on earth, at least from his own toil. If producers do not feel enough pain in staying the same compared to the pain of searching for an alternative belief system, fuck them! Not who I want to have my back in a fight, especially in a fight where women are naturals, in these times before SHTF.

The solution to the Gordian knot is what it is. You and most of your readers know we have an evolutionary stable state, but call it what you will, that will never let the elite fail except last. Paying less taxes is good for the individual in terms of not being robbed and wasting his vitality. It probably means producing less and taking on less responsibility for the welfare of others.

A very difficult part of Red Pill, again IMO, is how disgustingly low blue pill moochers and producers are. You would think Americans would rather have uncertainty and cultivate in themselves the entrepreneurial spirit than to be told what to do and safely have predictable abuse over a life time. You would also be wrong, as of when I don’t know.

Miscreants breed faster on a tax farm than in the wild. Sadly, without civilized standards, without builders being first conquerors, human DNA is more successful with the poor, poor of character, of mind, of cultural value, of cooperative value than with the thoughtful, visionary, hard working, and creative. Here, the human animals are free to act like animals AND get running water, dry shelter with heating, a secure food supply, and fun stimulation with all kinds of technological wonders.

So we have considered the pecking order of failure, and the social preferences of sheeple for an IMF tax farm. Lastly, there is the time factor.

Time is on the globalists side. Behavioral conditioning and genetic selection takes time. The longer this goes on, the more difficult or impossible recovery will be. It will take time to select for highly cooperative cultural value among men, just like it presumably did the first time, and from the time of Julius Caesar to the time of Christopher Columbus, unless you expect creation to just manifest civilization, as might be expected with End Times. I am not waiting on that, but if one should, why fight this at all?

The longer this farming and social engineering goes on, the more quality lives will be ruined (and the more shit lives will be pampered). I say fire the torpedoes and to hell with the consequences. Nothing less that starving the beast will do, and if we see ourselves in the beast and hesitate to protect ourselves and our loved ones worth loving, if we elevate sheeple to civilized worth, we don’t actually have civilized worth, or at least we nullify some of it. We do look into the eyes of the beast and see ourselves. That is a deficiency resolved by inner game work. Willing fodder for the system is the system.

Unplugging is a function of what the system really is. The systemic weak point that will fail first is a function of what the system really is. Who really wants to win in this life? Winning requires human cooperation (and competition), and that requires a team with some sort of us vs. them dynamic, and not necessarily with clean and clear boundaries because of the competition without honor natural to the less-than-civilized who are at least my equals these days.

My faith is in philosophy (as little as possible) but also in the fact of my existence that I simply must play one way or another. My shortest axiomatic leap of faith: I think, therefore I am. I feel pain, therefore I defend myself.

At some point, it’s time to expect everybody else to do the right thing and not rob them of their paths to glory by playing savior. Not your job. Not their definition of salvation either. Somehow, the ugliness of life is beautiful in might making right. War is life. Peace is war already won. Maybe this transitory life does not matter. I don’t know anything except for the fact of my ignorance and my pain at the hands of inferiors that I was tricked into helping all the vital years of my life. No more, right or wrong, come hell or high water.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 08 June 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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