Connection Reality Is Queen

Dear Diary, I had some minor social interactions today that give me reason to speculate. I have a more general and potentially more powerful understanding of instinctive connection with the sheeple. If sheeple are social relativists, and they are, equality is just a lie they use to get more than they would otherwise merit. If you are a person of high culture, if you can sublimate you emotions and instincts to cold logic, you will never be seen as equal in a generic sense either. You are not one of them, and they just know.

Women subconsciously assert it is acceptable for women to be generic equals in a high-status harem, but never is it acceptable for men. Manginas subconsciously known the proffered equalism of women as the equalism of all, and how you screw that up by simply being there.

If you can’t join them, enjoin them.

What I suspect I have been subconsciously doing is trying to connect as a generic equal, but the man of superior potential disgraces himself, in animal terms, by acting like a lesser being. These subhuman animals view cooperative cultural greatness as weakness, as an opportunity for exploitation and a liability of camaraderie. Show them strength, but how?

Simple. Shoooooooow them. This is beyond a simple feeling message with body language. Enter the sheeple feedback loop. Join not them per say but join their social reality and become relevant if not liked.

Watch them watching you.

I know that seems incredibly vane, but in the churn, vanity is life.

I posit lately that women have exactly two primary emotions: (1) pride, and (2) vanity. Sure, they have fear, but that is arguably a function of pride and vanity under duress. Women want relative rank and they want it yesterday. When a woman masks her facial expression with one or both hands, she is hiding the fact that she is thrilled to get what she most desires in this world. She is not trusting anyone to know her ultimate wants because she is designed for the pack wilds of churn where no one can be trusted indefinitely. In the sheeple pack, vanity is the strength of self-interest.

To watch them watching you, you must surrender frame. You must embrace the wild vanity. You must immerse and stay in the flow of the communication channel. It is like being engrossed in a movie or watching television, or maybe sex. You surrender to the alternate reality that I tentatively hereby dub connection reality. It is the social reality of the pleasure principle.

By immersing into this sheeple social reality, you have basis in the game to assert control. There are two aspects I am considering: (1) emotion, and (2) social relativity. Thus, it is possible to exude by feel the emotion happiness and the manifestation of deference to your authority, and I mean simultaneously. You will instinctively figure out what that manifestation is physically. You might expect that she will break eye contact and you will not. You might expect that she will lower her head or move ever so slightly over to give you more space.

Even if you don’t play this game, the game is playing you. Mothers out in public with young children are analogous to fathers with a wife and nonadult children at the workplace of a company that has good cause to reduce its workforce. Sheeple are dangerous like a mama bear but much more selfish and sneaky about it.

Try to slip into a sustained feelings connection with your target. It is not actually intimacy any more than sharing physical reality is intimacy. The feedback body language loop only gives you standing to assert your vitality as the subhumans ideate it by their emotions, by their pride and vanity. What I am telling you is that you have a world of options. Fitting in might not be viable, and might be why you and I have failed to connect and make seduction work for longer than the occasional flash of promise. Time to close.

I hardly watch TV, and I recommend you don’t make an effort to watch TV. TV will always find you at the waiting room of too many businesses, etc. From when I used to watch TV on purpose, I recall that some TV pundit made a comment about 2008 candidate O-bla-bla watching with amusement the people watching him. Maybe that was the time he had the Greek temple pillars as a stage background. I thought it was vanity at the time, but maybe it was genius. Context is half the truth.

The core of civilization does not operate on seduction. Patriarchy does not govern by seduction. Conquest is another matter. Seduction is ephemeral because virtue in the animal world is vanity in the cultural world. Even Alexander the Great ran out of social credibility. It is much easier to conquer than to govern, and we each have our hands full trying to conquer and govern our respective selves.

I looked on the NWOtube but did not find anything depicting O’s virtue of vanity. I did however find some informative videos about seduction in the form of public speaking: “The Speech that Made O-bla-bla President” and “The best speech ever in court? Some say, yes!”

The lessons that can be drawn are manifold. What you will subconsciously want to do is view these videos with your reality frame. I suggest you try to see the replete splendor of life as a multidimensional fabric. Try to see something new because seduction is not about making people what they are not. Try to see how out of many interpretations there can be one public mandate in the now. Try to see how the best leaders are the worst followers, and how a horde of sheeple can only be stayed from mob frenzy by physical violence or by liars who by using psychological force synchronize and channel mob vitality one way or another. There is no such thing as mob rule. Sheeple add up to nothing without demagoguery. Parasites require a host and a host requires a master.

Seduction is about providing sheeple the social freedom to express their vanity as virtue for a price.

Seduction is husbandry without recourse to physical force. Don’t flatter the animals or be enamored of their pack togetherness. You are better than that.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 June 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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