The Ill-defined Neg

I don’t have the money or gravitas to know how Mystery defines the neg these days, but I can tell you that years ago it was not correctly defined in functional terms, and those are the only terms that count.

From a video on youtube, Mystery was seen to say that the neg was generalized into a disqualifier. We have a term for disqualifier, it’s called disqualifier. It seems that negs were originally ‘backhanded compliments’, which implies a socially acceptable insult. The original idea was to lower her relative standing in her mind from above the performing PUA to below.

I wrote about what I thought a neg was in “The Churn, Beta Bait, and the Neg: An Evolutionary Cheat Code”. I have since generalized what a neg is. First, anecdotal evidence to make my case.

I had an intelligent girlfriend. She made me play an African board game. I can only guess it was Kalah. She was not satisfied until I beat her fair and square with her trying her best. She wanted proof that I was smarter than her.

Women only want men who are too good for them.

Occasionally, very occasionally, a woman values logical intelligence. Typically, a woman only cares about the animalistic social variety of intelligence.

So what is the neg of itself? What is it’s function. It is to get laid. It is to attract, in the first MM phase called attraction. A disqualifier merely buys time to DHV. An insult is to hurt. Typically, an insult is to hurt a rival into submissive retreat. Insults do not, as a general rule, create social connections. Women only want sex within emotional connection that stimulates her instincts for alpha seed.

The idea of a neg then is to outplay the woman. Outplay what? Her bitch shield. When a woman deploys her bitch shield, she is using narrative. Harsh narrative. Body language and behavioral cues count. If she is using verbal communication, she is using rhetoric. You, the player, can reframe that narrative however you want with your reply. The challenge is so harsh and intricate that deft words are required, the words of rhetoric. You must move the focus to a flaw in her social judgement casting you as a beta loser. If you handle any social challenge, it becomes a fitness certification by default. Your goal as a player is to appear as a prize animal man. You are never the prize unless you perform admirably under pressure in the limelight.

Women are sophisticated animals. Not only do they want a man who earns more, who is taller, who is physically stronger, and who is emotionally stronger (but in her primitive animal terms), she wants a man who is persuasively stronger. She wants a leader, but only the hottest women can harshly shit test all comers for leadership and maintain high status. A neg is a socially apropos demonstration of rhetorical mastery that obliterates a bitch shield without harming the bitch thereby recast into a harmless and lovable woman.

A neg is a demonstration of rhetorical mastery that moves the negger above the narratively subversive target in the pecking order and ends with at least ostensible social cohesion.

Only the target has to believe she was bested, but women are very sensitive to social cues. For all practical purposes it must be true from the generic animalistic point of view as informed by body language animated by instincts.

If you follow the link above for the original idea of the neg, you will see that Mystery uses the neg only for very hot women. If you are not in the city and you are not regularly interacting with HB 9s and 10s, you don’t need the neg. A gentle insult that is first a deft social maneuver using the target’s momentum is not really an insult. Nor is it actually a disqualifier. It is a qualifier. It turns a bitch shield into a fitness test. A garden variety fitness test is much easier to pass, and the women who deploy them (on us aspiring players) are less physically attractive.

Mystery dresses like a freak because it increases his social relevance. Initially, it increases his relevance negatively, but he becomes the focus of attention and asserts his rank over his detractors, whether male or female. The hottest women are impressed by the extreme display of social mastery. He peacocks to get the hottest pussy, not to impress you.

Know what you are dealing with and use the right tool for the job. Insult or alienate those who are no good whatsoever. Save the neg for a major bitch shield or similar rhetorical trap that applies a label of despicably low social value.

A neg is a rhetorical device deployed to win a narrative contest that acts as a filter to maintain quality social standing in animal terms.

If a social snub or attack is merely a filter barrier protecting high social value, it is an opportunity to grow and reap rewards. Female value is not readily ravaged by the community. Hit on those college girls before they are distracted by the study of propaganda.

I don’t presume the last word on the definition of the neg has now been said. There is no peer-reviewed consensus of the philosophically minded. The social research continues.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 21 July 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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