What Science of Persuasion?

There is little doubt among the natural nobility (the non-sheeple) that there is compliance engineering everywhere. I suggest using the rules of the matrix like the establishment does. Technocrats do not work in isolation. We can take their code and insert our names for Nu Wurld Oder.

Modern seduction by pick-up or Venusian artists is simply identifying the game women play and playing it better. You and I have not scratched the surface of what’s possible. I notice that Nick Krauser sees himself as a Sigma Wolf and figured out that he is using the term sigma to roughly mean alpha without sovereignty, without property rights, without social attachments. Pussy is politics. It will be interesting to see if Krauser grows into other areas. Same could be said of Owen Cook. Eric (von) Markovik seems to be content with the seduction of women. Perhaps he is smart enough to keep a low profile under increasingly anti-male political orthodoxy.

It may take time, but red pillers will do better to deal with sheeple as sheeple in all social aspects. There is more to discover and distill into greatness, I think. Is there more available science right now?

I think it would help to study persuasion techniques and theories devised from other perspectives. I just watched a video that I vaguely recall I watched before: “Secrets From the Science of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin. They run a business called Influence at Work. The video name is not a reference to a book. The video boils down the science of persuasion that can be used in business into six fundamentals:

  1. Reciprocity – You give first and cheap,
  2. Scarcity – Feign social abundance for you and scarcity of your social value for her, her, her, …
  3. Authority – The man has to be the man in a sexually aroused woman’s mind, and the government is working against you,
  4. Consistency – Be or appear to be a real higher value as much as possible, which is ultimately solved by mindset and inner game,
  5. Liking – This is the point of the comfort phase because sheeple are drones of the pleasure principle and can’t actually think, or think in new ways, or love knowledge, and
  6. Consensus – Preselection in PUA parlance.

I am wondering: where is all the science of persuasion? I wonder is it democratized yet? Is it out in the open yet? It will change things when rationalists outside the system can use the same techniques on sheeple that the insiders use à la Edward Bernays. How much of our control grid is conscious design?

Is there a serious work out there that gets down to the business of treating sheeple like sheeple in an objective way?

That is my question to you readers. What are the best sources out there? Are they definitive? I tried to read through Aristotle’s Rhetoric and failed. I have not read Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction. Nor have I read Scott Adams, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. I am tempted by Scott Adams’ power of persuasion to buy his book. Why?

From Adams’ blog post “Clown Genius” posted 13 August 2015:

As I said in my How to Fail book, if you are not familiar with the dozens of methods of persuasion that are science-tested, there’s a good chance someone is using those techniques against you.

Fear is a typical sales tactic. Now we all accept that there is a cultivating of sheeple to stampede to death you and me, but just how well known and researched are these ‘dozens of methods of persuasion’? His later post “Nate Silver Gives Trump 2% Chance of Getting Nominated” adds to the paranoia quite effectively, so subtly. Am I chasing ghosts? What research did Scott Adams do that I can’t do?

A hat tip to Aurini who tweeted links to the two Adams’ posts.

So if persuasion is so damn easy for all the successful people, how do we do it? Success ought to be as easy as being rational if the science is solid, yes? At this point, I don’t think there is a science of persuasion that is plainly defined and accessible.

An excellent essay on the relationship of non-sexual persuasion methodology and our sexual seduction is “Scott Adams On Donald Trump On Game” by Heartiste dated 15 August 2015. His post starts thus:

Scott Adams wrote a couple of short essays on The Trumpening that are basically recitations of core game concepts (some of which are retrofitted from ideas first introduced by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion). You will find many of Scott’s points, and Trump’s tactics, explained in depth in the CH archives.

That book by Cialdini came out in 1984! It appears to me that there is no better seduction science than what we have in our backlash, grassroots modern seduction movement based on evolutionary psychology. The Heartiste post seems to me to represent an overview of the cutting edge of personal persuasion as it is now in 2015.

If you know of anything definitive and concise about persuasion beyond the Manosphere and PUA community that actually made a fucking difference in your life, please bring it to our attention in the comments.

It may be on us to make a general science and practice of persuasion or seduction. I think we are, arduously, doing that. Right now the conscious focus is rather narrow, I think foolishly so. The lessons of seduction for sex likely will apply to competing for real political power. Taking control of you bedroom is political power these days because, as a neoreactionary may have written, you may not be interested in power, but power is interested in you.

There are two homeostases at work on humanity right now. The inner one is the evolutionary stable state of decline. We are trapped in the web of lies and brute institution. However, the matrix must eventually cannibalize itself and collapse. We will see white men less willing to be diverse and more willing to be patriarchal. The pendulum will swing and is swinging the other way because there is the homeostasis of natural selection. Fitness of the sheeple on the IMF tax farm is not fitness of the tax farm in the world.

Evolutionary psychology does not work without objectivity. Leave it to a sheeple to say, “That’s just your opinion.” No, sheeple, I speak of objective fact. Because evolutionary psychology requires objectivity, the white lies and all the rest will be stripped away, and rational men will cooperate and conquer the sheeple. At least it is possible. A collapse in the global economy will allow the best organized violence to win, and I am not sure there are enough rationalists to get together and become a patriarchy. We have not outgrown religion, but I think humanity eventually will if given enough time.

In summary, there is power in rationalism to control the masses. We see that in the global elite we presume to run the Matrix. Technology eventually is democratized by progress. We could be creating a foundation for rationalists to rule overtly, not that we will likely see it. I don’t think there is a ready guide to general seduction in the sense of being generally successful on a sheeple-infested IMF tax farm, or even anything close. Political correctness may prevent technocrats from fully discovering sheeple nature and fully exploiting it. The incompetence has formed a few temporary feedback loops that gave a few sheeple their just desserts already. I’m expecting big, stable, destructive feedback loops: police regularly unable to respond to crime against plebs, deadly mismanagement of engineered systems, etc. If you know of any ‘persuasion science’ works that denizens of the Manosphere could use to dominate in real life, please, what are they? I wonder how alone on the edge we are.

I could certainly use better seduction technology, and I think you could too. Imagine if people could read the Manosphere and then dominate those around them. There is no way to tell, but I think most readers of the Manosphere don’t appreciate most of basic red pill ideas and are not becoming successful by studying red pill teachings. Maybe I ask too much, but then what man does not seek success? I think we could be more successful. I know I could be.

If nothing else, I have mostly convinced myself that there is no handful of manipulation techniques that all the relatively successful people are consciously using. I think a lot of the successful people are just useful idiots who fit the bill that the establishment pays with fiat money and my fucking life. I hate you, Establishment. Still looking for a way to put your useful idiots to work for me rather than against me. Can the elusive art be made certain science?

Yours in patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 01 September 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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