The Next New Natural

Commenter Craig pointed out that in my last post I was remiss to not mention soylent green. He also dropped this quote: “Slavery is the natural state of man.” – Lawrence Shannon (The Predatory Female)

Scary because of how true it is, but there is hope. It is not entirely true. I’d like to ward off the pessimism I can read into that quote. I am supposing slavery means man subjugating man and not merely man’s struggle with himself or nature or to earn his daily bread as the socialists would have it. The quote strikes me as having the blue tinge of collectivism. I don’t let women define me. Hell, I don’t let white people define who I am.

To be precise, I don’t let women define my upper masculinity. That was the point of my poem “The Fairer Sex.” By what liberated women do, they are the perfect gauge of a man’s lower masculinity. Men are the fairer sex, always have been. Having rank-and-file men pedestalize women is great for political control once the rot of government credit sets in.

The Dark Enlightenment is a lot of nebulous, emotive nonsense, but it begins with one very important axiom: we are all not equal. There is no agreement on what the correct political ramifications of that are, but ramifications there will be.

I think we NTs should give ourselves credit for being above slavery as a natural state. We know we can do better than this political mess. Western civilization once allowed for substantially free men, and certainly allowed many men to live without participation in chattel slavery. That’s exactly why it worked so well. It was organized by culture at a relatively high level of meritocracy, not perfectly so but remarkably so. Rather than identify collectively as ‘man’, I regard two-legged herd animals as subhuman. Domestication is to slavery as ignorance is to awareness.

Anyway, if someone has to be masta, and win-lose social relativists are most so-called people, it only makes since that those who can expand the economy as producers should be in charge of the resources, even human labor, even by the unadulterated and unrefined natural standard of might making right. Everybody likes to eat and have the best weapons. Net moochers don’t please without a wealth of suckers. If Western male producers were not such political pussies, we would be in charge hands down.

Humans have evolved culturally, with ups and downs, and we NTs are on the cutting edge made painfully maladaptive by plague-induced decline subsidized by the Western producer against himself, though he mostly believes otherwise. This is a contrived social situation funded by fiat money alchemy and organized by brainwashing. What does not kill Western patriarchy will make it stronger. I think civilization is essentially patriarchy, bros before hoes; and bros not only don’t enslave each other but they fight and kill together to keep their sovereignty and their respective rules over their lives, families, and homes regarded as castles. We the civilized are not animals, or at least not merely animals. Learning seduction is learning about the animal nature of others and ourselves. Conquer first, build second. We, or our forebears, abdicated the first part.

The bond that men feel when they fight for each other in patriarchy is, I believe, the closest humans ever come to the ideal love. Love is a lie women have told since before men became cultural. There is only lust of some refinement, and that can be pretty good if its limits are understood. Mothers hurt sons the most with that lie, no doubt with some variation. A man must surpass his mother or remain a harried boy. I speak from experience.

Cows are not wild animals, are not independent, and are thus not slaves. Bipedal pussy is similar but with the capricious wild streak characteristic of the feline genus. In short, I think human evolution within the role of apex species going any farther forward than modernity past requires the political dominance of rationalism. The glories of modernity as fruit of the Enlightenment were just a taste to what is now possible. The power of evolutionary psychology requires personal intellectual honesty, and the herd animals will never be able to use it. Let the state technocrats research and opine about evolutionary psychology. The one thing they can never champion is that men and women are created unequally. Seduction requires mental inequality, which is why bitches are bitches and player men get laid.

I don’t say I have it all figured out. I don’t. But I can see that if I had the proper field in which to gain the proper practice—and I am struggling to get into such a situation—I would get quite good. Imagine that beginning in the near future men in and before their primes will have proficient seduction skills from field experience and the application of evolutionary psychology for at least nearly a decade. Imagine they have nothing to lose by being players in all facets of social interaction. Cult of personality will be a democratized social science among NTs. Once that is the case, rationalists will take political control and out breed the anachronistic locusts and put the animal sex in its place. The entire solar system will become home once rational human potential is unleashed.

It will be most glorious, but then there will be some other most looming problem. Evolution requires a perfection of instability to force change, to animate life. If humans don’t go culturally forward, they go backward and raze the rotten foundation and allow for another construction. After this second great era of Western civilization, the nature of women and savages will be well documented and understood. Likely the same will be true of credit engineering and social engineering. There will almost certainly be another incline of civilization. We won’t be there, but perhaps our values will be. What we learn today has applications tomorrow. Rational husbandry is everywhere, and it’s spreading. Cartoonist Scott Adams is lately writing about it in his Trump posts in a colloquial way sure to spread and spark a direction of thought in the young rationalist out there. What is natural for us NTs today could become the new standard of man tomorrow, and the gene pool will be better for it. Homoeostasis is everywhere, and eventually natural selection will again be economically sane.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 25 September 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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