Corpulent Crushing Collectivism

As I may have said before, and as I am saying now, there is no depth limit to depravity of the uncivilized inferiors except in time and material resources to innovate degeneracy on the IMF tax farm.

If someone is very fat, that is an indication of being a food junkie and almost certainly of having mental issues. How can someone manage your child directly or, more amazingly still, adult ‘public servants’ managing your child at a public school if he can’t stay under an extra 100 pounds of unhealthy blub? As you know, that’s by design. Such a ‘leader’ is the elitists’ angel of soft, sweet, no-worries death.

In a completely unrelated story—but seeing is believing—in which all details must be considered preliminary…

Chester Co. school district offers few details about superintendent’s absence, ‘personal leave’,” dated 2 September 2015, by Anna Douglas, and from the Herald:

Agnes Slayman, superintendent of Chester County schools, is on “personal leave” for an indefinite amount of time, district officials told The Herald on Wednesday.

Slayman has been in charge of Chester County schools since January 2012. She’s spent more than 30 years in education and as an advocate for public schools, including serving as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent. Before being hired in Chester County, Slayman worked for the Kershaw County school district.

As superintendent, Slayman has led efforts to improve technology education for students and has focused on retaining the district’s top teachers and administrators. Last fall, she was selected as one of 100 superintendents nationwide to visit the White House to participate in a one-day meeting centered on discussing the expanding role of technology in K12 schools.

Slayman is the first female superintendent to serve Chester County schools.

Report: Employees allege Chester superintendent threatened, ‘I will kill you’,” dated 24 September 2015, by Anna Douglas, but from the Charlotte Observer:

Chester County schools Superintendent Agnes Slayman has threatened to kill district employees and has “created a hostile work environment,” prompting more than half of the district’s senior staff to seek medical attention for stress-related health issues and depression, the employees allege in an investigative report provided to the school board this month and obtained by The Herald on Thursday.

According to Bagley’s report, district employees claimed Slayman:

▪ Told an employee, “I will cut your throat out if you ever speak to the board again.”

▪ Made “threatening remarks,” including telling a staff member, “I will kill you,” and “will cut your legs off.”

▪ Said she was “going to kill” a Chester board member.

▪ Acted “spiteful, vengeful, mean, cruel, vicious … insensitive, paranoid, moody, divisive, and hostile.”

▪ Employed a leadership style that was “selfish, vindictive, cruel and bullying.”

▪ Has “good ideas” but implements plans in an effort to be “the first to do something without fully investigating.”

▪ Sent “terse emails” that made her staff cry.

Slayman’s management style, he said, is driven by objectives and meeting those goals – not “people pleasing.”

“She might be more Carly Fiorina than Joe Biden,” Cromer said, adding that she doesn’t threaten people but leads them by speaking up about expectations on the job.

Cromer says Slayman’s recent leave is not related, as far as he knows, to a state Department of Education investigation into alleged grade tampering, reported by The Herald last week. He also said her leave of absence is not related, to his knowledge, to parents’ concerns about security – stemming from the school district’s decision earlier this year to replace sheriff’s deputies with private security guards on school grounds.

As I noted in “The Adaptive Philosophy of the Female Imperative”, the elevation and expansion of incompetence is a physical and economic threat to the system that politically requires it. The elite must have an exit strategy to remove useless eaters one day. Meanwhile, enjoy the schadenfreude, and remember ‘they’ aren’t human on the inside. ‘They’ are expedient little parasitic animals. You must learn to play their game because masta makes it your game through ‘their’ blank slate virtues. If nothing else, within the bounds of physical and legal safety you might try the opposite of what’s not working socially for you and then triangulate. There are platonic analogies to the standard seduction game principles. You will need them.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 26 September 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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