Emote Control Meditation

Gentlemen, you may remember my post, “Alpha Male Mindset,” on using nearly subliminal videos for training. I can’t say that it helped me, but since inner game is iterative remodeling of one’s brain and very slow, I can’t say it did not help either. Meditation is helpful for sure. If it helps a Buddhist monk sit perfectly still as he burns to death, it can help you and me in social interactions.

Lately I have been experimenting with mediating on a specific emotion. Prerequisite to that I have meditated to not give a damn, the ole DGAF or ZFG. I think occasionally adding in videos to meditate for emotional state control might be very useful, more so if live field exercise of the same is impractical. You could look at imagery of sexy women platonically and in the eye as if it were a social situation and feel only mild happiness. You could look at their bodies and feel only lust. You could look at their bodies and feel only repugnance. Pure lust just might be apropos at times. Also learn to control intensity. Learn to reverse the quality. Learn to turn it off. Learn to add a touch of lust for yourself, a touch of cocky confidence.

Be your own man in terms a woman can readily see.

What you can do is learn to control your emotions, and the appearance of your emotions. They are distinct in players, the winners of decline. The one emotion you do not want to express is fear. Fear, I think, is the element of neediness that women absolutely detest in a man. A woman will sometimes express fear and get sympathy and help, often on cue, but not a man. Vulnerability is weakness, what sheeple call an invite for exploitation. When you meditate on hot women, eliminate fear. Lust + fear = sexual neediness. Don’t be more impressed with anybody else than you are with yourself, at least emotionally. As Rollo has been saying lately on twitter, “Be your own mental point of origin.”


Notice how the man heard in the above video speaks. Notice the body language of the woman. Who is expressing any lust? any fear? any happiness? Break it down, but like him DO NOT BE EMOTIONALLY NEEDY! And notice his social reality is her social reality. What I did not know in my prime years was that whatever emotional limits I had the women had. Women are auto-empathetic (and not auto-sympathetic for sure!). Take away the emotional imperatives, the limits of must and must not just because (of body language magic). Let logic be your locus of control and apply evolutionary psychology.

Use the reality principle to own the pleasure principle, in yourself first. The scientific method is your friend. Theory is your friend. Empiricism is your friend.

Below are videos that might be useful. I don’t know. This is an experiment. I know there is so-called porn addiction, and anyway these videos like virtual reality, social media, etc. are dangerous, like women in the field. You could always be a nice guy and play it safe, lol. Whatever you do, it is your risk not mine.

Pay attention to your own state. You have telemetry, use it! Try to look inward and outward at the same time. Don’t get addicted to a screen! This is to test your state control not to break or lose it. Discover your weaknesses, your limits, and your power.

Below is NSFW in spots.

Remember that as a man you have alpha value that no woman ever can except by serving you better than all other hotties. Your purpose is to develop inner game and definitely not be impressed or validated. Your goal is frame control over yourself.

Do more emotive control meditation without videos or imagery than with. The prize is YOU! Spend time with yourself! Learn to turn on whatever outward appearance serves you and whatever mental processes serve you. Women, by what they do, are accurate about what is a good state to be in. Only the field will give you that feedback. This is only training to apply in the field. Make it happen, brothers!

See past the control goddess image to the dependent, clingy, but very selective, living mortal.

Feel lust for yourself and your masculine bounty that belongs to you. Share your lust only when it is cherished. Keep it scarce among the social relativists. Without your control your masculinity is emasculated and feckless and a loss for humanity.

Pleasing and using your masculinity is a privilege.

Never forget that instinctive emotions don’t actually make the reality of social interaction go away. When you do, you are easily manipulated. With social relativists, be the highest ranking manipulator, and make your manipulations a prize to covet. Husbands practice husbandry, or they aren’t husbands.

“Cameltoe 2” from Chris Torelli.

Meditate as described above, on mild happiness alone, only lust alone (no neediness), and even disgust (because you might need it to demonstrate alpha control one day). She is shorter than she looks, as you will see in another video. Notice her look in addition to her looks. She is charismatic. You like the state of mind she is projecting. A man’s look is more important than his looks. Women mostly judge others by constructing a theory of the mind. Donald Sterling, a billionaire, was not enough to keep one female with a good body happy. They have base emotional needs. Learn to provide.

“Take off panties on my working place” from Irene Jess.

Can you maintain your boundaries or does she own you? We know about female ownership. Could you feel that you are doing her a favor by being there? Notice the power play for relative rank not in your best interests.

“The smallest G string swimsuits in the world! As seen around the country!!” from Mytchell Mora.

Observe how the hostesses stay platonically happy when the other women show their wares. They do such a great job you don’t notice them. Have control like that. There is a guy, some hotshot. Can you be that guy? Could you AMOG his set? More importantly, do you feel like you could?

“Behind the scenes w/the worlds smallest G strings!! Hottest models on runway!! View at own risk!” from Mytchell Mora.

This is behind the scenes. Notice how you the viewer are not being targeted in body language and other cues of feel. Maintain your perspective in the heat of social jousting. Let’s say you work there. Could your body language express mild happiness and subtle confidence? Could you operate in this social environment and win both socially and financially?

“Секси Девочки +18 Chica sexy woman” from СЕКСИ КАНАЛ.

Remember: YOU must be the prize or a woman will not please you. Let her be emotionally needy for you. Feel like you are her prize for the moment because you are feeling generous. Pay attention to your surroundings and welfare. Notice the design and movement of the chair, the interior, etc. Be in control of yourself. If you let go, do it on purpose, for those special 5 seconds if a woman earns it.

Denise milani lingerie

“#Twerking Beautiful sexy woman dancing” from The Twerking House.

“SEXY NAKED WOMAN GOING NUTS!!!” from john smith.

The music is distracting. Try it with sound off. Try it with sound on. Relentlessly optimize how you spend your time and vitality. Be all about you. If someone is worth caring about, that someone makes you better off and vice versa, but it’s worth doing because of what is all about you.

“Sexy woman dance on the beach!!!!!!!!!” from big dad.

You are in a decadent world, a corrupt world. Do you not give a fuck about it? Are you certainly not invested in the social world around you? Pursue what you want from the menu and forget what is not available. Don’t invest your vitality in a bad investment. Awareness. Self-control. Be cool and frame only yourself.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Men have instincts that make women beautiful, but are they really? What sex has inner beauty? What makes for the beauty of a woman if not the nature of a man. A man’s nature can be as beautiful as civilization itself. Don’t be too impressed by a woman peddling her sexuality if you ever want anything good to come of it.

All the world’s a damn stage for the foreseeable future. Better be a better player, and I don’t mean just sex. It is a fight for pecking order every day. Good luck.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 03 October 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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