The Art of Asshole, Part 1 of 3


I have to admit that the art of cool does not always work. It may depend on the prevailing level of competition for resources, not the least of which izzpoooosay. It certainly is important to calibrate to the social environment.

I had a minor theoretical epiphany today that I think will explain the art of being an asshole. If you feel free markets are best, and I mean with your emotions, then you are not a social relativist. If you are not a social relativist, odds are you are getting metaphorically kicked in the teeth every day. Did you know humans have the natural ability to learn hostile social strategies from others, especially abusive parents? From an evolutionary perspective, an amoral perspective unless in terms of the natural morality of might making right, that ability to learn combative social skills seems like it could be useful in a trial and error sort of way. That is evolution.

How about we apply that in a rational way? We could bypass braindead trial and error and come up with precise strategies to efficiently test in field. I am writing for the shafted men who like myself would have been successful, respected, and loving producers. If you can’t stop their methods, adopt and improve them. Be supersheeple with sheeple.

The Only Egress Is Sheeples’ Pass

Imagine the pack environment before men learned wide-scale cooperation called culture, before civilized men made the man’s world of modernity that the ingrates take for granted. Image the social strategies of those primitive humans. They know nothing of wealth stewardship, and neither does the intelligent design of their time-tested behaviors. Imagine men are specialists in physical violence and women are specialists in psychological violence.

Violence for humans involves both aspects simultaneously because we are adaptively sentient. Planting in a person harmful mental models of himself or his social environment changes his brain structure and makes his behavior self-effacing and self-destructive. Ruining a win-win producer is antithetical to civilization and progress (of memes and their supportive genes).

Self-identifying ‘nurturers’ are pest parasites that advance the reproduction of their personal genes at the expense of all organically separate human genes, all cooperative and healthy memes, and all modes of living higher than animals.

Before culture and the evolution of memes, there was only the evolution of genes. Human value was in the human body period. The battle for pecking order was and is a merit system for genes alone. Memes don’t count. Cooperative value does not count. However, men evolved to varying degrees to have genes that are powerful at supporting memes and progressive meme evolution toward standing win-win cooperation. With men’s culturally progressive memes the possibility of restrictions favoring win-win social exchanges, and thus a producer’s economy, was born.

Categorizing others as losers is a primitive notion of success.

With the meme-agnostic subhumans, there are no winners without losers, no black identity without whites, no white identity without blacks. Social relativists want to make you a loser to be themselves a winner. Your ready cooperation is contemptible social value and lustful status and resource value, sucker-slave.

No liberated and subsidized woman desires to be a man’s helpmate.

Deconstruct social relativism and find wisdom about your predicament. Observe the eternal base competition for pecking order, that crabs-in-a-bucket mentality of the government farmed anti-civilization plague. Observe the primitive intelligence, evolved and sophisticated, as far as it goes. But especially observe the social skills that are at constant war with civilized aspirations.

Women did not stop evolving when men evolved cultural sophistication. They learned to use false narratives and psychological violence in a man’s world. The state has hoarded a virtual monopoly on violence for political order and open cultural cooperation. The elite vermin have endowed xx with abusive authority over xy.

To all orders there are systemic pros and cons. If corruption is naturally wrong, it should have an Achilles’ heel.

Liberated and spoilt women have reliable behavior that can be observed and played.

That reliability, the AWALT, is what makes elite corruption possible. It relies on female and other less primitive decision-making. We are in a herd of social relativists who have a sophisticated form of primitive social behavior. They are win-lose and even lose-lose players. The only win to be gained in social interaction with social relativists is for them a loss imposed.

A win-lose mentality that permeates the mind in all three facets of the triune brain model is prerequisite to not being a loser at the hands of the locust horde.

There is no way to change the social order without superlative power. Sheeple win against their non-elite cultural betters because they don’t care about superlative or absolute power, only relative personal power, and they compulsively lie and scheme. They are the perfect weapon against complacent men accustomed to civilized comforts. Sheeple are players whose essence as marshalled defines the game for all of us. Opportunity to create a civilized game of absolutes requires victory over relativists at their own game.

Sheeple but especially xx are the cultural cold to be embraced, navigated, and put to good use for you rather than bad use against you. The way of the winning sheeple is the way of winning among sheeple. I posit the art of asshole is the masculine form of Winning Sheeple Do. How do they do it? WWWΑD?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 10 October 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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