The Art of Asshole, Part 3 of 3

Why She ‘Loves’ Assholes

First of all, there is no such thing as love, only lust. The female lust, utility bias based solely on genes, is the most base. Lust of knowledge is a highly refined form of lust: meme-centric and highly adaptive. Knowledge is power. It is naturally wrong for a man to not want power over himself, and in a strict pecking-order social environment a man does not have control over himself unless he has control over others. Sheeple are social relativists motivated by the pursuit and leverage of pecking order.

Remember to identify love as lust, and you will understand it before it can be used to hurt you.

The female loves a winner as far as he is nondestructively useful to make her a winner. I did not say to make her an absolute success. She is strictly concerned about maximizing relative success, buoyed by the misfortune of others. In fact, she is programmed to make the winner man think she loves him, but by definition of the female perspective such as man is a plump and delicious beta provider. That’s all Donald Sterling was to V. Stiviano in my opinion. He was paying through the nose for pooosay, and I would guess only to her for hers. He could have had 10 hotter women with a better attitude at one tenth the cost.

Sterling paid perhaps 100x the market rate to be betrayed and pay even more, I think, because he had oneitis. In the wild, more resources are better resources, and more social destruction of others is better rank for oneself and more resources. To the xx view, resources are just there or not. Women are programmed to ruthlessly acquire only the best wild alpha sperm. In a non-cultural environment, Stiviano’s behavior makes perfect sense. A man who cannot resist his woman does not represent adequate genetics. The impoverished black bad boys were her alpha, apparently. I don’t know most of the details, and I don’t care to know.

The prince has more to use and loose than the commoner. The prince can conquer through the agency of others, and doing so is beneficial in terms of risk and reward.

The more relative status a man has, the more subtle and withdrawn (perhaps behind layers of intermediaries) his asshole game should be.

Nevertheless, xx is primitive in her demands. She wants those tingles, indicators of high quality primitive lust; therefore, the man has to be the man by the wild standard. Cultural forms of masculinity register as weakness to the female mind. Avoiding the appearance of anything less that the #1 alpha in her world is critical to being the object of female sexual desire.

Women strongly desire to be conquered by alpha and strongly fear to be conquered by anyone else.

The margin for error is incredible small. You may be competing to be #1 of 500 men, and the elite and state bureaucrats are attempting to destroy men who get sex from women. It is a game of watering hole roulette. You must know thyself and the system and decide what risks are the most rewarding to live your life as fully as possible. Every man will have to decide for himself. If you decide as you go, you will be a much easier target.

Therefore, at best there is a narrow path to sexual reward for non-elite men. That way or no way is defined by female instincts and political policy. The female is empowered as a political power broker, at least for now. I would not put it past bureaucrats to pursue rape prosecution against the wishes or exonerative witness of the woman in question. It is important to consider that any person who attacks you is only human and needs herd standing just like anyone. It may be more productive to attack the standing of the attacker than to defend against the charges. Frame control works both ways.

This article is not and does not provide legal advice. This article is simply a limited analysis of what strategies and behaviors are most likely to work to be a winner sexually and otherwise in the current zeitgeist.

If sexual victory is to be pursued by a man, he has the calibration conundrum of providing enough aggression to be a satisfying sexual conqueror but passive enough to avoid triggering ruinous hostility. Reading the target and social environment is crucial. It is important to accurately understand the behavioral motivation of sheeple, to see the agenda in spite of professed narrative, and to play those motives that provide the best personal outcome. I like to assess the social power structure of a place once I arrive with interest in staying awhile. For example, are the bouncers looking for a way to vent their frustrated masculinity in a socially sanctioned, politically correct way against some male scapegoat? Same with other guys. Women might be looking for trouble too. Where are the exits? Where is the bathroom? Who do I want to befriend in the herd who-ya-know-not-what-ya-know way. It can pay to be a decent tipper if you treat the bar staff the way he or she instinctively rewards.

When you attempt asshole game, you are attempting to trigger instinctive reward with instinctive expression that personifies wild alpha. It is impossible to do that exactly, for other guys too. Calibration is critical, naturally. Simply emulate wild alpha the best you can for yourself with a cost-benefit analysis in mind. I like to have a plan on what I am going to test and evaluate before I go in field. I am writing this three-part series for me to figure out what direction I want to take my development.

Testable Methodology

Consider all this tentative. The scientific method is in play. You must learn to use it or you will never learn pick-up. Changes in culture from changes in place or time could change what methods are suitable or best.

Based on the given theory, when I say ‘asshole game’ I mean appealing to instincts with ‘animal-to-animal’ communication. It is no doubt critical when you are faced with a threatening territorial male, or just some asshole needing to vent or wanting to amuse himself. Experience in the field with threatening men has taught me a bit about ‘street smarts’. When I first learned to vibe with masculinity I had no subtly and amped it for all it was worth, which was ostentation but not entirely congruent, which attracted challengers. Same with women using fitness tests. They tend to go away once you are congruently alpha and beyond question (until you slip and must readdress the basics, as with each growing cycle).

What I am focusing on to translate my Theory of Asshole Charisma into practice is direct one-on-one interaction following the sexual seduction protocol instinctively programmed into the female target. The quintessential example is the immediate make out or snog with a stranger. You have seen the PUA videos I trust. RSD Tyler demonstrates it in several of his infield videos. Until this minor epiphany on the instinctive basis for asshole game, I did not understand, or at least plausibly understand, what RSD Tim was conveying or doing in this yootewb infield video:

You: “So what is the essence of your instant kiss close technique?”
RSD Tim: “No talking. Just doing.”

In the terms of Theory of Asshole Charisma: no culture, just animal.

Your body language for her theory of your mind must be spot on, mate. Notice that Tim stays in the pocket (front and center inches away) and waits at a calibrated proximity until target is ready to resume kissing (2:04). He does not withdrawal the offer to her instincts. Her girlfriend, it would seem, senses a high value man and encourages her favorable response. He adds to the pack value for her.

Wearing the mentality of the animal archetype wild alpha is not enough. Wild alpha has social awareness and skills for the pack environment, for winning pecking order and mating sessions. A quick make out does not give a women a chance to observe your pack social skills. If you can’t get the immediate k-close, you must handle the rejection as merely a fun time that you are sharing and then leave with all that fun. If you hang out with or around women, they will be watching you to assess your herd rank, unless you rate so low it requires no further consideration.

The following errors of asshole calibration for the k-close are hypothetical, supposed from very little anecdotal field experience. It’s the planning not the plan, or you are not learning from the position of where and who you are. Figure out what field testing is appropriate for you not me, and then maybe try it! Always assess the risks specific to the environment! Asshole game on or around strangers is risky! Sheeple are just plain risky.

Errors of passivity:
(1) no expression of pending intent by body language and eye contact, calibration requires relevance,
(2) no captivation of instinctive interest in target, calibration requires relevance,
(3) hesitation, shows fear,
(4) surprising quickness, precludes instinctive or emotional bonding however tenuous but relevant,
(5) verbalization of logic, shows maladaptive weakness and hesitation,
(6) not savoring the intimacy for a moment or two, shows cowardice or insincerity, and
(7) not releasing, and probably leaving, with positive energy and a cute smile to bond in a discretely shared understanding of what happened.

The evolutionary motivation for point 7 is the advantage of keeping one’s agenda private. Sheeple always ruin the plans of others as a default strategy. Women sneak because they instinctively value the behavior as highly adaptive to the pack social environment.

Errors of aggression:
(8) going too far, shows neediness which is fear,
(9) going out of bounds, shows neediness,
(10) not letting her go, makes her not you the prize, and
(11) on rare occasions, flirting with other women will actually ruin you chances with a particular woman.

To address point 8, calibrate to her smile and then her physical touching. For point 9, advertise intent with body language and calibrate to her instinctive desires. The error of point 11 is well worth making. Play the odds and treat unknown women as openly interchangeable unless you can read a particularly desirable and modest target.

Trying to kiss non-bitchy fat chicks in your favorite bar or club is a great field exercise. The feedback is more suitable and safe for a beginner asshole. 🙂 Being intimidated and aggressive could lead to trouble. Kissing on the lips immediately is often not appropriate. A gentle failed try can be a great start. You can hold the anticipation a bit and have a special moment. A peck on the cheek could be an appropriate first try, maybe with a little mouth corner. It is important to illicit instinctive responses that demonstrate what she instinctively wants and does not want before you actually follow through.

Seek instinctive or basely emotional connection and let her seek sexual connection to intensify your asshole charm.

So far, this analysis has considered the PUA or Venusian artist as the initiator of social interaction in the animal mindset mode. There is an indicator, I think, of when a man should defensively go into the alpha animal mindset, with its sense of primitive entitlement. That situation is when a women, especially a woman who does not know you, tries to frame and manipulate you as a beta provider. The classic scenario is her asking you to buy her a drink, that fucking bitch!

That anger puts you in the beta category because, you will recall, culture and win-win cooperation are not concepts xx can appreciate. Anger implies emergency implies threat implies weakness. Treat a woman’s initial manipulation (and maybe all of them, I don’t know) as a beta bait species of fitness test and go strait into wild alpha entitlement ‘asshole’ mode. In a club or bar, look her over to access her sexual value to you like a commodity that can please you or get lost. According to the theory, she will actually like it. Maybe in some situations another feeling expressed by body language is appropriate. Maybe derision or narcissim. The point is to demonstrate that you are animal alpha preoccupied with the welfare of #1 you and treat it like an opportunity in the wild as much as circumstances allow.

A strange woman framing you as a sucker beta is a cue to respond with the art of asshole and treat and evaluate her like a wild animal. In a night game environment she could be extremely receptive to physical advances.

Woman loves ‘assholes’ because woman wants a genes-only winner, and in the wild a male winner is a holder of high status and female intimacy at the same time. His seed is the best on the basis of the sexy son hypothesis. You can’t be a total asshole and succeed in many situations. That is when to play it cool and simply frame high individual value with no social agenda. It could be useful to mix elements and be a cool asshole. Be ready to turn on win-lose aggressiveness at a moment’s notice.

The more incontestable win-lose victories, the higher the pecking order. Sheeple want to be on a stronger team. Nature culls the weak. Sheeple like the animal strong and detest the animal weak unless all resources are plentiful. Be an asshole, but don’t think of it that way. In the wilds of pecking order there is no rape, no cheating, no betraying.

Asshole is a cultural construct that implies a morality that is not there.

Humans have no gender, btw. Humans have the biological construct of sex. We are all quite literally sexists. Deny your own nature to yourself? Would cause mental problems, would it not?

Be a winner animal among animals (no feet of clay). Be a civilized man among civilized men who are friendly enough (have a chest). In real life you don’t know more than a handful of brother patriarchs, maybe none.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

Yours in civilized patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 October 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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  1. olivermaerk says:

    It’s very refreshing to see that more and more men are taking the red pill and wake up to reality.


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