Rational Conflict Predilection Is Required

Remember my Theory of Asshole Charisma? From the perspective of the lizard brain, from the human brain stem, there is no culture. There is only comparative animal might and weakness. Humans are reduced to a ranking on who wins and who loses on a head-to-head contest. Throw in some psychological manipulation and bureaucracy and you have the fruits of feminism on the IMF tax farm.

Double x has no cultural value. They pretend whatever works in their petty social engineering of churn (fighting for rank which requires maintenance of herd cohesion, so it’s not exactly like fighting as a civilized man would conceive it).

In the past rank-and-file men had power to the point of being the law, being the kings of their respective castles, regulators of their neighborhoods, and there was the elimination of asshole behavior. The term ‘asshole’ assumes a cultural context. That cultural context, specifically civilized patriarchy, is no longer existent in the West or anywhere, as far as I can tell.

The campaign style of Donald Trump is very masculine, but in an animal way. He cares about winning. His friends are winners and winners are his friends (in my opinion).

I think his ‘art of the deal’ is simply a combination of animal masculinity and heart informed only logically but well by civilized reason. In decline that is exactly the way to go. You will notice how this ties into the Triune Brain Model. If we had a healthy civilization, and we have neither a healthy society nor a civilization, Trump’s behavior would be way out of line. We would slap him down and get away with it. We can’t even slap down double x when they clearly make it necessary by the destruction of family, culture, and economy.

Now it is too late to recover the boundaries of male popular sovereignty. Two million liberated sheeple got to go before that can happen, and that is only in Murika. The current cycle of civilization is past maturity and has no cultural virtue, and that is what the term ‘asshole’ assumes: cultural virtue.

Stop assuming that. If there were cultural masculinity, and culture takes cooperation, so there isn’t, assholes and winner would not be synonymous time and time again. Now there is an art to asshole. It is masculine art of playing the female game of win-lose seduction better than xx. Red pill men have tunnel vision and have not thought about it in general terms. They are mostly sheeple with some insight and limiting hangups.

To get a feel for the art of asshole, you must feel the necessity of conflict predilection. When you assert yourself as wild alpha to female targets, you challenge their social boundaries and defend your own. The art of the deal is that.

Don’t believe me?

Read the preview of Trump’s Art of the Deal but observe the whole presentation: the egotistical alpha cover design, the parade of affirmative blurbs, his other books you can buy, the legal notice that you had better pay up, a perfunctory acknowledgment from Trump, and a larger acknowledgment from some assistant author guy. After all that, and the TOC, you finally get to an account of a typical work day, filled with non-stop business friction.

Sky-high frictional costs preclude civilization, but that is how the animals do genetics-only business.

There is a key difference between being a success and being a winner. Success breeds success, in yourself and others. Winning breeds losing in others. My grand failure (as others near and far to me secretly wanted) was trying to be a success in feminazid Murika. Only strive for success among your brothers of high cultural values, the guys who really have your back if shit goes bad. Always attempt to be a winner among sheeple. XX are always sheeple. Nearly always strive to be a winner in decline.

You were born into decline. You live in decline. You will die in decline or nadir.

The art of asshole is really the art of optimally blending animal social savvy with the depreciating remnants of civilization. Don’t let the term asshole mislead you into a cultural perspective. It is really the art of the cultural cannibal animal. Let us play the decline best and create the next order, shall we?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 27 October 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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