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Diagnosis of the Doggie Test

I thought I’d pass on an interesting logical connection I made today. As Neil Strauss related in The Game (p. 130), David DeAngelo recommended reading Dog Training by Lew Burke early on in the PUA movement. Now that I am … Continue reading

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Blue Pill Alpha

Krauser gave a useful summary of masculine topology in the seduction community in his podcast #16 of Womanizer’s Bible: “Breaking Gamma Habits”. (Listen before the SJW scum takes offense to the provocative title.) There are two popular versions: the Roissy/Heartiste … Continue reading

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The Intragroup-Intergroup Conflict Bias

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I thought I would share some of my thoughts on mentally navigating this crazy world from the position of a Westerner. I expect you have been thinking and feeling about the geopolitical engineering going on. The transformation is far enough … Continue reading

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Gaming the Pro SJW

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Learn DGAF and Frame, gents. A bottom-up recap of (I think pro) SJW in image. —‘Reality’ Doug, 14 November 2015

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An Open Letter to Aurini et Al.

Note: This post started as a comment to Aurini’s post “Breaking Out of the Matrix: An Endless Journey,” dated 12 November 2015. The political and cultural implications are important enough that I have crafted it as a post and open … Continue reading

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Finally Death Dealt to the Enablers

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From a new study (linked below, I only skimmed): The increase in midlife morbidity and mortality among US white non-Hispanics is only partly understood. The increased availability of opioid prescriptions for pain that began in the late 1990s has been … Continue reading

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