Finally Death Dealt to the Enablers

From a new study (linked below, I only skimmed):

The increase in midlife morbidity and mortality among US white non-Hispanics is only partly understood. The increased availability of opioid prescriptions for pain that began in the late 1990s has been widely noted, as has the associated mortality. The CDC estimates …[blah, blah, blah]…

A serious concern is that those currently in midlife will age into Medicare in worse health than the currently elderly. This is not automatic; if the epidemic is brought under control, its survivors may have a healthy old age. However, addictions are hard to treat and pain is hard to control, so those currently in midlife may be a “lost generation” whose future is less bright than those who preceded them.

We don’t understand the problem but government rationed health care must be the answer. We will choose the winners and losers because we pretend to, or worse yet really do, want to help the whole world, warts and all, but especially the warts. 🙂

I used to work, not well, in the corporate world in the United States. I was naive and young, then naive and still idealistic. I’m white and male. It was the married guys that would stab you in the back to make the cut in the coming layoffs. XX is a bottomless pit for beta men. They lie like women as if they were their workplace sock puppets. Let them be the work horses with the magic bridles. I have no sympathy for a reproductive parasite’s reproductive parasite, a ‘nurturer’ of the second order and secondary paternity chances destroying our homeland.

Well, well, well. It seems that the depreciation of beta men is all the way to final liquidation, and perhaps the women have cucked themselves to an uncaring Daddy Goverymint all the way too. I doubt it is that far along. We are all equal or should be so da wymonz can have it gud without objection.

This new exhaustion death of whitey good guy is not unexpected. This is the fruit of the new normal that had to come. It has arrived if we can trust a study published today online: “Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century” by Anne Case and Angus Deaton.

Americans are dumb providers or dumb-smart moochers. You really don’t have much choice in this country. That’s our two-party system: the mooch party and the unrepresented.

Exhibit A from that study:

Dem bettchez and dem buryocrats got dem hooks real good into my cohort. I guess my life could have turned out worse than being on the sidelines:

This turnaround, as of 2014, is specific to midlife. All-cause mortality rates for white non-Hispanics aged 65–74 continued to fall at 2% per year from 1999 to 2013; there were similar declines in all other racial and ethnic groups aged 65–74. However, the mortality decline for white non-Hispanics aged 55–59 also slowed, declining only 0.5% per year over this period.

I have always suspected the US worker was being milked to prop up the rest of the world as cover for obscene and obscenely wasteful profits, from the Marshall Plan signed off by Truman in 1948 to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to help dem Africans started by Dab Ya Bush the younger in 2008. Just look at the bio of the scholar and author Antony C. Sutton and you’ll get the idea. Da gud newz is, the godspell is, da Baby Boomers and maybe Europe and Anglosphere will goes hungry widout enuff later generation YuzUs bloodz supply.

We are assured that ‘patterns are similar for men and women when analyzed separately’. I don’t trust that. We are also told that ‘increased morbidity may also explain some of the recent otherwise puzzling decrease in labor force participation in the United States, particularly among women’.

*schadenfreude licks tears, asserts sanity*

Seriously, if xx is not bound or bounding at sweet 16 to a producer male, wtf do you expect? As Tom Leykis likes to say, “Men age like wine, women age like milk.” If you have your cake and eat it too, it is really my sweet cake ass that you are chewing off now isn’t it? and I’d rather you fail to get your hooks and teeth into me.

What use is a useless eater? Women, like the conservatives they consume, are not immune to the law of conservation. Unique to their black heart selves, they ain’t much use if they don’t produce family for a producer man or evil power for the establishment.

If you can’t be the tree of liberty, feed the tree of liberty. ja,ja,ja,ja,lu,lu,lu,lu,llullllzlzlllzzzlzlzlzlz ZFG

No need for the light skinned to be thin skinned. That which does not kill white patriarchy makes it stronger. Whatever will come will be stronger regardless of the exact shade. Sad that white men are this emasculated. Good riddance. If there is extreme excellence in white men amid the great white chaff, it will be released to consume, expand, conquer, but create and maintain civilization anew the only way it can be: naturally at the perennial expense of the maggot and maggoty inferiors.

One thing is for sure: these shits that call themselves Americans can’t be civilization. The other thing for sure is that nature will not conserve unscrupulous parasites or their devoted hosts. Only real husbands practice husbandry, and they don’t need permission from man or gawd. May they inherit the earth and advance mankind.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 03 November 2015


I was remiss to not add links to previous posts with a view on the same decline phenomenon: “Once Upon an Ugly Stick,” dated 24 February 2013 shows earlier evidence that the longevity of women is declining in relation to the still lesser longevity of men; “Culling All Men,” dated 05 March 2013 continues the same theme; and “The First Global Death of Monetary Policy,” dated 28 October 2015 predicts the terminal investment unworthiness of the West.

P.P.S, 12 November 2015

Golly gee willakers. It seems the wymenz, strongerz and morz independzent than everz are equalizing in longevity with men, still, going by the data from the new study: “Death rates have been increasing for middle-aged white women, decreasing for men” by ‘Andrew’ dated 10 November 2015. I told you I did not trust the study authors saying the trend was similar for white men and women in the 45–54 range. You go, girl! 🙂

Andrew concluded (my bold emphasis):

The story being told is that there was something special going on, with an increase in mortality in the 45-54 age group. Actually what we see is an increasing mortality among [non-Hispanic white] women aged 52 and younger—nothing special about the 45-54 group, and nothing much consistently going on among men.


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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3 Responses to Finally Death Dealt to the Enablers

  1. olivermaerk says:
    Obviously there are forces in the US who are not interested in longvity – at least not in longvity of certain groups of people. Without believing in conspiracies – but we have to hold our eyes open.

  2. Bob Wallace says:

    My experience has been these men are the bottom class dying from drugs and alcohol. They’ve got nothing in their lives but these things

    [RD: What makes a bottom class man these days? Game theory says acting like (or being) a Roman in Beijing will make you a loser. Are these men who are dying innately bottom class? If so, then how can gubbermint policy ever matter? I wish the low-life vermin were dropping like flies. Could be that innate vermin have higher birth rates that account for the increase in death rates, but it is a strange age range to favor death 45-54, and it is limited to the US. Out of millions of trusting American producer men (and I used to be one), it seems unavoidable that many will never figure out they are being used. Garbage in to high IQ is still garbage out. The Establishment programs us from childhood, and some parents (influenced by that programming and selected in and out by wealth transfers per gubbermint policy) are worse than yours. Mental issues are not apparent or easily assessed, especially if everyone who seems or is well adjusted to the corrupt and terminal system believes and expresses its opposite.]

    • Bob Wallace says:

      Bottom class? I was raised with them. Tatted out, in jail several times, deals drugs. I’ve met dozens of these guys just in my hometown. They die of alcoholism and drug overdoses left and right, often by 50.

      “The poor are always with us,” and that doesn’t mean financially poor. It means poor in character.

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