An Open Letter to Aurini et Al.

Note: This post started as a comment to Aurini’s post “Breaking Out of the Matrix: An Endless Journey,” dated 12 November 2015. The political and cultural implications are important enough that I have crafted it as a post and open letter to the Manosphere and potential proselytes, to wit, anyone interested in the nuances and particulars of how to mentally unplug from the mental control grid of the IMF tax farm.

Aurini, you come sooooo close to interpreting what the problem is and equivalently identifying what the solution is. So close.

Exhibit A: “Most people are satisfied with a Matrix that is relatively free of glitches where they can more-or-less be happy…”

Exhibit B: “It is up to us – the counter-culture, the free thinkers, the eternal rebels – to keep pushing for a world that’s slightly better, and to keep pushing people to live better lives, and hate themselves a little bit less.”

You chose faith or someone else in your formative years chose faith for you, and you choose to rationalize that unidentified core faith with expedient vestments eternally. And yet you are the freedom fighter vis-a-vis the hapless menial.


“I predict that an interesting reversal is going to happen.²” ≠ “2. I should note that this is an extremely optimistic possibility I’m proposing here…”

I think Roosh and his followers made a false turn in early 2015 with Roosh’s then unveiled neomasculinity. It is exactly what you, Aurini, have insightfully described in your post. Chickens turn back from the inner game transformation, as I believe all the experienced PUA coaches know. IMO you peeked as a critical commentator in 2014.

BTW, this observation of yours is gold, scary gold, but gold: “…he finally sees it for what it is – nothing but code, ones and zeroes…”

No one can prove some revealed God does not exist in a world of ones and zeros, but the evidence is clear that the worship of a god that expects to be worshiped under the circumstances of our existence by any sane interpretation is untenable and silly—except that for the menials faith is better than courage. I’d rather bend spoons, which don’t really bend anyway, which is why I rather bend spoons. My control. My actualization. My welfare. My brotherhood. My prosperity. My patriarchy.

A minor point: I don’t recall, for the record, ‘the symbolic spoon given to him in Zion’. I only remember the spoon at the Oracle’s flat but in the Matrix.

It is that fear of being alone that keeps us alone while down with ‘friends’. You are your friends.

We can only have companionship with companions!

Be your own friend first; otherwise, you command and ultimately have no honor. Supernaturally revealed morality is a lie.

Aurini, if you think our struggle is a fight among factions of ‘natural nobility’, how and why do the inferiors matter? We cannot change the rules of the Game until we win enough power to do that. We know the globalists’ methods, and yet we are going to ‘educate’ the masses to be their better selves. lmfao You don’t know what they are because you don’t want to know. It all adds up to something terrible.

You were born into a cruel and intentional version of Jumanji.

You can’t spell Jumanji without ‘Ju’, but the false escape trope applies to virtually all in all times, I think even most Eskimos. The key is DGAF, but it is a super key that must be applied relentlessly to mentally escape all man-and-woman-made Jumanji. Freedom for mortals of this life is servitude only to nature’s Jumanji. Wanting more freedom is the Natural Sin, and the classic bait is the paradise of being soft and making corruption a virtue, as I hath foretold. Being a special little Eskimo-flake is just one species of the sin.

It is Friday the 13th, and you, dear reader, are afraid. The more subconscious that fear is, the more effective it is at enslaving you, but if and only if you have civilized potential. As for you natural menials, you are afraid of civilized standards because you can’t compete. You are the herd autoimmune system fully integrated into the Nu Wurld Oder. You can do no better than this, which is why you defend it.

The masses think absolute certainty of social relativism is superior to absolute cultivation of human excellence. The masses want to optimize independently their individual havings rather than the being of anyone. And they are to be salvaged from the machinations and judgement of nature for what? It is not natural or ultimately possible for an apex species to maintain itself as Stone Age specimens, Bronze Age specimens, etc., etc.

To the extent that the Nu Wurld Oder is doing that, they are righteous. It is their absolute control in violation of ecological processes that alone ration resources based on merit that is their sin and sickness. Napoleon and Hitler were not absolutely wrong. Good and evil are political labels of personal convenience. Conquest is right in that it settles destructive conflict between incompatible peoples and allows for prosperity at the cultural level of the winner. Attacking Russia for absolute control was a critical violation of natural law by Napoleon and Hitler. The Nu Wurld Oder wants the whole world. I just hope that when the elite social engineers and their heirs are vulnerable in the wreckage decent men will exist and will identify and greet them properly. Probably not, but I put it out there to plant any good seeds, my brothers.

You are alone. Embrace it. Raze the blue in your mind. Clear your mental ground. Only then will you be ready for brotherhood and the quest for patriarchy.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 13 November 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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