The Intragroup-Intergroup Conflict Bias

I thought I would share some of my thoughts on mentally navigating this crazy world from the position of a Westerner. I expect you have been thinking and feeling about the geopolitical engineering going on. The transformation is far enough along that it is undeniably evident to anyone not a denier, anyone not a native r-selected sheeple or r-sheep (as will be explained).

The Germans just cleared a stadium today for no reason at all. With all this behavioral conditioning, we will be ready to board trains that are simply rolling gas ovens. And yet the outward appearance of compliance is, for now, a good thing personally. Cernovich calls it being the man in the middle or the grey man.

There is more to sheeple skills (i.e. Game) than ‘being dominant’. There is a time to realistically maximize dominance by giving compliance but more outwardly than inwardly. Team Woman and their überJudaic masters did not get to this level of mastery except by deceptive patience. Learn from them by what they do not what they say.

I have had a slight epiphany. Consummate sheeple are eternal intragroup fighters and intergroup pacifists deniers. I certainly speak of AWALT XXers. They are mentally built for packism, for fighting for rank in a pack that is as big and as powerful as possible. Women will always surmount the ‘strong horse’.

Now just because a woman gives physically intimate attention does not mean she is giving. She may be beguiling the beta to take away his vitality. The difference is respect. Holding something of hers. Her hitting him. This is psychological abuse for her relative gain in rank and status as XX sees it:

Do not strive to love women from the beta position. XY is better than XX period. If you can’t get lust on your terms, don’t get it at all. Don’t be stupid. Don’t believe the social conditioning. (And we respect the fact that the woman was portraying a character: it was staged, but hurtful in its message.)

Notice his ear.

thousand fap stare

The above pic was taken from “Thousand-Cuck Stare” by Chateau Heartiste dated 2 November 2015.

And why do women like horses? They same reason they like to control men. It proves her skills, her high rank, to those that see the packism way. If you don’t convey packism strength, a woman thinks you are weak. If you don’t see the social dynamics she does, she thinks you are dumb. Women and savages always, always, always attack vulnerability. Only your mom might restrain herself, sometimes. You are the fruit of her reproduction, a special block in her pedestal. Be better than your mom if you want to be a man.

If a woman simply has a horse fetish, she can’t relate to men as a women relating to men. Though safer, she is not good for getting involved. A3 of the MM is qualification of the woman. Don’t escalate always. When you are in a relationship, you are committed in the animal way, which makes you juicy contemptible beta to be destroyed dry.

High culture men think of fighting as intergroup conflict. We like to cooperate. We have culture and prefer to be civilized. Everyone else does not. We are more evolved than most. To believe that fighting is only intergroup conflict is social naivety. Is it not strange to hear that a bf and gf had a fight? Those are animal standards, XX standards, part of animal intelligence not to be confused with the absence of intelligence.

The intergroup-intragroup conflict bias explains much about human nature.

The more intragroup parasite-deceiver-fighters in the population, the more hopeless a fight for ‘country’ or ‘God’ will be for the individual who would fight for personal gain and well-being.

Women were not put in their place because men were mean but because women are mean.

So now the Muslim threat aided by feminism. We in the West are rich. You and I might not be, but ‘we’ are. The barbarians are coming. The Vandals are the classic example. Centuries later the great Muslim expansion that led to the Islamic Golden Age is another. Islam is designed for conquest not governance. It is designed for conquest and milking of infidels but an imbalance of Muslim haves and infidel have-nots. Four wives per man are available only if the ratio of Muslim men to women under their rule is 1-to-4. Corruption happens eventually and usually. The caliph, the sultan, the Arab sheik, will have all the pouzzy and Abdul the nobody will have his camel.

In the Manosphere there is this dumb idea that getting laid is the end-all and be-all. For civilized men, pouzzy is a stepping stone to greatness. A wife and children owned by a husband-father of civilized quality are utilized to multiply his production that is mainly used for the family but also for his fellow countrymen. If women are not put in their places as helpmates, there is no free economy and with enough time and mounting corruption and exploitation no slave economy either. We are seeing that now.

The establishment is hitting bone. Don’t think they are panicking. They have a plan, as I will explain. They can adapt. They make crisis as their opportunity.

The West is overripe and mentally invalid. Abdul knows it, and his camel is not enough.

The good news is that the Muslims will do the culling of indigenous garbage. As our politicians say, “Muslims will do the jobs that <your nationality here> won’t do.”

Your strategy should be milk the native sheeple for lemonaide without getting caught. We are in a shooting gallery. Know your avenues of escape, beguile people for advantage, etc.

When Islam was unified and holding a wide territory, most of the population in that territory were NOT Muslim. The tax farming was great. But the conquest opportunities dried up. The establishment princes got soft and greedy with the wealth of things and women. It was their decline, over and over a few times. The barbarians came and set up fresh princes who were masculine rather than effete cosmopolitan. Ibn Khaldun knew, but he was shunned as too independent but realistic of a thinker.

There is no reason to be nice to the effete cosmopolitan. The byproduct of their success is nothing but misery and disaster.

When everyone is Muslim, who gets the women? When everyone is Muslim, who will do the actual work of producing? Innovation will not be tolerated, only orderly submission.

The reason Islam seems invincible now is: (1) we see it from the outside, and (2) we are funding it with our taxes and unrealized economic success. The barbarian has heart, and can be crafty, but it takes technology to run a world. It takes book smart intellectuals who do NOT conform to hierarchy. Static hierarchy kills economic production.

The Muslims interest in Muslim production not reproduction I think is tiny. I think their cultural mandate is control, regardless of the poverty that will result. They have made big gains in followers, but black Africans and whitish Arabs do not share the same culture. They will kill each other over doctrinal differences the way Sunni (Arabs) and Shiite (Persians) do now. I believe they kill each other more than they kill Westerners, but I am not sure. According to a Spiegel headline by Yassin Musharbash (very Aryan that name) dated 3 December 2009: “Surprising Study On Terrorism: Al-Qaida Kills Eight Times More Muslims Than Non-Muslims.”

You will hear the clarion call to ‘do something’. It’s bullsheet.

You don’t have a team unless you have brothers you know face-to-face and personally. You don’t need to be first to market in this game. Napoleon was not the first to the French Revolution. If he were not so greedy as to attack Russia, he might have made the world a better place. And that is the trick. Quality brothers not quantity. For quantity use seduction on the win-lose sheeple who will hurt you if you don’t stimulate them to help you.

If you have a church group or some other group that puts the welfare of its group self first before all other political considerations, you will have improved your odds to survive the free-for-all that is coming, but it will not be an entirely free conflict. This is mob rule, and why women like it. Be seductive until you can be sovereign. Religion is a doctrine of seduction, and …

Sovereignty is being able to openly kill and get away with it.

You are not sovereign. That is a different game, the one we and our forebears abdicated. You are surrounded by humanoids that are not compatible with your success unless you seduce them. Sorry.

Women and manginas are covert intragroup fighters, completely noncultural traitors. That is their nature. Don’t be an intergroup fighter without a clue. That is how this geopolitical nightmare was created. Thank you, idiots, for your service. F.U.

This could end as a Dark Ages. The utter lack of cooperation, cannibalism as the only viable behavior, production as the mark of targets of mental and physical abuse that now cannot be endured. That would be how the Western Roman Empire ended. The feudalism prevented centralized and widespread control. The globalists want unity.

Napolean held together 17th-century France and added most of continental Europe. That is more to he liking of the Western establishment. Perhaps there will be sponsored dictator to pull us all together, or maybe a council, maybe the United Nations of Doom. They have carefully cultivated the idea of universal rights, identity, etc.

They have cultivated and bred the intragroup fighters at the expense of the intergroup fighters. The compulsive intragroup fighters are the r-selected sheeple. The compulsive intergroup fighters are the K-selected sheeple. Conservative (who have conserved nothing over the past 50 years) think they are not sheeple simply because they are less skilled sheeple who could get along in a civilization if given one. The Southern species of K-sheep waves the Confederate flag and then happily dies under the Red, White, and Blue according to rules enforces by a JAG officer, a lawyer patrolling the theatre of war for the Establishment that hates you as a person but loves you as a thing to abuse. Reminds me of women.


Intragroup parasites have it coming. Human stupidity is a force of nature, and on this scale it is just weather.

Now more than ever, you need the power of DGAF. Find a new path. Actually, find a new path segment and be adaptable.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 17 November 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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One Response to The Intragroup-Intergroup Conflict Bias

  1. Aaron says:

    The barbarian has heart, and can be crafty, but it takes technology to run a world. It takes book smart intellectuals who do NOT conform to hierarchy. Static hierarchy kills economic production.

    Nerds make natural slaves and there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of them in the near term future.

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